John Lennon (4/Dvd) Complete Promo Clip Collection

John Lennon (4/Dvd) Complete Promo Clip Collection
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John Lennon (4/Dvd) Complete Promo Clip Collection
■ John Lennon of the promo clip collection ■ including the different versions all 103 take complete recording ■ Promo other related video, also commercial video recording

Than mania must-have M Claudel, followed by The Beatles, Paul, George, John Promo collection is to release. Although there remain alive of John is a large number of video, this and there are many made posthumously As far as promotion. But as if responding to the world’s needs, it has been announced by John promo video in a variety of ways. Minor differences and, like a completely different thing, the number of so many, to grasp the whole has been very difficult. This work is a promo video of such John, is the title of all time, which was completely recorded in chronological order different versions to announce the order of the songs. From the familiar ones to those of the first look, its outstanding was the culmination in this way is none, it will just become titles like treasure for the John of the fan. [Disc 1] Decorate the beginning is “to us like the peace.” In the time that has been followed is still the Beatles, the reason is unknown, while credit is a song that has been released as Lennon = McCartney. It was recorded together with the avant-garde performance, which is referred to as a bed-in was held in a room of the Montreal hotel. John and Yoko of course it is to promo film, how the reporters who visited the staff and interviews are singing together have been used in the main. While editing will remix after is applied, the base that was recorded when this is used as it is. Era is in the midst of the Vietnam War, which was showing signs of the proxy wars of the Cold War, as had also been effectively used in the ending of the movie “The Strawberry Statement”, the anti-war movement, widely even today as a symbol of the anti-establishment movement sing it is a music that is. A is not only John’s representative song, only to songs timeless, indeed 5 version has been recorded in this work. First, such as beginning to turn the recording equipment scene is testament to the very fact that this song has been recorded in a room of the hotel rather than in the studio in the video.

“Cold turkey” is said to be the song that sang the withdrawal of the drug, based on playing a ponderous riffs and dark sound, and, indeed a sideshow guitar, typical who can be seen that it is the song of John Lennon also listen it is. Or Lenny Kravitz and listen to this song was how affected to John, and Paul does not miss on stage is also currently in the “Let Me Roll It” is seen is whether the song was how made aware of John. Although this song has also been recorded in the Beatles career, the consent of the other members can not be obtained to be announced as the Beatles, particularly Paul is said to have shown an outright disgust. In this work, three versions have been recorded as a promo of this song. The first two versions of those avant-garde which made full use of the fast forward of the film, that of the time when the influence of Yoko is reflected most heavily. Version 3 is obtained by the live video in the one-to-one to the main.

“Instant Karma” is short hair of John dressed in G Jean, but famous ones sing sitting on the piano, in this work has been recorded is 4 version that contains it. This song made John early in the morning, finished in the middle of the night by recording from the evening, and the single has been announced through and after about 10 days that took the over-the-counter, the title as instant process. It says things like that is the work of the free mind, after the interview in the “in the future want to immediately release within fresh like a newspaper” of for John. The first two versions of John and Yoko of the video up to this point in time from the late Beatles era collage is being used. 2 version sing sitting in the street famous piano that I wrote at the beginning version after and. Yoko has set a message board and a blindfold. Attention Nanoha voice would that it is newly recorded live vocals rather than a record. Although two of the video of the scene that this John sing may seem the same take At first glance, it is possible to distinguish easily John costume. The former wears a G Jean, the latter is a black sweater figure.

“Hero of the working class” is clearly under the influence of Bob Dylan, would be music that is intended to try to make a song of Dylan-style. Is a masterpiece that is sung only by acoustic guitar, which has been recorded in John’s substantial first solo album. In this work it has been recorded 4 version as a promo video. The first promo ones at the time of John Lennon Anthology announcement, have also been used outtakes song. Version 2 and 3 and has a rare make that apart from the general Promo, such as John of the interview is inserted in between. Version 4 and the land of John Yukari such as Strawberry Fields, has been made by collage, such as goods and old photos of the various memories. John of personal belongings that are projected to there precious thing a lot, especially “walls and bridges,” such as the original that was used in the jacket is eye-catching.

“Love” is also in the Japanese culture who knew through Yoko, is particularly representative of the simple lyrics using expressions like Basho Matsuo haiku. By John we have written the lyrics with a profound meaning has announced a few lyrics of the song of the vocabulary, such as “I Want You”, was also or is pointed out the depletion of talent to the media. John at that time has been answered, “words will be simple enough meaning is deeper.” This song is very short and simple about the concept of love, words that the love had been chosen and what each Ya has become a lyric as it is. John and Yoko of kimono is too beautiful.

