Beatles (6/Cd) Concertinos US Singles & EPs Remastered Collection 2nd Edition

 Beatles    (6/Cd) Concertinos US Singles & EPs Remastered Collection 2nd Edition
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 Beatles    (6/Cd) Concertinos US Singles & EPs Remastered Collection 2nd Edition
Limited stock in the new version of the same title, which was sold out jacket design has been redesigned to one of the very popular. Paper jacket that became thicker than before, coating specification was not to last. Front and back inside all of the design is different.

Content, from 1962 to 1986, 7inch Vinyl Edition was released in the United States, a collection of single & EP board.

All 32 tracks of the DISC-1, all 32 tracks of the DISC-2, all 22 songs of DISC-3, up to 17 tracks of DISC-4 is, time series singles that have been released up to 1986 from 1962 it records in. There was a similar planning board in the “Dr.EBBETT series” previously, but because it was far from content to be called full version of too limited a period and labels, will be the “first full board Single Collection”.

The DISC-1, recording from the first time the United States of the 1962 single “My Bonnie”. But I think that it is your opinion that “not a very important factor Polydor sound source Ya”, DECCA board of “My Bonnie” of the first song in English of the intro, 11 tracks of the MGM board is, become a different version of the no intro cage, also equal to unique versions of ATCO board superimposed the performance of its own completely independent of musicians such as “is not Sea suite” of 29 music is used, one board DECCA, 2 sheets board MGM , all two board ATCO, is also a part not miss to hear also called a “back US Edition mix”. VEE-JAY-related board is, “THE VEE JAY MASTERS” (2CD + 2CD = 4CD SET) to but have been completely recording, here in four also VEE-JAY board, recording the two board TOLLIE. If there is a SWAN board two to the other, Capitol board has become the contents can be seen better release status of only the initial turmoil three.

When it comes to the DISC-2, all of which has become a release of Capitol board. As well as LP board, there is also the United States own release, is a fresh song selection that does not Tobase heard that list of simple Capitol mix. 28 songs from 17 music is, STARLINE series was finally made to put in the hands of the right of the album “Please Please Me” in 1965 autumn. The difference is the same as out album “Early Beatles”, it has been included for some reason, “Kansas City” also.

DISC-3 enters the late, recorded from the “pay-per-back writer” of May 1966, to the “Let It Be” in March 1970.

DISC-4, the release of active service era will end in “Long And Winding Road” of May 1970, come then free time is “Helter-Skelter” in 1976. “Julia,” “Sgt. Pepper”, has become a “Reel Music,” “Love Midu” such as the mating release to the time of editing LP boards and related board release. The last of the recorded “Twist and Shout” and in 1986, it has not been recorded since the release of the same sound source anthology related or the like, a CD later. The has been recorded in the second half of the DISC-4, which is “EPCOLLECTION”, not been too much EP board made in the United States, “SOUVENIER OF THEIR VISIT TO AMERICA” of VEE-JAY, “FOUR BY Capitol tHE BEATLES “and will be three 12 songs of” 4 BY tHE BEATLES “.

All 24 songs and all 26 songs of DISC-6 of DISC-5 is, in front of the Addendum contents of the four story, entitled “EXTRA SINGLES & E.Ps COLLECTION”, a variety of non-regular board 7 inch of the collection has been recorded.

1 to 6 music and 10 to 16 tracks of DISC-5 is, EP board for the juke box. 7 track and 16-track is, according to the release of the album, in an interview panel that was distributed to the broadcasting station, has recorded only the “answer” of the Beatles, the question is devised so that each DJ can own insertion what it is. Record 8,9,17,18,19,21 is, in the Raging Beatles whirlwind of 1964, the US local radio stations and DJ of was arbitrarily release. Although the basic interview, performance such as self-proclaimed the “Fifth Beatle” Murray THE · K’s record is “Sea Loves You” and was recorded live at the time of “Around the Beatles” recording “shout” I entered and are forbidden thing also. 22, in Sonosheet the Capitol has been created for the massive promotion, said to have been distributed in a way that sandwich in various magazines for teens. Also recorded performance of other than the Beatles. 23 and 24, in the promo for sell Cilla Black and Peter and Gordon, have been added introduction of intro by John and Paul.

