Beatles Dr Ebbetts (8/Cd) Set l Liverpool Box

Beatles Dr Ebbetts (8/Cd) Set l Liverpool Box
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Beatles Dr Ebbetts (8/Cd) Set l Liverpool Box
This Cd Dr Ebbetts package was compiled and sold by World Records, EMI's mail order division. It was never commercially released in the United Kingdom. The set consisted of 124 Beatles tracks arranged chronologically from Love Me Do, the group's first Parlophone single, to Her Majesty, the final cut on Abbey Road.

All albums were issued on the EMI/Parlophone label. The eight individual LPs were untitled. Each cover featured a previously unpublished color photo of the Beatles on the front and extensive liner notes detailing their career during the period represented by the album's songs on the back. The box was designed to look like a wooden shipping crate, carrying the words "From Liverpool" stenciled in black ink across the top, along with a small snapshot of the Beatles pasted across the front of the crate.

Track Differences:

Across The Universe - (Version 2) produced by Phil Spector. All My Loving - begins with five taps on Ringo's "hi-hat" cymbal. All You Need Is Love - the mono version. And I Love Her - contains six bars of acoustic guitar in the fadeout instead of the usual four. Baby You're A Rich Man - the true stereo version, previously found just on the German Magical Mystery Tour LP. The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill - appears as it does on The Beatles ("white album"), minus the opening guitar obbligato. The End/Her Majesty - the pause between the two songs lasts for only five seconds. On Abbey Road, the time between tracks is fifteen seconds. Get Back - the album version, produced by Phil Spector. I'm Only Sleeping - the extremely rare version with the slightly delayed guitar solo, previously found just on the U.S. stereo eight-track tape edition of "Yesterday" And Today. I Am The Walrus - the composite version put together by Capitol Records engineers John Palladino and George Irwin for the U.S. commercial Rarities. I Feel Fine - the true stereo version that begins with tapping drum sticks, whispering, coughing and Ringo closing his "hi-hat" cymbal. Let It Be (Version 2) "reproduced for disc" by Phil Spector. Love Me Do - (Version 1) the rare one with Ringo on drums. Penny Lane - the composite version from the U.S. commercial Rarities. She's A Woman - the true stereo version previously available just in Australia and in Singapore/Malaysia/Hong Kong. Strawberry Fields Forever - the true stereo version. Thank You Girl - the original mono version without John's extra harmonica fills. This Boy - the mono version.