“Mother” would be music to symbolize John’s this season. John is the general public of the image despite very There are mentally vulnerable place, it is childhood experience, the lack of affection should receive from parents and specifically say has become a remote cause. John in order to overcome it had received psychotherapy that primal therapy, is a music that has been made by the impact. Lyrics to make an impassioned plea for love to the parents, and stain madness to say clearly, the darkness of John’s heart has openly exposed, it is painful to have heard things. Promo video is made in the concept of chasing in the photo the life of John from birth until death.

The end of the disc 1 is “Power To The People”, Dai is a 4 version of “the courage to the people.” In a single-jacket photo of John is wearing a helmet of communist alliance standard of revolt faction. Of course, ideologically not related to the student movement of the New Left but, just John of this time is something that has been carried out political activities that are classified as left-wing. While sprinkled with dissident movement and demonstrations of news footage from version 1 to 3 in the world has become a thing that issued the message “POWER TO THE PEOPLE” on the front. Such of whether or not there is uncertain John to political it was not interested in how seriously, but I do not think wanted such a strong usage of the political color. Version 4 is sprinkled with John of video and photos, and has a made elaborate such as inserting an interview with John and Yoko in the middle. [Disc 2] Disc 2 begins with “Imagine”. Perhaps is also not there is that this song is heard by people who do not know John Lennon, it has been positioned as a classic off a universal glow about it. Although personally is not a lock music is feeling the said to be the John of representative music, much of no longer needed is the assumption that the “John Lennon”, music and Hitoriaruki become the common property of mankind I have no objection to it is a masterpiece you are. Although this work has been recorded is indeed 7 versions of the promo, the video sitting on Yoko and two piano at home basically John is being used. Vegetation lush two people disappear in front of the street door of the garden, and Yoko clean beauty plug slowly into the room is light by opening the door one by one, and John to sing in innocent look sitting on the piano. That none of the artistic beauty, equipped with a visual beauty, is a name promoter in the classic. The only exception is in version 4, the room in which the New York skyline is visible from the window is going to flow one after the other, and has a thing full of messages lead to suggest that there is each life pattern in each of its rooms. All have been shot with one camera, the technique has become a make reminiscent of “rope” of Hitchcock.

“Jerasugai” is 4 version included. When the Japanese translation under the title “jealous man”, surprised to that person would be a John Lennon has been honestly confessed themselves as jealous. Although it was a fan of Linda of John before the still acquainted with Paul is famous, but Linda had thought it was “good artists when they met for the first time with John, completely lost confidence and actually meet it was, has been recalled and just was a nervous man. ” Exactly it would be the essence of John, but would also be John attractive place to confess it the nudity in in their own words. Is the is attracted to us is John Lennon, is the point that Tolo of honest feelings, such as sharpen such body has been reflected in the music, not to Paul “view of the world of John” is condensed into this song than is I feel that is is. Both has become a base is recording video of the same song in the studio. There are various video is inserted to reach the later years from the Beatles era, such as playing a scene at the Cavern Club, it has become a compelling promo video in the melody is also coupled with very sentimental.

“The truth is I want” is the most important song decorate the B-side of the album, “Imagine.” List of words that rhymed of John unique placed on a hard guitar. Style Weaving melody singing only placed on a riff that is repeated so as to flow is not likely to than had a great influence on the “Heroes” of Bowie. Although the Get Back sessions is a song that has already been tried, and it has turned into such a great rock in a few years later. In the promo video with emotion while watching the lyrics card in the studio, to the John figure sing divert the body while frown, feel something approaching horribly crisis.

“How?” Is made all the “Oh My Love” 5 songs of the “do not want to be a soldier,” “Howe-Doo YOU ​​sleep,” “love Yoko” John’s private video on the base. But director Andrew Salt of the movie “Imagine” is recalled with the “one person’s life was surprised to have been left as this only massively video” upon receiving the video material from Yoko, actually John and Yoko of the video recording there is a huge amount, I can only imagine was leaving as intentionally record like a diary. The video of these five songs also, are those made from such video material. Continued promo video of “Cripple Inside” has become the video that reflects how you are shooting photos for the album of the album “Imagine” is the main. “It’s So Hard” is suspicious man (John?) Dressed in black clothes is something eerie to walk the streets of New York.

