George Harrison (2/Cd) Seattle Express

George Harrison (2/Cd) Seattle Express
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George Harrison (2/Cd) Seattle Express
Tracklist Live At Centre Coliseum, Seattle - November 4, 1974 1-1 –George Harrison Haris On Tour (Express) 1-2 –George Harrison Something 1-3 –George Harrison While My Guitar Gently Weeps 1-4 –Billy Preston Going Around In Circles 1-5 –George Harrison Sue Me Sue You Blues 1-6 –Ravi Shankar Zoon, Zoon, Zoon 1-7 –Ravi Shankar Naderdahni 1-8 –Ravi Shankar Cheparte 1-9 –Ravi Shankar Anurag 1-10 –Ravi Shankar Vachaspati 1-11 –Ravi Shankar Dispute And Violence

2-1 –Ravi Shankar I Am Missing You 2-2 –George Harrison For You Blue 2-3 –George Harrison Give Me Love 2-4 –George Harrison Soundstage Of Mine 2-5 –George Harrison In My Life 2-6 –Tom Scott Tom Cat 2-7 –George Harrison Maya Love 2-8 –Billy Preston Nothing For Nothing 2-9 –George Harrison Dark Horse 2-10 –Billy Preston Outa-Space 2-11 –George Harrison What Is Life 2-12 –George Harrison My Sweet Lord "Rock Around The World" - October 18, 1974 2-13 –George Harrison Dark Horse 2-14 –George Harrison Awaiting On You All 2-15 –George Harrison Far East Man 2-16 –George Harrison I Don't Care Any More