Beatles - The Complete Rooftop Concert 1969 (5/Cd)

Beatles - The Complete Rooftop Concert 1969 (5/Cd)
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Beatles - The Complete Rooftop Concert 1969 (5/Cd)
Tracklist Hide Credits Complete Rooftop Concert - Apple Building, London, UK - January 30 1969 CD1-1 Stage Settings CD1-2 Get Back #1 CD1-3 Get Back #2 CD1-4 I Want You CD1-5 Get Back #3 CD1-6 Don't Let Me Down #1 CD1-7 I've Got A Feeling #1 CD1-8 One After 909 #1 CD1-9 One After 909 #2 CD1-10 Danny Boy CD1-11 Dig A Pony #1 CD1-12 Dig A Pony #2 CD1-13 God Save The Queen CD1-14 I've Got A Feeling #2 CD1-15 A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody CD1-16 Get Back #4 CD1-17 Don't Let Me Down #2 CD1-18 Get Back #5 Movie Film Soundtrack - Apple Building, London UK - January 30 1969 CD1-19 Stage Settings CD1-20 Get Back CD1-21 Don't Let Me Down CD1-22 I've Got A Feeling CD1-23 One After 909 CD1-24 Danny Boy CD1-25 Dig A Pony CD1-26 Get Back CD2-1 4 Cameras, 1 Is Wild Camera - A Roll 562 Take 2 - All Cameras Take 3 CD2-2 Camera A Roll 563 CD2-3 Camera B1, Roll II46 - Slate I Various Views CD2-4 Camera B1, Roll II47 - Various Interviews CD3-1 Camera B1, Roll II48 - Take 3 CD3-2 Camera B1, Roll II49 CD3-3 Camera B3, Roll Savile Row Street CD3-4 Camera C - Recordings At Apple Reception Desk CD3-5 Camera D, Roll 1 Take 3 - Rooftop CD3-6 Camera D, Roll 3 - Rooftop Let It Be - The Movie (No-Timing Version) DVD1-1 Opening DVD1-2 Don't Let Me Down DVD1-3 Maxwell's Silver Hammer DVD1-4 Two Of Us DVD1-5 I've Got A Feeling DVD1-6 Oh Darling DVD1-7 One After 909 DVD1-8 Piano Improvisation DVD1-9 Two Of Us DVD1-10 Discussion DVD1-11 Across The Universe DVD1-12 Dig A Pony DVD1-13 Suzy Parker DVD1-14 I Me Mine DVD1-15 Old Brown Shoe DVD1-16 Discussion DVD1-17 Besame Mucho DVD1-18 Octopus' Garden DVD1-19 You Really Got A Hold On Me DVD1-20 Shake Rattle And Roll DVD1-21 Dig It DVD1-22 Two Of Us DVD1-23 Let It Be DVD1-24 The Long And Winding Road DVD1-25 Get Back DVD1-26 Don't Let Me Down DVD1-27 I've Got A Feeling DVD1-28 One After 909 DVD1-29 Dig A Pony DVD1-30 Get Back 4 Versions Comparison DVD1-31 Opening DVD1-32 Don't Let Me Down DVD1-33 Maxwell's Silver Hammer DVD1-34 Two Of Us DVD1-35 I've Got A Feeling Movie Trailer DVD1-36 Motion Picture Trailer 'Let It Be' The Movie - Outtakes Sequence DVD2-1 Opening DVD2-2 I've Got A Feeling DVD2-3 Discussion DVD2-4 Improvisation With Yoko

Featuring Yoko Ono

DVD2-5 Don't Let Me Down DVD2-6 I Me Mine DVD2-7 Old Brown Shoe #1 DVD2-8 Old Brown Shoe #2 DVD2-9 Get Back DVD2-10 Help! DVD2-11 Two Of Us DVD2-12 The Long And Winding Road DVD2-13 Let It Be #1 DVD2-14 Let It Be #2 Rooftop Sequence DVD2-15 Get Back #1 DVD2-16 Get Back #2 DVD2-17 Don't Let Me Down #1 DVD2-18 Don't Let Me Down #2 DVD2-19 Don't Let Me Down #3 DVD2-20 Get Back 'Let It Be' The Movie - BBC Widescreen Version DVD2-21 Opening DVD2-22 Don't Let Me Down DVD2-23 Maxwell's Silver Hammer DVD2-24 Two Of Us DVD2-25 I've Got A Feeling DVD2-26 One After 909 DVD2-27 Across The Universe DVD2-28 Dig A Pony DVD2-29 Suzy Parker DVD2-30 I Me Mine DVD2-31 Old Brown Shoe DVD2-32 Besame Mucho DVD2-33 Octopus' Garden DVD2-34 You Really Got A Hold On Me DVD2-35 The Long And Winding Road DVD2-36 Shake Rattle And Roll DVD2-37 Kansas City DVD2-38 Dig It DVD2-39 Two Of Us DVD2-40 Let It Be DVD2-41 The Long And Winding Road DVD2-42 Get Back DVD2-43 Don't Let Me Down DVD2-44 I've Got A Feeling DVD2-45 One After 909 DVD2-46 Dig A Pony DVD2-47 Get Back