“Happy Christmas” is a staple of the Christmas season, which is a song that is when it comes to December every year as one of the city’s landscape to decorate the Christmas atmosphere. “War is over” in the subtitle is a lean relevance to Christmas, but Christmas long as the soldiers are in the front line will be the meaning is also contained in that it is the season to spend with his family to return to the life of the home front. In particular, the second half of the chorus “War is over, if you want it” is an iconic catch copy of John and Yoko was their creativity much was installed a huge billboard. By incorporating the catch in the lyrics, it can be said that has brought the meaning of more than textually to this word. Promo exist three. Version 1 is included many photos of religious statues, those of somewhat esoteric. Version 2 is contrary to the lyrics singing the world peace, private photos with a focus on family life have been mainly collage. Children who are singing the chorus is no do not feel the Azato of the hand to make a point is all black. And version 3 has become the most strong political color. Children dying in the conflict zone, people living on the battlefield, men Namidasuru to victims, civilians fleeing the bombing, and the soldiers, and finally concludes with the words of Gandhi.

“Mind Games” are two versions included. Version 1 is the video that John came a black long coat swagger in New York is being used in the main. Or John Looking at this promo video had been enjoying life in how freely the United States suggests. Version 2 is the figure of John walking Central Park with a smile is an impressive promo. And how to shop in a fan or opening new stores Gimme a sign, such as how the congregating with the image at the zoo, and has a really fun video. “Dream of Dreams” has also been 2 version recording, version 2 is made in a similar concept to the Beatles “realistic Love”. [Disc 3] The first disc 3 is 5 version “run swiftly to the middle of the night.” It is a song that became the first US number one hit for John with the cooperation of Elton John. Melody is indeed intended Elton is nimble likely to sing, actually stand out double vocals of John and Elton. This song there is a proposal from the worth and Elton us to impromptu concerts After a number one hit, John was determined not impossible to absolutely readily agreed. But it was become a splendid number 1 Contrary to expectations. So John to Madison Square Garden concert impromptu, are left episode that plays a reunited by resuming and Yoko in the dressing room. First, and he met with during his lifetime only a single number 1 hit also a number of versions exist promo for John. Version 1 and 4, and 5 are those based on the familiar image to explore Central Park with a black long coat. Version 2 and 3 video illustrations of John handwritten moves become anime has become a main. Perhaps the original, but it will be rough line drawing, is the technology that can move and is neatly colored lively are remarkable.

“Slippin ‘And Suraidin,” “Stand By Me” is a cover of Little Richard and Ben E King, respectively. It has taken a studio-live format. The video is there is something almost of change that John face up poor, is a valuable image that John is actually singing. John is that the cover songs of old rock ‘n’ roll that has been familiar from childhood, heartwarming been found to take in hand’re singing freely To happily. Or try to follow and the tone John of the guitar in the interlude of part of “Stand By Me” in the mouth “Pappa ~”, “ze are greeting the UK Hi Everyone! I from New York now!” In version 1 and the is also interesting place has put the talks.

And it is finally John Lennon alive last album “Double Fantasy” related Promo. “Starting Over” has recorded a 2 version. Street in the John of the interview that “the rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s, songs approach in the 1980s-style” is a masterpiece of the great rock ‘n’ roll, conveys John of feeling that you Fumo a new life on the border of the 40-year-old come. You know of the street and then life is not was not, but either go happened to John to sing a political new rock ‘n’ roll of the ’80s worship the color, is not a pity that can not see it. Version 1 Incorporating plenty of private video of John and Yoko, and the last will be concluded with a two-shot of Yoko and Sean nestled in a park bench. A place to which it is intended will still be the absence of his father. Version 2 is scattered in a room where John and Yoko old photos and memories of the goods must not have anyone, or churning it on the wind, and cracked glasses, with or waiting for the sky to the result, the image stacked have the same concept of the promo video to the world of the song “free-as-a-bird”.

It has become the “Watching the Wheels” lyrics John of reply to the five years of silence, is a single-cut the song after the death. As if in response to the lyrics, John of the video diligently suffer from Sean still Childhood to househusband industry are made to the base. John’s life from 1975 to 1980 is completely private ones, is that after the death of John came to the one end is known. How to play in the state and amusement park knead the bread, birthday or blow out candles together with Sean in, also, such as how to shop in Japan, recording a video of the family that would Yoko has provided and has a base . When it would be John Lennon of how looking at this promo world, in front of the children is not only a mere father, that such commonplace think Kangaibukaku.

