Beatles (2/CD/3/DVD) Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Edition

Beatles (2/CD/3/DVD) Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Edition
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Beatles (2/CD/3/DVD) Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Edition

The last masterpiece “Abbey Road” recorded by The Beatles in 1969 is SGT. Introducing a 2CD & 3DVD set as the label’s 50th anniversary collector’s edition! The CD includes the latest edited low master remix of 2019, Dolby Atmos sound source sampler, and alternate sessions remix. The DVD is a video album that uniquely visualizes all the songs of the main album of this series, and an audio DVD that contains over 3 hours of officially unrecorded studio session sound sources and outtakes, and has been released all over the world. In, all 5 types of successive vintage sound sources such as premier analog records and open reels are faithfully recorded as original. Realized an audio DVD that is convenient for sound source comparison and verification. The definitive edition that summarizes the precious sound sources and images of the album “Abbey Road”, which celebrated its 50th anniversary, from various angles! The Beatles collector’s long-awaited album thorough research compilation! The ultimate collector’s edition of 2CD & 3DVD! !!