Beatles (2/CD/2/DVD) In Japan 1966 Master Collection 50th Anniversary

Beatles (2/CD/2/DVD) In Japan 1966 Master Collection 50th Anniversary
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Beatles (2/CD/2/DVD) In Japan 1966 Master Collection 50th Anniversary
Beatles / In Japan 1966 Master Collection 50th Anniversary / 2CD+2DVD / SGT Presents

Live at the Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan June 30th 1966

Complete recording of all 2 existing performances including the opening act with the latest multi-track stereo remastered sound source (4 tracks, original editing, real stereo reconstruction) in 2021. ★ The latest digital restore (video restoration) upgrade live video (including the undercard on July 1) from the original video 2 performances complete version! Includes audio options for both the latest multi-track stereo and original mono sound sources. ★ Complete reproduction of the legendary press conference (with Japanese subtitles). ★ Newly edited 2021 film collection! Documentary recording including new excavation news footage from arrival at the airport to departure from Japan. ★ A valuable postcard with a limited number of reprints of the poster to commemorate your visit to Japan is included! (First Press Limited)

The Beatles’ performance in Japan in 1966, which has become a legend and has been handed down. In commemoration of the 55th anniversary of coming to Japan in 2021, a new editorial collector’s edition is now available on the SGT. Label! This time, the latest digital restoration editing from the unedited original master of the main existing Budokan 2 performances has been updated to surpass the many existing titles in both sound source and video, and it is the latest definitive edition in 2021. It has become. The 2CD contains all songs including the opening act (opening act) of the night part on June 30th and the daytime part on July 1st. Of particular note is the latest multi-track stereo remastered sound source, which includes two performances including the undercard. The sound source at that time was left only in monaural, but with the latest digital technology, vocals and instruments were separated and converted into a 4-track master and re-edited into real stereo. There have been attempts to make stereo, including pseudo-stereo, but vocals and musical instruments are clearly separated, and a clear, three-dimensional, realistic stereo sound image is an upgraded sound source that is different in dimension from such a sound source and is clearer than ever. Recorded in the best quality. Also, in the latter half of each, the original mono sound source of the main part of The Beatles is also recorded with the latest remaster. The multi-track stereo version of all songs from the two performances, including the undercard, is the first original edited sound source, and the difference is clear when compared to the past, making it a significantly upgraded sound source compared to the 50th anniversary version of the label project. You will feel that you are being reborn. Based on the original unedited master from the overseas affiliated label HMC, DVD1 newly records the video of the two performances of the night part on June 30 and the day part (including the undercard) on July 1 in the restored video version by the latest restore editing. .. The original image with dark tone and strong redness has been updated to a more natural and clear image by digital restoration. In addition, two types of audio are recorded, a multi-track stereo remastered sound source similar to a CD and an original mono sound source. You can compare by listening with the audio switching audio option. DVD2 contains documentaries such as press conferences and newsreels. “ANTHOLOGY VIDEO VERSION” includes a video of the performance in Japan that was originally edited. “COMPLETE PRESS CONFERENCE” is a complete reproduction of the legendary press conference that took place at the Tokyo Hilton Hotel “Pearl Room” for about 50 minutes. It is a valuable document that records the whole picture of the strange exchange at that time with Japanese subtitles by combining existing video and photo fragments. In addition, “NEWS FILM COLLECTION” will be recorded in a new 2021 55th anniversary edited version centering on overseas Associated Press including new excavations, overseas recorded images such as Pase News and Reuters. The Spanish version of the documentary video recorded for the first time this time is also a must-see as it is a collection of rare documentary videos. A first-class research material archive collection that summarizes the Beatles’ historic performances in Japan, which was the first and last in 1966, based on the original master! Introducing the latest updated version of the collector’s edition, which is a must-see for the 55th anniversary of Japan! !!