Beatles / Let It Be Premium Collectors Edition / 4DVD+1CD

Beatles / Let It Be Premium Collectors Edition / 4DVD+1CD
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Beatles / Let It Be Premium Collectors Edition / 4DVD+1CD
First appearance remastered video of the world’s first of the premiere recording the movie “Let It Be” phantom is in the full version with the original Japanese subtitles uncut! Movie “Let It Be” of transition can be seen main movie each version of (each Japanese subtitles selectable) in addition to extra footage further this time this is the first public become unpublished summary of the documentary and promo video other than the main movie SGT as a complete limited edition of 4 Disc DVD + CD until the video document “Get back session” of the time series of up to 4 hours or more, including film footage. All worldwide exclusive release from the label! It is the emergence of past best quality and there is no current more thing as organized movie “Let It Be” Ultimate Collector’s items at VOLUME 2016 latest “Premium Edition”! ! * Initial stock Special Limited Special Award inclusion! Premium Edition becomes the original testimony for the first time stock-minute Indy visual movie “Let It Be” ticket replica is enclosed. [Premium Edition Details facilities a new repair work movie became the first appearance than 2016 HMC label “Let It Be” remastered video is 92-year Apple’s vision is by Ron Famaneku of Beatles archive production in charge in the current situation etc. main movie is no official release to convert voice also multi-track editing was monaural remarkably improved image quality compared to temporarily released video footage and TV broadcast version of the former 1980s in what was to stereo This is true with the best version. Until unfortunately, but bottom line the last 92 years production notation had been cut this time in HMC is the end credits recorded in uncut full version. Original video became the HMC version of the original will be the first recording this time. HMC version is already available becomes difficult SGT. The original version is also Premium Edition has already been added to this new excavation image as sold out the latest revision in 2016 in which also hit inferior copy of the release from the label was the definitive edition until this Ultimate Collector’s Edition (4DVD) we will deliver as a definitive edition of the new movie “Let it be”. DVD in the disk 1 recorded new excavation video “APPLE 1992 COMPLETE REMASTER UNCUT” to be known as West Germany print version of “COMPLETE FULLSCREEN EDITION”. It has also been added options new Japanese subtitles according to another translation of the 1992 version of this attention before. Full screen version 4 while the right and bottom of the screen is 92 years version has been trimmed: 3 as the voice in the best and most trimming has been recorded in the absence of image quality TV broadcast version of screen stereo remastered sound source and the original mono sound source can be selected. DVD is the disc 2 recorded two versions of “WIDE SCREEN & REMASTER EDITION” and “ORIGINAL STANDARD MOVIE EDITION”. Wide screen version of 16: 9 is a full display version to be displayed in full screen in the current wide standard TV size but in the wide screen there is a top and bottom trimming. Also 5.1 Dolby Surround is also included in the audio options. Footsteps at the beginning of the movie you can enjoy the like three-dimensional sound image to be moved from the rear to the front when you play in a surround environment. The original movie version of the person recorded main movie that had been released on video or LD in the 1980s. Once I would say that this is only valuable visual materials in comparison to verify mean the difference with other versions in what was the official release. DVD disc 3 is recorded in what has been further enhanced than before ranging documentary video and another editing version other than the main movie, to the naked promo further related TV images. Also TV broadcast version “Japanese TV broadcast” the recorded direct to complete recording from the video at that time in Japan in 84 years was previously unreleased. The image quality is a valuable video become now includes up to your own subtitles and nostalgic TVCM of the time although inferior than other versions. DVD discs to 4 recorded video document of the time series of up to four hours or more as “Get Back session”. A must-see video collection and a rooftop, including valuable outtake session video other than the main movie was reproduced in the live sound of the previous movie editing. Additional recording unpublished film material this time in addition to the video interview of the previous unreleased becomes the first public. This is the first debut of the attention the video never seen before while fragment. And recorded remastered sound source by 92 years Ron Famaneku as the original soundtrack of the movie “Let It Be” is on the CD. Remastered stereo sound source that has been produced from the new multi-track editing in the Abbey Road Studios is exactly what must listen in the naked sound of low generator. The Premium Edition is recorded in earlier than all its contents also is DVD4 sheets have been VOLUME up significantly dual layer specification press platen. About DVD8 Disc Japanese subtitles and each format voice has become a corresponding content to be possible each selectable options and large recommendation mast, the latest definitive edition of the movie “Let It Be” to the first appearance the video, including the mass both · item. Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite Trans


Opening Credits / Paul Piano Intro / Don’t Let Me Down/ Let’s Sing The Corny One/ Maxwell’s Silver Hammer/ Shoctric Shocks/ Two Of Us / I’ve Got A Feeling/ Coming Down To The Faster/ I’ve Got A Feeling / Oh! Darling/ One After 909/ Jazz Piano Song/ Two Of Us / Across The Universe/ Dig A Pony/ Suzy Parker/ I Me Mine/ For You Blue / I Dig A Pygmy/ Besame Mucho/ Octpus’s Garden / Jamming With Heather/ You Really Got A Hold On Me/ The Long And Winding Road/ Rip It Up – Shake Rattle And Roll / Kansas City – Miss Ann – Lawdy Miss Clawdy/ Dig It/ Talk About The Movie/ Two Of Us/ Let It Be / The Long And Winding Road / Rooftop Introduction/ Get Back/ Don’t Let Me Down/ I’ve Got A Feeling/ One After 909/ Dig A Pony/ Get Back/ The End Credits NTSC Color 16:9 with Japanese Subtitle LPCM Stereo Remaster time approx. 81min. * Transferred From The Original 16mm Negative Elements At Svc Television, London, March 1992 Original Mono & Multitrack Sound Elements Were Remixed And Remastered At Abbey Road Studios, London, March 1992 Picture And Sound Restoration By Ron Furmanek “LET IT BE” COMPLETE FULLSCREEN EDITION NTSC Color 16:9 FULL SCREEN with Japanese Subtitle Dolby Digital Stereo Remaster / Original Movie Mono Soundtrack time approx. 81min.