“Woman” is a beautiful ballad that sang for the world of women to represent the Yoko, name recognition in Japan or since has been used, for example, CM is one of the high song. For John to take an approach to songs cut and life, after all but was also do not live at home era is back under the Yoko, one end of the atomic affection of such two people are sung in beautiful crystal clear voice. Promo video course in Yoko and together with the video is the main, is beautiful how the walk, especially Tsureda’ the Central Park in the fall. There is also that it has been published posthumously, newspapers and to convey the death of John, such as exactly what collage a photo of “then”, are also included those somewhat of bad taste. At the end of the video appears the letter “To Be Continued”, to a profound end way. Thing if even good, but Yoko is that it is a smoker can be seen from this video.

“Beautiful Boy” is a song that was directly sang Sean, many times in the lyrics in the working of the stage have appeared Sean. Has been used video from beginning to end that family in a lake visited on vacation is eating, it seems to be left to turn it affirmed the camera. Are moving around still small Sean restlessly cute, and John to show the zany gesture to please Sean, it seems like another one of the children.

It is a song recorded on two songs, “I’m Stepping Out” and “Boroudo time” has been produced to collect unreleased posthumously “milk-and-honey”. There to have been made after death, rather than the video singing of course, those made later years using John’s image that has been many shooting. “I’m Stepping Out” is 2 version included. Here Yoko and Sean of the video that can be viewed by way of real-time at this point, the figure of Sean has been a large number recording based on a somewhat larger growth. Thing that I want to show the appearance of such a son to John. Also scene to be played is piecemeal insertion of live video and the still unpublished, are also included, such as the video of the rehearsal of one-to-one concert. Even so, I think because probably there are a number of video itself, I want to screen those that do not overlap with the more past promo video. “Boroudo Time” has recorded the 4 version. After the opening shot of the state of the emergence of the plants in the speed camera, it has become this also of John and Yoko snap video. Appearance and recording with Phil Spector, George Harrison also also seen the video, such as a state of attended the meal. Interesting would that John is wearing the Jinbei. [Disk 4] And this is the last of the disk. Continue a recording from the “milk-and-honey”. “Nobody Told Me” is the most caught also on the album – has finished in the John seems to rock ‘n’ roll in, here also, such as if a modern twist to “Starting Over,” the same old rock ‘n’ roll tune. In this work it has been recorded three versions of the same song. And it has been positioned as the most important song on the album is “Grow Old With Me”. Not really good to poppy in the demo recording original sound quality, but will John was more properly re-record If I live, is a universal value to John lyrics that speak to the Let’s piled up age together Yes, this can be understood of Yoko and should be released regardless of the sound quality is judged. I think already, such as the talk is wonder Let’s piled up age together from the person that entered the miracle, and if there was a life of continued to again John.

In version it had been recorded, which John takes the vocals here to those recorded as vocal music of Yoko to “anyone man has” (Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him) the album “Double Fantasy.” is there. John and Yoko does not appear at all, it has become a thing which drew a two-men and women of the encounter in the black-and-white image. “I’m Losing You” is the John of the illustrations in anime, it is a version that it Cheap Trick is playing in the back. This promo has been produced in 1998, the base is not Tom. It has been recorded at the same time making of this promo film. In the song “Only You” is that John was present in apple, of course, it is to this work has been recorded version that John sings.

Become promo video of the song associated with rather than the John himself is from here. “Walking On Thin Ice” is a song that Yoko sing, reportedly it is the song that just had been recorded on the day of John’s death. Young Yoko is cool to swagger the streets of New York. “Goodbye Sadness” is also a song of Yoko, such as John and Yoko of the video views of the skyscrapers of New York from the promo video of the ferry across from Manhattan to Liberty Island has been used. “To peace us, etc.” it has been produced in 1991, and the followers of John Lennon that Lenny Kravitz, Sean became a boy from the children to grow and Yoko himself, has also appeared. Followed by “Imagine” has been produced as part of the Imagine project of UNICEF initiative in 2014, but also includes the video of John himself, one-phrase mainly a variety of people, regardless of race nationality up a video singing at a time has been one of the songs. Due to the nature of the project, there are a number of versions, are also recorded indeed 5 versions of this work.

