Beatles / The Golden Analog Experience Vol 2 / 3CD+1Bonus

 Beatles / The Golden Analog Experience Vol 2 / 3CD+1Bonus
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 Beatles / The Golden Analog Experience Vol 2 / 3CD+1Bonus
★ comes with a bonus CDR at 150 sheets limitation! (Handling store is all stores Common) ★ limited permanent specification numbering containing Naho board! (Up to No. No.300) ★ Beatles rare analog board your own point of view, reprinted in a unique technique, from Contra Band Music, which has continued to on CD, it appeared the long-awaited press platen new.

Is the sequel of the popular titles of about copy machine would been around in Europe “The Golden Analog Experience”. This time also 2 IN 1 of the CD 3 Disc, large satisfied with the VOLUME of LP6 sheets! In serial number of the permanent specification, it is even more goods will comes with a bonus CDR is in the handling store all stores common, which was reprinted Brazil Edition “Beatles Forever” in up to No. serial No.150!

We will immediately introduce the contents.

Disc-1 ★ Please Please Me “German loud cut” In recent years the German board has become a hot topic among the collector “Please Please Me” re-press board of is this. Mix that boost the bass up to abnormal on which the left and right of the channel closer to the center has been recording, it is powerful enough not one sheet album, so far. But it is the place where the phrase “loud cut” is worry about whether correct Dare here is as easy-to-understand representation was so named. Anyway Woah. Please listen by all means!

★ The Beatles Beat “German MONO” Squid and jacket in the popular German compilation album “The Beatles Beat”. Domestic record in Kokkitai series has also been released, but was accepted from the German original mono board is here. Followed by listening and the first half of the strong force drop from the PPM (?), But I do not deny, which you can enjoy the tight mono mix in the solid at this. Since difficult to obtain the good things board of quite state, please enjoy this album.

Disc-2 ★ “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack A Hard Day’s Night” Familiar, it is “A Hard Day’s Night” of edit North America. Just the other day, but official of the CD as one of Capitol box has been announced, here has recorded the Canada board of mono board. Person of the ’60s of the record US board than Canada panel There are rumors that the good record quality but will do what about? Stereo in the official, but are things both recording, what kind of sound was ringing in Canada of home? Please by all means experience.

★ Something New “German Loud Cut” It was released in “Something New” But Germany of the US Capitol editing. US panel has been used is different master and, this is also to clear and muscular sound powerful. German machine pseudo-stereo board of “I Want To Hold Your Hand” is a rare mix that are not included only here. Whether Germany board is why this is also loud board often? This is also a piece that I would like you to listen to us.

Disc-3 ★ The Beatles’ Greatest This is also a domestic board of the national flag band has been released, but here we will listen to the original of the Netherlands board is. First Source with the high-hat count “All My Loving” is here. Sound engrave the beat is heard in the intro Mix differences in the “I Want To Hold Your Hand” is also probably the highlight. It took a deep echo in “I Feel Fine”, but a different mix and this is Capitol board? ? But was golden color record also released, where we got the master is preempted, to enjoy the original sound source has become the only black board. It contains the trace noise you think that the problem at the time of cutting to the B-side the first half of the LP has made a minimum of processing as unobtrusive as possible. The contents can enjoy over one’s head it.

★ Por Siempre Beatles In 1971, it is a compilation album that was released in Spain. This is also LP1 sheets entirely at ridiculous Nye stating that pseudo-stereo, and surprised as soon as I started to listen to. Moreover intro that I do not think only the clumsiness is “panic fade-in” To great pains genuine mono mix is ​​available in some of the songs on the track there is more than one that has been adopted has turned into quite a different thing, thanks to the pseudo-stereo processing. It is a strange album with all but is listening stations packed! The title means “The Beatles at any time”, Brazil board at will nod also was equipped with a title called “Beatles Forever” of the same content (However, another master). (※※※※ this time included! Please! Do not miss the Limited Edition ※※※※ as the Brazilian panel also bonus disc)

All LP 6 sheets carefully selected ones in good condition as much as possible. We will deliver the best sound in a polite transfer of unique CBM. Manually removed the only noise that audibility absolutely anxious snapping at the pin point. Processing, such as to cover the entire sound source in the noise filter is not applied at all. Although it contains distortion and fine noise of some of the sound it is the very raw testimony. Anyway noise raw passages in order to deliver the atmosphere, such as that really listening to record a natural sound. Once you actually put these records in your room you have this kind of sound. That is the concept of “Golden Analog Experience” series. Shop in. When rather than put away on the shelf now, please defeat listen by all means. Such is the album.

Of course PLAY IT LOUD !!! This is why

Disc-1 ★Please Please Me “German loud cut” 01.I Saw Her Standing There 02.Misery 03.Anna (Go To Him) 04.Chains 05.Boys 06.Ask Me Why 07.Please Please Me 08.Love Me Do 09.P.S. I Love You 10.Baby It’s You 11.Do You Want To Know A Secret 12.A Taste Of Honey 13.There’s A Place 14.Twist And Shout

★The Beatles Beat “German MONO” 15.She Loves You 16.Thank You Girl 17.From Me To You 18.I’ll Get You 19.I Want To Hold Your Hand 20.Hold Me Tight 21.Can’t Buy Me Love 22.You Can’t Do That 23.Roll Over Beethoven 24.Till There Was You 25.Money (That’s What I Want) 26.Please Mr. Postman

Disc-2 ★”Original Motion Picture Soundtrack A Hard Day’s Night” 01.A Hard Day’s Night 02.Tell Me Why 03.I’ll Cry Instead 04.I Should Have Known Better (Inst.) 05.I’m Happy Just To Dance With You 06.And I Love Her (Inst.) 07.I Should Have Known Better 08.If I Fell 09.And I Love Her 10.This Boy (Inst.) 11.Can’t Buy Me Love 12.A Hard Day’s Night (Inst.)

★Something New “German Loud Cut” 13.I’ll Cry Instead 14.Things We Said Today 15.Any Time At All 16.When I Get Home 17.Slow Down 18.Match Box 19.Tell Me Why 20.And I Love Her 21.I’m Happy Just To Dance With You 22.If I Fell 23.Komm,Gib Mir Deine Hand

Disc-3 ★The Beatles’ Greatest 01.I Want To Hold Your Hand 02.Twist And Shout 03.A Hard Day’s Night 04.Eight Days A Week 05.I Should Have Known Better 06.Long Tall Sally 07.She Loves You 08.Please Mr.Postman 09.I Feel Fine 10.Rock And Roll Music 11.Ticket To Ride 12.Please Please Me 13.It Won’t Be Long 14.From Me To You 15.Can’t Buy Me Love 16.All My Loving

★Por Siempre Beatles 17.Day Tripper 18.Yes It Is 19.I’m Down 20.The Fool On The Hill 21.Strawberry Fields Forever 22.We Can Work It Out 23.Your Mother Should Know 24.Penny Lane 25.Baby You’re Rich Man 26.I Call Your Name 27.The Inner Light 28.Blue Jay Way Contra Band Music. CBM 009/10/11