DISC-6 are are collected those that have been released until after the dissolution after the break, further deep content. 7 and 8 track what was also released the singles US singing John’s father had been issued in the United Kingdom. Voice is similar. Worth a listen to one. “Penny Lane” in the 9 song in the version recorded in only Capitol promo of 1967, ending is significantly different version called “remix 10”. 10 tracks has been made for the promotion of the film “Let It Be”, playing a song is only just touch, but most recorded conversation part in the movie. 11 and 12 music is, what someone the single “FUT” that had been issued in the United Kingdom in the United States has arbitrarily release. It is very similar to John’s voice, at the time believed to unreleased songs of The Beatles, has been often used in the material of the bootleg. Also famous for John himself denied in a radio program. Rare B-side is also included in the high-quality sound. “Got-to Get You Into My Life” of 13 and 14 music is the promotion board for single release in 1976, but has been subjected to a unique mix, the album “Rock and Roll Music “and also different. 15 and 16 music is what has been scheduled for a single cut of the album, “Love Songs,” was canceled. Content 17 that talks about the album “Reel Music” 1964 movie “A Hard DiZ Night” in for the promo. 18 and 22 music in the sound of Decca audition, Sonosheet attached to the Appendix of magazines and books. 19 and 20 music than singles who live sound source in Germany Star Club of 1962 year-end to the series. Here, specially recorded in the latest high-quality remastered sound source. Since it is a “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?” (3CD) no way inferior sound quality appeared sound source in, Please listen by all means. It is quite high-quality sound than the official board. 21 song is a piece of sale Sonosheet for the four types of sales promotion that Capitol has been created for the store limited distribution, use a special sound source edited medley of the sound source and the German version of the different Christmas record and only its outstanding sound source . 23 and 24 singles song has was the simultaneous release schedule and album “Sessions” became the same launch abort the album. In the end, as a bonus, recorded recently excavated BBC radio new sound source two songs at the time of appearance. Particularly noteworthy in the “Love Me de”, ending the Drying without fade-out is shocking. 14 Disc was the culmination of the BBC sound source “UNSURPASSED BROADCASTS” is a great content, was one of the popular out there also various copy machine. Since then was recorded BBC sound source that has been up-grade from there, “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE” (2CD) came out, by aligning the three points combined this, BBC sound source is set for the time being all. I want to hope that the BBC-related new sound comes out in the future.

Sound quality, but will cause the needle from the time of the analog board, with the latest digital remastering, except for a small part, it has been recorded in clear high-quality sound in a noiseless. In addition, all of the songs also will be 12 sides manual that describes the original master photo and data of folding poster has been sealed. Reasonable peace of mind price I do not think 6 Disc though it is such a luxury specification. Do not buy something just of value without copy goods sound source at Yahoo! Auctions. Rare overseas press platen that mania we have made in very limited for enjoy ourselves.


* U.S.SINGLES COLLECTION 01.My Bonnie 02.The Saints 03.Please Please Me 04.Ask Me Why 05.From Me To You 06.Thank You Girl 07.She Loves You 08.I’ll Get You 09.I Want To Hold Your Hand 10.I Saw Her Standing There 11.My Bonnie 12.The Saints 13.Please Please Me 14.From Me To You 15.Twist And Shout 16.There’s A Place 17.Can’t Buy Me Love 18.You Can’t Do That 19.Do You Want To Know A Secret 20.Thank You Girl 21.Why 22.Cry For A Shadow 23.Love Me Do 24.P.S. I Love You 25.Sie Liebt Dich 26.I’ll Get You 27.Sweet Georgia Brown 28.Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby 29.Ain’t She Sweet 30.Nobody’s Child 31.A Hard Day’s Night 32.I Should Have Known Better DISC 2:

01.I’ll Cry Instead 02.I’m Happy Just To Dance With You 03.And I Love Her 04.If I Fell 05.Slow Down 06.Matchbox 07.I Feel Fine 08.She’s A Woman 09.Eight Days A Week 10.I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party 11.Ticket To Ride 12.Yes It Is 13.Help! 14.I’m Down 15.Yesterday 16.Act Naturally 17.Twist And Shout 18.There’s A Place 19.Love Me Do 20.P.S. I Love You 21.Please Please Me 22.From Me To You 23.Do You Want To Know A Secret 24.Thank You Girl 25.Roll Over Beetoven 26.Misery 27.Kansas City 28.Boys 29.We Can Work It Out 30.Day Tripper 31.Nowhere Man 32.What Goes On DISC 3:

01.Paperback Writer 02.Rain 03.Yellow Submarine 04.Eleanor Rigby 05.Strawberry Fields Forever 06.Penny Lane 07.All You Need Is Love 08.Baby, You’re A Rich Man 09.Hello, Goodbye 10.I Am The Walrus 11.Lady Madonna 12.The Inner Light 13.Hey Jude 14.Revolution 15.Get Back 16.Don’t Let Me Down 17.The Ballad Of John And Yoko 18.Old Brown Shoe 19.Something 20.Come Together 21.Let It Be 22.You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) DISC 4:

01.The Long And Winding Road 02.You Blue 03.Got To Get Into My Life 04.Helter Skelter 05.Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 06.Julia 07.Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 08.With a Little Help from My Friends 09.A Day in the Life 10.Movie Medley 11.I’m Happy Just To Dance With You 12.Love Me Do 13.P.S. I Love You 14.I Want to Hold Your Hand 15.I Saw Her Standing There 16.Twist And Shout 17.There’s A Place

* U.S.EP COLLECTION 18.MISERY 19.TASETE OF HONEY 20.ASKE ME WHY 21.ANNA 22.Roll Over Beethoven 23.All My Loving 24.This Boy 25.Please Mister Postman 26.Honey Dont 27.Im A Loser 28.Mr Moonlight 29.Everybodys Trying To Be My Baby DISC 5:

* EXTRA SINGLES & EPs COLLECTION 01.It Wont Be Long 02.This Boy 03.All My Loving 04.Don’t Bother Me 05.All Ive Got To Do 06.I Wanna Be Your Man 07.Promo Meet The Beatles Open-End Interview 08.WQAM Beatles In Miami(side 1) 09.WQAM Beatles In Miami(side 2) 10.Thank You Girl 11.Devil In Her Heart 12.Money 13.Long Tall Sally 14.I Call Your Name 15.Please Mister Postman 16.Promo SECOND OPEN END INTERVIEW 17.Remember,We Don’t Like Them,We Love Them(side 1) 18.Remember,We Don’t Like Them,We Love Them(side 2) 19.Murray The K – As It Happened(side 1) 20.Murray The K – As It Happened(side 2) 21.Promo MUSIC CITY KFW BEATLES 22.Promo Capitol magazine Flexi 23.Promo The Beatles Introduce New Songs/ It’s For You 24.Promo The Beatles Introduce New Songs/ I Don’t Want To See You Again DISC 6:

01.I’ll Cry Instead 02.And I Love Her 03.Slow Down 04.If I Fell 05.Tell Me Why 06.Matchbox 07.That’s My Life (My Love And My Home) 08.The Next Time You Feel Important 09.Promo Penny Lane 10.Promo Dialogue from The Beatles Motion Picture Let It Be 11.Have You Heard The Word 12.Futting 13.Got To Get You Into My Life 1976 Promo 14.Got To Get You Into My Life 1976 Promo 15.Girl 16.Youre Going to Lose That Girl 17.The Beatles Movie Medley Fab Four On Film 18.Like Dreamers Do 19.I Saw Her Standing There 20.Shimmy Like Kate 21.The Beatles German Medley 22.Three Cool Cats 23.Leave My Kitten Alone 24.Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da

BONUS: 25.Till There Was You 26.Love Me Do

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