Beatles (2/Cd/Dvd) It’s The Beatles & Juke Box Jury 1963

Beatles (2/Cd/Dvd) It’s The Beatles & Juke Box Jury 1963
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Beatles (2/Cd/Dvd) It’s The Beatles & Juke Box Jury 1963
■ 1963 年 12 月 7 日 Liverpool Empire show the complete recording! ■ high-quality version and high-quality version of the newly unearthed! ■ sound source recorded four versions! ■ In addition to upgrade the video, it covers the TV in the same period!

Mania Among the must-have M Claudel label, especially in stock latest installment of the popular Live Chronicle series! Also includes an overwhelming grade-up and first appearance sound & video this time, it is a title that does not live up to the series name. The contents of this work in addition to the 1963 live at the Liverpool Empire, which was recorded on December 7, and juke box Jewry that was recorded on the same day, has recorded a television appearance in the same period. Although Liverpool Empire performances had been past to release in the series, there is a reason now that is again renewed in this work. Also the video sound source, each stage upgrade is made, then newly including the first appearance image that has been excavated, it is has become the contents accompanied by quality, such as no more at the moment. [LIVERPOOL EMPIRE December 7, 1963] Liverpool Empire performances of December 7, 1963 to become the main of this work. This Liverpool performance was held in front of an audience of 2,500 fan club members, and corresponds to the Beatles oldest of the sound source as a one-stage full inclusion. Coupled with the unusual set list of initial unique, and large-scale stage of the famous Beatles after traveled is different, it has become a valuable record of the previous Tobei. This concert evening of the day of the concert, is broadcast on the same day in a program entitled “IT’S THE BEATLES”, all the British fans has become the place to be in the eye. It begins the first song is “From Me To You”, a rare since 1964 it is no longer covered in stage “Till There Was You” and including such as “Money”, after the American tour, such as completely different set list configuration and . Instrumental version of Rounding out the last of the concert “From Me To You”. It is, of course, live music of the Beatles. It will be felt very fresh to the ear which is accustomed to hear in 1964 and per 1965 live sound source is a lot left.

Disc 1 of the CD is completely recorded live at the Liverpool Empire, which was broadcast under the title “It’s The Beatles.” Sound source that has been left in this season of live of 1963, except for the piecemeal ones intended this Ribapu Le Empire performances only, and met with very valuable early tour of stage complete recording, from ancient times and it has been popular as a standard sound source. However, it was able to listen until now, was only no sound that was recorded to make a microphone “Recording the line recorded in off-line” in front of the TV the TV broadcast at the time. The sound source, here is included on the disk 2 as “OFF LINE TAPE”. For enthusiasts of old, this would also be familiar sound to the ear with a taste. Already issued in the title this offline sound source was not only recording of dropping analog, in this film is a feature is a point which has been properly recording from a tape source.

Then, in the 2000s, the jack during the broadcast was recorded connected to the TV, the version of the line recording in the original meaning appeared via youtube. Sound quality up dramatically from that of the prior art, and one that is not recognized as a truly line recording, were those in which a subject as a new excavation sound Beatles. It is I corresponds to the “ON LINE TAPE VERSION 2” which has been recorded in the second half of the disk 1.

The centerpiece of this work, its also online recording, not over the net such as youtube, still lies in the fact that recorded the sound quality up the online sound source. It is the “ON LINE TAPE VERSION 1” which has been recorded in the first half of the disk 1. First appearance on-line sound source via a youtube as described above, or rather still, said that better than offline sound source, the sound quality and it was one that does not deny the feeling that has been compressed over the Internet. However, this ON LINE TAPE VERSION 1 is, it is not through such a net, because it is that the recording from the original recording medium, has become the best sound quality that can be considered status quo. Its sound quality difference is evident, I think this is want you to come compared handed disk 2 as the “ON LINE TAPE VERSION 2”. Since the course of 1963 of the sound source can not be compared with the modern sound, but called the spread of the range, with a clear sound image thickness, is very clear that it is quality from the master, is recorded at the highest quality ing.

