George Harrison Cd - Songs For Patti

George Harrison Cd - Songs For Patti
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George Harrison Cd - Songs For Patti
GEORGE HARRISON: SONGS FOR PATTI - THE DEFINITIVE EDITION CD Acetate recordings declicked and pitch corrected at Remasters Workshop, May 2004. If you're a George fan, you may be more familiar with this material from the more widely-distributed, overly noise-reduced mess on the Strawberry label, but this is sourced from the original, mega-rare CD issue. It's an acetate of rough mixes and underdubs from "All Things Must Pass" sessions. The only flaws in it were that all the songs ran at the wrong speed, and there were clicks and thumps from the source being an acetate. Both were easily taken care of in Adobe Audition. Once the clicks and thumps were removed, there was no need for noise reduction. So we have the music just as it sounds, but at the right speed. None of these songs appear here in their released versions, and some are still unreleased.

01 Intro 02 Wah Wah (take 3) 03 My Sweet Lord 04 Art Of Dying (take 9) 05 If Not For You 06 Behind That Locked Door 07 Let It Down 08 All Things Must Pass (false start) 09 All Things Must Pass 10 Down To The River 11 Wah Wah (overdubs onto take 3) 12 The Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) 13 Awaiting On You All 14 Art Of Dying (take 36) 15 What Is Life 16 Isn't It A Pity (take 30) 17 Behind That Locked Door 18 I Live For You 19 I'll Still Love You 20 Plug Me In (excerpt)