Beatles / Alone Together Vol 1 (2/Cd)

Beatles / Alone Together Vol 1 (2/Cd)
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Beatles / Alone Together Vol 1 (2/Cd)
The Collection Of The Solo Rarities. Digitally Remastered

latest work M Claudel is a rare solo track of the age of each member It is the title that was recorded.It is the first in a series that includes the first appearance sound source, was recorded chronologically the rare tracks that have not been recorded anywhere until now. This time, features include Vol.1, from rehearsal of ONE TO ONE CONCERT of John in 1972, is a rehearsal sound source first appearance of “Working Class Hero” first. Live performances, let alone this song is not on record that had been rehearsed, that the sound source was leaked was the word of surprise. In performance that I did well with rough, some ghastly to John continue to sing endlessly to the dictates of the soul. In addition, demonstration of 1973, which is the pole that was leaked recently has been recording at home of Dustin Hoffman is also a source of surprise. Begins with “testament of Picasso”, will be released after six years what “Getting Closer” is I have been playing at this point. It is to be traced back further than the sound of the piano tape that was recorded in 1974 until now.The song is almost finished, I can see again is that it’s music that Paul had been warm for a long time.Others, such as playing acoustic guitar in the “Hands Of Love” medley from decorating the B-side of “Red Rose Speedway” is a demo very interesting. The more interesting sound source, it is rehearsal sound source by George that was recorded in 1992 and “This Guitar”. State along with Bob Geldof and colleagues Eric Stewart, repeat the rehearsal over and over again rather long has been recorded.And bitter first appearance of sound demo of Standing Stone in 1995 to have been recorded last.Latest work is Misterclaudel, the first in a series which recorded the rare recordings of each member of the solo era. It is the press platen Athletic permanent preservation of the beautiful picture-disk specification. Second edition, including outtakes first appearance of “Driving Rain” is also planned.