In the second half of the disk 2 from the soundtrack of the video accompanying, we have recorded this Liverpool performance. Here in the sound track of the video accompanying DVD recording, it’s the best in sound quality. However, as described below, the video is not left completely, and therefore has remained here even in piecemeal recording.

Version 1: on-line sound source 1 (complete recording) Version 2: on-line sound source 2 (complete recording) Version 3: off-line sources (complete recording) Version 4: video from on-line sources (incomplete recording)

In summary, the four versions have been recorded in this work. The most sound quality is excellent is version 4, I will be that version 1 is the best in the first appearance this time in the version 1 of the complete recording of the three. The fan from the analog era version 3 might be apposite to the ear. Since each of the historical background is also taken into account there are advantages and disadvantages, I think I certainly want to enjoy all this version in this work. Also, since all versions in this work has been recorded in top condition, it will also become Ketteiban as a collection. [JUKE BOX JURY] The end of the disc 2 is recorded the sound of a television program that was recorded on the same day as the Liverpool Empire performances “JUKE BOX JURY”. It’s the fact that television appearances, but the video has not been left unfortunately, only sound source that is included in this work, is the only one currently can be confirmed “JUKE BOX JURY”. This time photo of met with has been left in vivid color, or would not it be many opportunities to be in the eye. I want to refer to the lower left photo of the table jacket photo. This program is a quiz show, The Beatles appeared as a respondent. Listening to music, that it is of increasing the panel it is determined whether or not to hit, but not only in the silly little variety show has become a Well now, members of the Beatles to appear in non-performance of such program or it would not be a very rare that.

[IT’S THE BEATLES] Liverpool Empire performances and by being broadcast under the title “It’s The Beatles” is also left as picture. But rather than a concert full inclusion Unfortunately, the picture in the circumstances of the broadcast time is left, I have stayed in just a few songs. Still, the fact that the initial valuable video work, has become a thing important for mania. This work will be the first of the title are recorded all broadcast video that remains the Liverpool Empire performances entitled this IT’S THE BEATLES, outflow video, news reel, and camera difference. It is very worth seeing live to capture the moment in front of the Beatles leaving early in the youthful world.

First is a version of the image quality is upgraded, and not enter the TCR and logo. The difference in image quality is obvious, upgrade up to here are those ever before. It’s a black-and-white image because the course of 1963 the video, but the conventional one with the feeling that white and black color CMYK to say that black and white, but had a faint image greenish, this work with a sharp shades In feeling that white and black of gray scale, it will be clear image unprecedented be greeted by astonishment. Moreover version does not enter the TCR and logo is a first appearance. What while unknown what was leaked in the process, begin by being invited to drum “I Saw Her Standing There” is to some with are not arrangements seen in the other, would be one each is valuable while fragment. That each of the first track is a fragment, and because it has been taken around the audience, it seems to have been taken as an insertion sequence for transmitting the state of enthusiastic spectators for broadcasting.

“I want to hug” is, but starting from twist, such as if you had put the switch in a hurry in the intro as in the example, then it has been recorded in a stable pro-shot video. Paul to strum the base by shook his head, already calm atmosphere of John and deeply To the members of the bow after the performance, at this point. Exactly is a stage of a typical Beatles style. While Paul the MC is put, John takes a pose that was playful, even to have put a gesture like teasing the audience, is a scene in which The Beatles likeness has appeared. And the only “money” is also great as a scene that is played live. John was poised to bow-legs slightly to release the hand from the neck is showing off really strong vocals. While playing the base, such as growling Paul, put the chorus along with George. Camera work is also excellent such as close-up feet to take the rhythm. “Twist and Shout” is still not this time the opening number, rather than beginning with a chorus of familiar Oh Oh Oh The Beatles live, is a version that begin with the same kind of intro to the record. The middle is also a panel of photo that was used for that come down on the stage behind the jacket of “WITH THE BEATLES”, would not be was the innovative production as that time. Ending is the instrumental version of “From Me To You”. While John and George is laughing to fit the eye, a state that is playing by jumping pleasing.

