Paul McCartney (3/Cd) Press To Play Sessions

Paul McCartney (3/Cd) Press To Play Sessions
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Paul McCartney (3/Cd) Press To Play Sessions
Or the 1980s was probably was what Decade for Paul. Paul in the 1980s began with the arrest in Japan. As a result Wings is a natural extinction, the end of the year in the John Lennon struck down by an assassin’s bullet. It was started in an atmosphere that was Antan was a ’80s Beatles fan. And even for Paul himself would say that was a time to explore the direction of.

80s of the pole, the first hit the US number 1 in the “Coming Up”. This album the song has been recorded, “McCartney II” has been found to have diverted the originally personal demo, which had been recorded with the New album of Wings to solo album. While not high poppy those future generations of evaluation, or not interesting also because the various partners and the collaboration was the 1980s of dawn personal recording to seek the direction of.

And 1982, masterpiece prestigious as a masterpiece of Paul even now “tag of War” will be announced. Welcomed George Martin that may congenial to the producer, was a work that feel the atmosphere, such as if they were almost reproduce the Beatles sound. Put a duet with guest such as Stevie Wonder and Carl Perkins, it became the work of a long time of the free mind for Paul. However, this of “tag of War” and later Paul, time to uninspiring lasted be honest.

First, the next album, “Pipes Of Peace” is I think personally it’s name board of But Not Alone two great men as “tag-of-war,” but, worldly evaluation is not about the latter, in a caustic review “previous work it is about being of leftovers “and ridiculed. “Thriller,” but it had a duet also included the topic of Michael Jackson of the era that has been shining most a big hit, did not reach even in sales to a “tag-of-war”.

In 1984, Paul himself embark on production of starring movie. It is, “Hey! It is a Broad Street “. Of course, interest-packed as a fan, it is great that Paul of this era has been left in the video above all. Moreover, a number of high performance scene degree of perfection much each is established as a promo clip. The reprized the song of the Beatles era and the Wings era was also a hot topic. But it is a musical aspect, purely from the point of view of the movie, was not the content can be very evaluation. “High School Kimengumi” and the ending of the same legend, last or a dream punch line! Would be people there were many who put a thrust with. But to repeat, but the insertion of the movie song is nice, what to say and indeed Paul. I myself, might or watched again and again the scene of the “no-Varyusu”.

American movie in 1985, “Spice Like Us” has been published. As the movie was a comedy silly little, it became a hot topic in that you have a theme song Paul newly written. And I was surprised would be “My Carnival” has been coupled to the B-side. Unreleased wing era is was is suddenly recorded. Although he song recording schedule in the “COLD CUTS” After this is going to be “peddle”, “My Carnival” can be said to be the pioneering figure.

The above is the history of the pole of activities up to the mid-1980s. During this time, it was not at all able to stand on the stage. The only exception is a Live Aid in 1985. I once refused because do not have the bands at this time, but Bob Geldof is said to have decided to cast in accordance with the advice of “just the piano you were” Is not should I sing the LET IT BE “”. But the first half of vocals by the street PA trouble you know is in trouble that turned off, the performance itself was also a long time things feel a blank that has been away from the stage. From the fact that John has made a tragic death that struck down by an assassin’s bullet, also reportedly Paul himself was also frightened to bullets from the audience. This time, Paul like now could not be OJ imagine go on tour every year, the anti-retirement state, or that it is time to concentrate on the studio as the Beatles late fan had been captured.

And it is finally the main subject. News that Paul is to announce a new album in 1986 flows. This time chose Paul as a partner was Eric Stewart of 10CC. Furthermore producer whereas the preceding three installment was George Martin, that’s Hyupajamu. Hugh Pajamu is a famous producer who worked on Police and Phil Collins of the albums in the past, “Tonight” of Bowie is also his work. The trend is in the flashy sound making twist the gated reverb, the real “Press To Play” is made with a variety of mixing techniques have been making full use work. Also Eric Stewart is no denying it is a partner to be inferior in the name recognition when compared to Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, but would say the Merit who pulled out the side of the new Paul together with Hugh Pajamu. Perhaps his work in the “Pipes Of Peace” is evaluated, it would not have become the “upgraded” to the partner.

The first as the impression of listening to this album was that modern rock is not like a conventional pole. Probably Would not it took time to accept as a Paul fan. The song that has been played in live from this album until now is nothing, which is the album that evaluation is divided even among Paul fan. But Matsumura as Yusaku Mr. has been referred to as a “name board”, as there is in the mania rating is high, the sales basis was struggling, is re-evaluated by the only of the original album, which was announced in the mid 80’s and I have thought that is also good.

