Rolling Stones (3/Cd/Dvd) Rock N Roll Circus Sessions

Rolling Stones (3/Cd/Dvd) Rock N Roll Circus Sessions
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Rolling Stones (3/Cd/Dvd) Rock N Roll Circus Sessions

■ The recorded real stereo version!

■ The recorded rehearsal sound source of Stones. ■ rehearsal of “Yer Blues”, jam, take difference, mix differences, such as acetate exhaustive. ■ The Who the “Quick One” and all three take recording ■ DVD is recorded rough-cut video. Cut at all different! ■ multi-camera video that is comparing the cut difference in parallel

Than mania must-have M Claudel, recording from December 10, 1969 up to 12 days dawn has been made, of The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus of Stones session will be release. Including the first appearance sound & video, ultimate set. Word of its contents surprise. Through the time of ’47 from recording, here, the whole picture of this legendary rock ‘n’ roll circus becomes clear. [The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus] Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus is a video work that has been produced by the planning of the Rolling Stones in 1968, the same as the movie “Let It Be”, is Michael Lindsay-Hogg has served as director. Its contents as it was very good, that valuable performance is left aligned now and sounding is not considered Apartments, also What deeds to the name of the era in 1968. If the performer is still Beatles John Lennon alone also appeared surprise of the life, Eric Clapton, Mitch Mitchell, The Who, etc., the big names are brought together is like a miracle. And, for the Stones of host role, Brian Jones became the last of the stage played in front of people, even in this sense would say an important record.

Yet performer and content of this much, this video work had become a shelved for nearly 30 years. The reason is that, other things that there was trouble in Allen Klein and management, other performers playing, the overwhelming performance of especially The Who, is Mick that the performance of the Stones should be originally protagonist hazy such also was concerned, it had been whispered to plausible. Truth of the matter aside, it is much tinged with believable, not only Stones, also great performance matching other performers. Such of rock ‘n’ roll circus has been softened after indeed ’28 from recording, was that of 1996. This work, recorded session sound source and the video of this The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, not Stones fan only, has become a content such as treasure for all rock fans. [CD] First disc 1, Real stereo version of The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus production has been recorded. When it is on CD officially in 1996, mostly in mono state, in the sound closer to the middle with no depth, in spite that were released by the long-awaited did what questions remain. This work, but after hearing compared to think immediately you understand if you can, unlike in much the spread of the sound image, and I have been recorded in separate tightly to the right and left Real stereo. And I would like to note, is its sound. Vocals have become more on, a glossy, it’s a raw sound like singing is like each artist in front of the eye. This is another where I am actually listening, I think not transmitted and also much spun words, but this sense of reality Afururu, you’ll be surprised to realistic sound.

How do finer point, in the release version, John murmur as “and, Now”, then while PacPac the mouth also use the sign language in silence, scene to introduce the Stones had been recorded. In fact at the time of recording of introduction of this John, John is talking in neatly full, I thing that was released was cut the voice of intentionally John in order to highlight the sign language. To disk 1 of this work, part of this John to introduce the Stones are also fully recording, you’ll be surprised to ear that was accustomed to listen to release version. This is just one example, but simply is not only a real stereo, because there are also differences in the fine content that could not be the thing to listen conventional, I think I would like you to come listen compared.

Disc 2 has been recorded rehearsal and outtakes. Each of the two songs of Stones “Parachute Woman”, “heartless world” recorded two takes. Rehearsal sound of rock ‘n’ roll circus of Stones! Chest will dance this alone. And “Yer Blues” of John, there is a fairly complex various versions, it was that difficult to grasp quite all. First a cappella version First, those humming with John and Mick is fun, you can feel the peaceful situation in the day of the back stage. In rehearsal take one take, it is sound source vocal has been emphasized playing in off slightly. In addition you jam is waged on the extension. This is the song you want to develop into a “Whole Lotta Yoko” in a production. Other in rehearsal is that sang “Peggy Sue” and “It’s Now Or Never”, but does not have left sound source unfortunately.

And production take of “Yar Blues” has been recorded is large split and 2 take. Keith Richards and Eric Clapton, sang the Beatles song is followed by a Mitch Mitchell solo, yet the band name is “Dirty Mac” that bad taste thing. It is a fairly hard arrangements than the studio take, it is mono listen to vocal approaching John of Kiki. These, the two take, is a very similar performance, also because once sang of John are also singing both take the same way, but distinction is is hard luck quite, as one of the points, the lyrics “Feel like “and so different from the” Just Like “, and I think when you attention determination is easy to be attached to the part before the” ~ Dylan’s Mr. Jones. “And finally we have 3 take recorded “A Quick One” of The Who.

The first half of the disk 3, recorded production of outtakes that were not recorded in this volume. And the second half I have recorded the IBC acetate sound source. This rock ‘n’ roll circus at IBC acetate sound source related I such only DIRTY MAC and The Who, since they are also recorded two songs of why Jimi Hendrix on the same acetate, Here you have recorded for the bundling of IBC acetate. [DVD] Then the video, it is DVD of 4th. The video also, it is a wonderful thing to characterize features this set. Largely classified six types of video and has been recorded. First is the main part of the rough-cut video. This is also, the actual release version and cut split, is angle is totally different. Typically, speaking a rough cut of the outlet, because it uses a common storyboards, but is what is substantially the same cut-split, far different from, not only the difference of switching just cameras, all of the different things it is as good as saying.

And release version, and those stages of this rough-cut, how much different, or what you have to compare it in parallel, is followed by “Rough Cut vs Final Cut”. Details will be I’d like to see the track list, but obvious, if I first seeing sample. From the scene at the beginning where performers come to admission to the circus tent, it is surprised because I totally different. In addition, for example of Marianne Faithfull, such as “Something Better” is, though it is almost the same up the video, obviously is the camera differs from.

Continued “Dirty Mac Outtakes”, a “Yer Blues” no release version has recorded a version that was broadcast around the world in a different cut split. As mentioned earlier, this rock ‘n’ roll circus of the video and the sound source, although has been a shelved for nearly 30 years, the video itself, such as the broadcast and various video software from an early stage, remains fragmented there is no final release version of and are used in, as a result, different versions exist. In this film I have recorded another cut video version that has been broadcast in such as Germany and Austria.

And, one of the highlights of this work is the “Dirty Mac Multi-angle”. “Yer Blues” of John, but had become to be compared in the four split screen four of the camera image as a bonus video of the official release DVD, actually there even camera that had been turned on the day, this work in it has become what the recording of the entire 6 split screen. This is also, I think if you can have a look to actually sample the video.

This work was Katsuaki recorded until across the rock ‘n’ roll circus legend in detail, Stones fan, Beatles fan, Clapton fan, other, will be an important position for all rock fans. Did not have systematically organized title until now, of course, includes the first appearance sound source, from the main part of the real stereo version, rehearsal sound source, it is this work was to cover even the outtakes. Video, this is in addition to another completely different and is much different rough cut video I say, the video was broadcast before the official release in countries around the world, and such as comparing the video in a multi-angle, a lot of pilings much of whether even this, I will reveal the whole picture of this rock ‘n’ roll circus. Permanent preservation Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disc specifications. With Japanese band.