And the last of the disk 4 is a video of television commercials. Here it is also a fairly rare video. First is the commercial image of Harry Nilsson album “PUSSY CATS”. “Love of the wall, the heart of the bridge,” the “rock ‘n’ roll,” “Milk and Honey”, “John Lennon Collection”, are those rare also of release at that time TV CM, respectively. CM narration of “love of the wall, the heart of the bridge,” the apple is in charge. Although not considered now, it is interesting that TV CM to encourage such album sales have been washed away in the time of the United States. Such a practice has been carried out today, also has been recorded CM in recent years of Lennon Legend and John Lennon Anthology. Unusual is that John is present CM of Tower Records, which serves as the narration. It is unclear whether John was supposed to be in charge of the narration in the kind of circumstances, but because carry out the publicity of the specific companies that are members of the Beatles would be unusual. And even more rare for is a TV CM of the album “Roots”. Moreover, 2 version has been recorded. By as John of the appeal of you know is the album of the vision that was released abort. Only it’s not a wonder because say was released on mail order, but the fact that in this way a big way TV CM has been struck right relationship is in annoying the United States is a surprise. [Complete Promo clip collection] Is very huge amount is present as compared to the short period of activity because John’s promo video. That all this work has been recorded. And not only the promotional video of the song, the associated video, in particular, such as the video of the television commercials are just valuable that has been broadcast in the United States at the time. Although John has already passed a quarter of a century and a lion, not only the splendor of music, individuality should be love of John himself, a John Lennon itself works, music is only part of the John of charm, it There therefore will come penetrates deeply into our minds. By all means, through this John promo video, I would like to once again reaffirm the John of the charm of solo era.

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DVD DISC TWO 01. Imagine #1 (1972 long intro) 02. Imagine #2 (1972 short intro) 03. Imagine #3 (1992) 04. Imagine #4 (1998- conceptual) 05. Imagine #5 (2003) 06. Imagine #6 (2006-instrumental) 07. Imagine #7 (1972 outtakes) 08. Jealous Guy #1 (1972) 09. Jealous Guy #2 (1988) 10. Jealous Guy #3 (1992) 11. Jealous Guy #4 (2003) 12. Gimme Some Truth #1 (1972) 13. Gimme Some Truth #2 (2010) 14. How? (1972) 15. Oh My Love (1972) 16. Crippled Inside (1972) 17. It’s So Hard (1972) 18. I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier (1972) 19. How Do You Sleep? (1972) 20. Oh Yoko (1972) 21. Happy Xmas #1 (1972) 22. Happy Xmas #2 (1992) 23. Happy Xmas #3 (2003) 24. Mind Games #1 (1992) 25. Mind Games #2 (2010) 26. #9 Dream #1 (1992) 27. #9 Dream #2 (2003)

DVD DISC THREE 01. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night #1 (1974) 02. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night #2 (1992) 03. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night #3 (2003) 04. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night Outtakes #1 05. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night Outtakes #2 06. Slippin’ And Slidin’ (1992) 07. Stand By Me #1 (1992) 08. Stand By Me #2 (2003) 09. Stand By Me #3 (2010) 10. Starting Over #1 (1992) 11. Starting Over #2 (2000) 12. Watching The Wheels (2003) 13. Woman #1 (1981) 14. Woman #2 (1992) 15. Beautiful Boy (2003) 16. I’m Stepping Out #1 (1984) 17. I’m Stepping Out #2 (1992) 18. Borrowed Time #1 (1984) 19. Borrowed Time #2 (1984) 20. Borrowed Time #3 (1992) 21. Borrowed Time #4 (2003)

DVD DISC FOUR 01. Nobody Told Me #1 (1983) 02. Nobody Told Me #2 (1992) 03. Nobody Told Me #3 (2003) 04. Grow Old With Me #1 (1983) 05. Grow Old With Me #2 (1992) 06. Every Man Has A Woman (1984) 07. I’m Losing You (1998) 08. I’m Losing You (1998 Behind The Scenes) 09. Only You (1998)

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TV COMMERCIALS 18. Pussy Cats (Harry Nilsson) 19. Walls And Bridges 20. Rock ‘n’ Roll 21. Milk And Honey 22. Lennon Collection 23. Lennon Legend #1 24. Lennon Legend #2 25. Anthology #1 26. Anthology #2 27. Anthology #3 28. Anthology #4 29. Anthology #5 30. Tower Records 31. Root #1 32. Root #1 33. Power To The People (The Hits)

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