Beatles - The Last Live Moment Of Their Career (Cd/2/Dvd)

Beatles -  The Last Live Moment Of Their Career  (Cd/2/Dvd)
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Beatles -  The Last Live Moment Of Their Career  (Cd/2/Dvd)
Tracklist Candlestick Park, San Francisco CA, 29th August 1966 CD-1 Rock And Roll Music CD-2 She's A Woman CD-3 If I Neede Someone CD-4 Day Tripper CD-5 Baby's In Black CD-6 I Feel Fine CD-7 Yesterday CD-8 I Wanna Be Your Man CD-9 Nowhere Man CD-10 Paperback Writer CD-11 Long Tall Sally Municipal Stadium, Cleveland ON, 14th August 1966 CD-12 I Feel Fine Suffolk Downs, Boston MA, 16th August 1966 CD-13 She's A Woman CD-14 Long Tall Sally Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis TN, 19th August 1966 CD-15 Rock And Roll Music CD-16 Baby's In Black CD-17 Long Tall Sally CD-18 I Wanna Be Your Man CD-19 Paperback Writer CD-20 Long Tall Sally Busch Memorial Stadium, St. Louis MO, 21st August 1966 CD-21 Rock And Roll Music/She's A Woman Shea Stadium, New York NY, 23rd August 1966 CD-22 She's A Woman CD-23 If I Needed Someone CD-24 I Feel Fine CD-25 Yesterday CD-26 Paperback Writer Candlestick Park, San Francisco CA, 29th August 1966 CD-27 She's A Woman CD-28 Baby's In Black CD-29 Nowhere Man Before The Tour 1966 DVD1-1 Maureen Cleave On Brian & The Beatles DVD1-2 New York City Press Conference DVD1-3 Blandford Street London DVD1-4 London Airport DVD1-5 Logan Airport Chicago, 12th August 1966 DVD1-6 O'Hare Airport Chicago DVD1-7 Chicago Press Conference DVD1-8 International Amphitheatre Chicago Detroit, 13th August 1966 DVD1-9 Detroit Airport Cleveland, 14th August 1966 DVD1-10 Cleveland DVD1-11 Municipal Stadium, Cleveland Washington DC, 15th August 1966 DVD1-12 Washington DC Press Conference DVD1-13 Banging Beatles Documentary DVD1-14 Tommy Charles & Rallies Philadelphis, 15th August 1966 DVD1-15 JKF Stadium Philadelphia Toronto, 17th August 1966 DVD1-16 Toronto Press Conference Boston, 18th August 1966 DVD1-17 Suffolk Downes Boston DVD1-18 KKK & Police In Memphis Memphis, 19th August 1966 DVD1-19 Memphis Airport Interviews DVD1-20 Memphis Mid South Coliseum DVD1-21 Memphis Union Mission Rally Cincinnati, 21st August 1966 DVD1-22 Cincinnati Airport & Crosley Field St. Louis, 21st August 1966 DVD1-23 St. Louis Airport DVD1-24 Busch Memorial Stadium St. Louis New York, 22nd & 23rd August 1966 DVD1-25 New York City Press Conference DVD1-26 Junior Press Conference DVD1-27 Interviews At Shea Stadium DVD1-28 Shea Stadium Los Angeles, 24th August 1966 DVD2-1 Los Angeles Air Port Arrival DVD2-2 TV Newscast In Color DVD2-3 Los Angeles Press Conference #1 DVD2-4 Los Angeles Press Conference #2 DVD2-5 Los Angeles Press Conference #3 DVD2-6 Photo - Op & Where The Action Is Interview Seattle, 25th August 1966 DVD2-7 Seattle WA Airport & Concert Clips Los Angeles, 28th August 1966 DVD2-8 Dodger Stadium CA San Francisco, 29th August 1966 DVD2-9 San Francisco Airport Arrival DVD2-10 Candlestick Park Arrival DVD2-11 The Fans & The Remains DVD2-12 Candlestick Park #1 DVD2-13 Candlestick Park #2 London, 31st August 1966 DVD2-14 Back To England The London Airport After The Tour 1966 DVD2-15 Brian Epstein Interview DVD2-16 John Lennon In Spain For The Film DVD2-17 Melody Maker Awards DVD2-18 Paul & Man In Europe #1 DVD2-19 Paul & Man In Europe #2 DVD2-20 Paul & Man In Europe #3 DVD2-21 'Not Only But Also' Introduction DVD2-22 'Not Only But Also' John As The Doorman DVD2-23 Reporting 1966