Beatles Dr Ebbetts (14/Cd) Mini Lp Box Set - Parlophone Archives Vol 3

Beatles Dr Ebbetts (14/Cd) Mini Lp Box Set - Parlophone Archives Vol 3
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Beatles Dr Ebbetts (14/Cd) Mini Lp Box Set - Parlophone Archives Vol 3


THE BEATLES PARLOPHONE ARCHIVES UK VOL. 3 DR. EBBETTS MINI LP EDITION Finally, the third and last installment THE BEATLES UK PARLOPHONE ARCHIVES VOL.3 , containing the so rare and sought after Dr. Ebbetts ORIGINAL material. As you may all know, Ebbetts no longer is, he's really retired. One can even find some Ebbetts material in the NET, but most of it is clearly a fake. Although all these BOXES here are not sponsored by him in any way, these are original masters from a Dr. Ebbetts partner who used to give him all the LPs he needed in order to do these magnificent transfers. Talking about these BOXES. Some LPs found in here, can only be acquired in auctions and only If you pay high prices for it. Here, you find the exact replicas of the old LPs and the prestine, warm sound you will NEVER find in any CDs, not even in the new remasters.

Let's talk about The latest Beatles remasters from EMI and Dr. Ebbetts Archives series. If you are a versed knowledgeable Beatles collector you may well know that what drove EMI to release the Remaster series was Dr. Ebbetts fantastic catalogue. Having that in mind we can say for sure how good they sound as they atracted the attention of the Blue Meanies. After listening to the remasters, one can only say they're good, yes, they are, but Ebbetts work is unbeatable, to the point that the difference jumps right through. If you put the remasters in graphics, you'll notice all the waves reaching the top of the graphic non stop, while the Ebbetts Archives series there are loads of nuances on the waves, that alone can tell you all a lot.

As you all can see we decided to include ALL solo releases that Ebbetts ever did, you get the perfect replica of the old vinyls PLUS the original inserts with lyrics, pictures, etc, truly a piece of art.