Beatles (3/Cd) Beatles / Unique Vinyls Expanded Edition

Beatles (3/Cd)  Beatles / Unique Vinyls Expanded Edition
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Beatles (3/Cd)  Beatles / Unique Vinyls Expanded Edition
Disc.1 01.Backwords # 1 Reverse play ending murmur of “I’m So Tired”. “Paul is dead .Turn me on dead man. Miss him, miss him, but say that to say that miss him! “….

02.Cold Turkey Only the first press of the US panel Apple single was the last of the defective product that would cause a jump in the needle rust. This is sound from the single.

03.Old Brown Shoe Mono mix is ​​housed in New Zealand of the single. Was recorded so-called “false things” But because the curiosities.

04.Movie Medley Honke is that had to capitalize on the hit of the “Stars on 45”, almost evil laver singles. It is on CD will not permanently.

05.Promo 45 for “20 Grandes Exitos” Part 1 06.Promo 45 for “20 Grandes Exitos” Part 2 From singles for the promo that has been produced in Mexico. Over the singles both sides “20 Greatest Hits” which has been recorded in a medley of the songs of did not anyone ever known of Japan’s first public (?) Unique singles.

07.She Loves You United Kingdom board First Press, recorded from a single board of mint state. The original mono mix absolutely untouched tape seams that became a hot topic at the time of the CD of does not really care, please listen to direct.

08.What’s The New Mary Jane 09.You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) Recorded in direct from cut genuine authentic acetate single at Abbey Road in 1968. The source of the sound source of boot LP that was floating around in the 70s was this? ?

10.Love Single mix piano intro and the ending is not unnaturally fade.

11.Crackerbox Palace (1976) 12.Getting Closer (1979) 13.Hey Baby (1977) 14. (Just Like) Starting Over (1980) All of these 4 songs from the monaural board promo single for the radio station to direct. Still is there in the “false things”, but its Zubutoku powerful sound is quite a listen Gotae.

15.Day Tripper Version that fixes the missing of the guitar riff that was recorded in a single for the American jukebox. Not listen only here in a different mix that is independent of the album “1”.

16.I Am The Warlus American retail chain store “target” than the singles that were released in the exclusive sale. Anew created mono mix to this for a single. Again I do not listen only here.

17.Paperback Writer 18.Rain Than very limited single, which was released in the “Record Store Day” in 2009. First analog release from the digital remastering sound source. CD and there are also different force is.

19.Help! 20.I’m Down Than SP record of 78 rpm, which has been released in India. There are in fragile SP record on a small production number, but to obtain a record of miraculously mint condition! Noise of “Heather” in the SP board-specific or for that is a little surprisingly good sound.

21.Promo Flexi for “The Beatles Box” 8 Disc LP box, known as Sonosheet for the promotion that has been produced in the United Kingdom at the time of “Liverpool box” release.

22.Promo flexi for “Single Collection Box” Sonosheet for the promotion that has been produced during the singles box set release.

23.Backwords # 2 Reverse play the album of the last mystery of the message of “Sgt. Pepper”.

Disc.2 01.Reverse Ending from “When We Was Fab” Extracting a portion of the reverse end that has been recorded a 12 inch single of “When We Was Fab”.

02.Interview with Tom Lodge British music magazine “Disc And Music Echo” was distributed Sonosheet from “Sound Of The Stars”. But it has been recorded interviews with various artists, extract only the part of the Beatles here.

03.A Tribute To John Lennon American recording from serial confectionery “Granola Dipps” Sonosheet made of paper that has been attached to. Very simple John Lennon history.

04.Hey Jude In the late 60s from a small Sonosheet diameter of about 8 centimeters, which had been sold in the United States. World’s shortest Ultra Short version of “Hey Jude” has been recorded.

05.Twist And Shout Recorded only Beatles story from the remix was produced in clubs and radio-friendly 80s 12inch series “Ultimate Mix”. Extended remix of the playing time is reinforced the beat is comparatively good.

06.This One / Club Love Joys Mix Promo and a small part of the remix version, which has been recorded only in Europe board 12-inch United Kingdom. Because the framework itself of the original music is not broken down, it is easy to listen to remix.

07.I Got My Mind Set On You / Extended version 08.Handle With Care / Extended version 09.End Of The Line / Extended version At once recorded long version that was recorded a 12 inch single. This month also on CD is likely that is.

10.That’s The Way It Goes The album had been recorded a 12 inch single “Gone Troppo” remix version of the songs. This is also quite good.

11. (Just Like) Starting Over Extended version from promotional 12 ” Long version, which has been contained only to the United States a 12-inch single for the promo. Since the timing of the fade-out is very slow compared to the commercial take, you can enjoy the vocal that does not listen to the record.

12.Come Together / David Starfire Remix Net on, and 12 inches remix that were released in the single mystery. This can be enjoyed at this in the mix that does not so much impair the image of the original song.

13.Love You To / Beatles VS Coldplay 14.Yellow Submarine / Beatles VS Genesis 15.Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds / T-9 Remix In 2005, it was released a private board analog LP “Re: Volver The Beatles Remix 2005” some carefully recorded mash-up mix with other artists from. People who do not know because it was the release of analog-only many of the will? This side is also quite interesting.

16.Not Alone Anymore / Alternate mix Tora ve ring Will Belize remix version, which has been included on the bonus disc of the limited analog panel box. Commercial small number of sounds than the take, the second since the impression of rough mix because it has different vocals of Roy Orbison.

17.It’s Now Or Never Cover by Paul, which has been recorded in the Elvis Presley tribute album. Album is an outtake in the “Back In The USSR” session.

18.All My Loving Famous “hi-hat intro” version. Best of German board LP is from the direct recording.

19.Tomorrow Never Knows United Kingdom of mono board “Matrix-1” recorded in direct than.

20.Penny Lane Brazil Edition LP “The Beatles Forever” error version that would cause a jump needle has been recorded in.

21.We Can Work It Out Pseudo-stereo version that is included in the German Edition “Oldies”. Really surprised at the loud sound.

22.Turn That Nice Again Reverse play “Free As A Bird” ending John tweet of. Because it was originally recorded in reverse playback we should here say restored. John says that “And I was successful!”.

Contra Band Music. CBM 005/6