DVD 2 “LET IT BE” WIDESCREEN&REMASTER EDITION NTSC Color 16:9 WIDE SCREEN with Japanese Subtitle LPCM Stereo Remaster / Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound time approx. 81min. “LET IT BE” ORIGINAL STANDARD MOVIE EDITION NTSC Color 16:9 FULL SCREEN with Japanese Subtitle Dolby Digital Original Movie Mono Soundtrack time approx. 81min.

DVD 3 EXTRAS “LET IT BE” DOCUMENTARY ALTERNATE VIDEO Don’t Let Me Down – Movie Remaster / Dig A Pony – Movie Remaster / Don’t Let Me Down – Imagine Rough Cut 1988 / Don’t Let Me Down – Imagine 1988 / Don’t Let Me Down – Anthology Director’s Cut 1993 / Don’t Let Me Down – Let It Be Naked 1999 / Get Back – 1969 Original Remaster / Get Back – Anthology 1995 / Get Back – Let It Be Naked 1999 LET IT BE…NAKED Let It Be…Naked TV Trailer One / Trailer Two / Trailer Three / Long Trailer with Captions / Long Trailer Textless / 30 Second Spots / Two Of Us – Animated Promo Video / Japan TV AD / Sony TV Special / Target TV AD MORE EXTRAS Get Back – British Lion Version / Get Back – Glen Campbell Show / Don’t Let Me Down – Original Promo Version / Get Back – Original Promo Version / Get Back – BBC Top Of The Pops / Let It Be – Ed Sullivan Show / Let It Be – Original Promo Version / Making Of “LET IT BE” / “LET IT BE” Original Movie Trailer / “LET IT BE” Movie Premier In London / “LET IT BE” Movie Premier In USA / “LET IT BE” Academy Awards / MAKING OF “LET IT BE” REMASTER VIDEO CLIPS Get Back / Don’t Let Me Down / I’ve Got A Feeling / One After 909 / Dig A Pony / Get Back (Reprise) Dolby Digital Stereo time approx. 136min. “LET IT BE” MOVIE JAPANESE TV BROADCAST NTSC Color 16:9 (4:3) inc.Japanese Subtitle with Japanese TVCM Dolby Digital Stereo (Original Movie Mono Soundtrack) time approx. 88min

DVD 4 GET BACK SESSIONS January 2, 1969 (thursday) January 3, 1969 (friday) January 6, 1969 (monday) January 7, 1969 (tuesday) January 8, 1969 (wednesday) January 9, 1969 (thursday) January 10, 1969 (friday) January 13, 1969 (monday) January 14, 1969 (tuesday) January 21, 1969 (tuesday) January 22, 1969 (wednesday) January 23, 1969 (thursday) January 24, 1969 (friday) January 25, 1969 (saturday) January 26, 1969 (sunday) January 27, 1969 (monday) Januaray 28, 1969 (tuesday) January 29, 1969 (wednesday) January 30, 1969 (thursday) Rooftop Concert – January 30, 1969 (thursday) January 31, 1969 (friday) + CBC-TV John&Yoko Interview (January 14, 1969) Exclusive Film – Apple Studio Outtake NTSC 16:9 (4:3) Dolby Digital Stereo / Mono time approx. 250min.

CD ORIGINAL MOVIE SOUNDTRACK 1. Opening / Paul Piano Intro 2. Don’t Let Me Down 3. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 4. Two Of Us 5. I’ve Got A Feeling 6. Oh! Darling 7. One After 909 8. Jazz Piano Song 9. Two Of Us 10. Across The Universe 11. Dig A Pony 12. Suzy Parker 13. I Me Mine 14. For You Blue 15. I Dig A Pygmy 16. Besame Mucho 17. Octpus’s Garden 18. Jamming With Heather 19. You Really Got A Hold On Me 20. The Long And Winding Road 21. Rip It Up / Shake Rattle And Roll 22. Kansas City / Miss Ann / Lawdy Miss Clawdy 23. Dig It 24. Talk About The Movie 25. Two Of Us 26. Let It Be 27. The Long And Winding Road 28. Rooftop Introduction 29. Get Back 30. Don’t Let Me Down 31. I’ve Got A Feeling 32. One After 909 33. Dig A Pony 34. Get Back 35. The End – Get Back (Reprise) Original Mono & Multitrack Sound Elements Were Remixed And Remastered At Abbey Road Studios, London, March 1992 New Digitally Remastered 2016 Sergeant. SGT 16CDDVD1234CD1