From this album, “press” has been preceded by the release as the first single bullet. Promo film that has been shot in the London Underground, which has been produced in the early days of the music video, Paul was a little rich gray hair chubby is, was interesting to interact with the passengers on the subway. Also as a feature of this era, near various versions in the form of 12-inch singles, a number of remix version, also let me mentioned that it what had been churning out much grasp difficult. In addition, 1986 is the era in which the proportion of CD and LP was still balance, would have wanted to migrate to faster CD as intention of the record company, three songs more recording than LP in order to have a superiority in CD It had become. If this be the next album, it must wait best album, “All The Best” the scissors of 1989 to “flowers in the dirt.” “Hey! Although the Broad Street “has been included in the new song, and considering that the basic was in the replay of past songs, of the mid-1980s only of the original album, it is” press-to-play “met It was. This work is one in which along from 1985, “Spice Like Us” in the recorded song order of the album, “press-to-play”, was the culmination outtakes, another version, a different mix, the other session sound source.

Disk 1 and 2 are in addition to the album songs, has recorded a different version of the bonus track of the three songs that have been recorded only at the time CD. To “Good Times Coming” is such as Paul the interlude is or not humming in the scat, also “Talk More Talk” in the release version is left middle part of the unpublished that has been cut, the song of a completely different impression each ing.

At the end of the disk 2, recording has been outtakes at the time of shooting the promo video of “strangle hold” has been recorded. Shooting is carried out in Arizona, a boy to Paul of live stage has become a story of the impromptu. The live stage is only a stage, it would probably have been played on the stage. The set list, particularly eye-catching would have been also recorded in the “Wings Wild Life,” “Love Is Strange”. It does not enter the song in the rough play that really in between shooting sessions.

And disc 3 is recorded and promo version of the sax solo is different “strangle hold”, it is the only unpublished song that has leaked from the album “Yvonne’s The One”. The song is a ballad of the light atmosphere, the pole is a song that was also similar to the “So Bad” which is making full use of high-pitched falsetto. Because the beautiful song or not is was good also been recorded as this remains a bonus track, it is a masterpiece that you can enjoy it much Paul likeness. Also become the main disk 3 would be session sound source of the 1985 single “Spice Like Us.” In particular demo to sing in lightly single track to match the rhythm machine is the goodness of the song is felt in the simple. The last has been recorded is a radio program for the album introduction that was broadcast at the time the album release. Paul is discusses songs. I’m sorry that English has become a very interesting content has been told in detail the production process of the album.

Finally, the disc 4 is a DVD containing the video of this season. First is the EPK was recorded in order to promote the album. Still 43 years old and the young Paul is talking about the album answer to the interviewer. Such as the recording scene of the video has also been recorded, Paul, Linda, and there are things such as emotional scene that Eric Stewart and three people sing in one of the microphone in the studio. The interview has become unbearable content is to fan that also Oyobi to be shooting promo video not only that of the recording, just exhausted talk about this album. Personally What was interesting is the video of the shooting landscape of the album jacket. Thing but the album jacket Paul and Linda is like the old pre-war movie steel like a sepia photograph of the “press-to-play” was impressive, this is just been taken using a vintage camera it is. What is the image of the photographed landscape it has been recorded. Moreover, in color! Jacket photo of that sepia color is anything strange video running on color.

Also video that At the same time almost at the time of “press-to-play” release “McCartney Special” has been released. Paul but he documentary that talks about his career in the old Abbey Road Studios, This video is special is that the variety of rare live video is being used in abundance. “I Saw Her Standing There” in the 1986 Prince Trust, recording landscape of “Press”, such as “Peggy Sue” in 1975, the studio backyard, which is known as the back yard tape, age still has little visual software, to these video thing that I was surprised. Among these would be the video of particularly rare Nanoha 1973 of live stage. Would that initial Wings of the stage to play the “Hi Hi Hi” has been recorded in beautiful color image. I think something like this is that it should be soft the whole volume, but not yet realized, unfortunately. “McCartney Special” of recorded in this work is a first appearance rough-cut version of the time code is entered in this video work.

Then we have recorded a one-shot live video that appeared in this period. To Live Aid in 1985 as appeared alone in the pole alone, does not have a band because it was free from this season tour, you are choosing a song that can be played only on the piano. November 24th Royal Variety Performance 1986, and “Lady Madonna” of 1986, December 4, 2009 is what you play along with the message for UNICEF. In 1986, December 11, appeared on TV show called THE TUBE and “Only Love Remains” and “Whole Lotta Shakin ‘”, it is still playing only the piano. As previously described this time stage is not even carried out, let alone one-shot live, those that are included in this work, which is all of the few live performances.

And the last DVD is the first appearance outtakes video of “McCartney Special”. Beginning from Gachinko, what take also it can be seen that the pole of the interview landscape has been taken. Through been taken, then not that has been edited, given the pre-questions divided into several times, seen through behind-the-scenes that are answered along the prepared have answers. Such outtakes video are those unique unusual, the other to the pole.

The latest of M Claudel, the outtakes of the mid-1980s in the name record “press-to-play”, in addition to the culmination of the studio session, such as a different mix, flow the video of the same period, an additional video of the live performance in TV appearance It has become a set of video work was recorded. Jacket photo is out photo, than those that are pointing down to close the original eye, who here seems to nice photo. Although become a fine point, even photos that are used in the back of the band in the out-photo at this time, is valuable is never seen until now.

DISC ONE STRANGLEHOLD 01. Rough Mix 1 02. Rough Mix 2 03. Rough Mix 3 04. Rough Mix 4

GOOD TIMES COMING 05. Rough Mix Complete Version

TALK MORE TALK 06. Rough Mix 07. Rough Mix with Alternate Edit 08. Remix 12”

FOOTPRINTS 09. Alternate take, Rough Mix

ONLY LOVE REMAINS 10. Single Remix 11. Royal Variety Show, London, UK Nov 24, 1986 12. The Tube, UK TV Dec 11, 1986

PRESS 13. Alternate Take, Rough Mix 14. Hugh Padgham Single Mix 15. Hugh Padgham Extended Mix 16. Bevans – Forward Video Edit 17. Bevans – Forward Promo Edit 18. Bevans – Forward Extended Dub Mix

DISC TWO PRETTY LITTLE HEAD 01. Rough Mix 02. Alternate Extended Mix 03. Remix 7” 04. Remix 12”

MOVE OVER BUSKER 05. Alternate Take, Rough Mix

ANGRY 06. Session Jam 07. Remix 12”


WRITE AWAY 09. Rough Mix

IT’S NOT TRUE 10. Alternate Take, Rough Mix 11. Single Mix

TOUGH ON A TIGHTROPE 12. Alternate Take, Rough Mix 13. Extended 12” Version

STRANGLEHOLD VIDEO SHOOT 14. Band Introduction 15. Fortune Teller 16. Love Is Strange 17. Tequila 18. Cactus Club (improvisation) 19. Stranglehold

DISC THREE STRANGLEHOLD 01. Video Soundtrack with Alternate Sax Solo

ALBUM OUTTAKE 02. Yvonne’s The One

McCARTNEY SPECIAL 03. Video Shoot with Live Vocal #1 04. Video Shoot with Live Vocal #2

SPIES LIKE US 05. Demo 06. Alternate Take, Rough Mix 1 07. Alternate Take, Rough Mix 2 08. Instrumental Rough Mix 09. DJ Version 10. Party Mix 11. Alternate Party Mix Rough Version 12. Alternate Mix (Known To His Friends As Tom) 13. Art Of Noise Remix (unreleased)

LOVELIEST THING 14. Different Mix

RADIO SHOW 15. Press To Play Album Party

DVD DISC PRESS TO PLAY EPK 01. Interview 02. Recording Footage 03. About PV “PRESS” 04. Album Photo Session 05. Photos During Sessions

McCARTNEY SPECIAL with TCR 06. Opening – Prince Trust 1986 07. Press Recording 08. Peggy Sue 09. Maybe I’m Amazed 10. Helen Wheels 11. Hi Hi Hi 12. Take It Away 13. Tug Of War

ROYAL VARIETY COMMAND Nov. 24, 1986 14. Only Love Remains

UNICEF GALA, Dec 4, 1986 15. Lady Madonna

THE TUBE Dec 11, 1986 16. Only Love Remains 17. Whole Lotta Shakin’

McCARTNEY SPECIAL RAW FOOTAGES 18. Take 1-1 19. Take 2-1 20. Take 3-1 21. Take 4-1 22. Take 9-1 23. In The Recording Studio 24. Press

Misterclaudel. MCCD-382/383/384/385