The Liverpool Empire performances appearance of the venue inside and outside have also been left as a news reel of the time. While state of fans visiting the venue, the fans to get tickets sit in a row, separate from those staff state instructs the entrance depending on the type of ticket, and actual live was broadcast in that news video shot. Especially what has been noticeable performance among the members, I get the impression, such as those taken at the center pole. A camera that moves on a pole that solidified himself to Bishitsu and suit from the feet, coolness of the pole was tapering is outstanding. Anyway it means that other angles different from the main, it is also a valuable effluent images. It should be noted that this news reel footage are usually version and a wide screen version, and recording version is a total of three versions of the online sound source that had been recorded was synchro on the CD. Thus it is a Liverpool Empire performances images of different cameras are present, and finally it is recorded a video in which the two cameras to be compare with multi-angle. It will be interesting while short.

While the sound source is the Liverpool Empire performances of December 7, 1963 that a full concert is left, it means that everything that is included here as a video. From such as a tape of the state, perhaps the other part it is already does not appear to exist. [MOVE OVER DAD] After that, Beatles image captured at the same time is recorded. And that each is able to know only the literature, although widely available in the photograph, it is one that could not be seen in quite picture. First is the “MOVE OVER DAD”, which was recorded on November 13, 1963. Does not contain sound in silent Unfortunately, how the members of the Beatles are playfully each other friends, are included, such as a scene that fool the camera eyes. Interviews of members If you look at this video in anthology called “We really get along was good,” is the one that you can realize that he was true. Boarded the car, members toward the concert venue. And how the fans gather in the venue at the same time. Still show-business it can feel the atmosphere of the 1960s era that are not mature.

And before concert in Plymouth, how they are interviewed for the television program “MOVE OVER DAD” has been recorded in the second half. Although the interview in the studio, a member of the Beatles while standing wearing a coat, it is reached the apple remains over luggage shoulder. Perhaps was immediately studio filled on its feet for the venue, we see that that is a recording of sewing the interval at the time of hectic schedule. [LATE SCENE EXTRA] Beatles after the fall of the tour, has often taken a vacation. That even during the after the end of the vacation tour and has appeared on Granada TV in Manchester. It is this “LATE SCENE EXTRA”. The video of when this has been diverted in program called “SCENE AT 6:30” after. Back Daily Echo paper is impressive set that has been expanded to, although the photo is being left in vivid color “LATE SCENE EXTRA”, the video is of course black-and-white image. Surprised, however it is the quality. Unprecedented new in the conventional this time the video that you obtain, you will not fit in the category of the upgrade is the like vivid video, such as a different thing. Unlike those Maimingu of only in the studio John and George well as instruments of the original, in a truly Maimingu that are playing remains of musical instruments for the next “This Boy”, it is that will Habuko a hassle because it anyway Will. In between songs is responding to chat while a good laugh, such as Paul in the center of the moderator who has been recorded appearance of the chat with the moderator, the hair or against the Beatles to Kuchakucha.

[IN TOWN] Here is a news video that was broadcast on November 7, 1963. Members of the Beatles landed in the airport, starting from the scene that has been introduced to pick obtained officials, either would be a room at the airport, we are interviewed sitting on a simple sofa. Mike is the only one with the moderator, such as an airplane taking off interview is interrupted by the noise, is the interview in a situation where it is not considered in now. Other, and the police officers that the Beatles is to organize a desperate young female fans who packed the hotel have stayed, has been recorded is how the announcer to report the situation. Interviewer is interesting is mobbed the fan.

[DRESS ROOM INTERVIEW 1963] Is an interview in the dressing room that took place before the concert. While John is already collar without suits the stage, because the other members of attire remains yet arrived at the hall, that exactly this is the interview was done by sewing the time of preparation just before the concert Understand. For the interviewer to visit the age members, Paul is 21, respectively, and upland fields led to George, but there is that it knew, it suggests that it is the young age of again Beatles.

[THE BEATLES? IT’S THE BEATLES & JUKE BOX JURY] Live Chronicle latest series of M Claudel is recorded Liverpool Empire performances in sound and video. Sound source is a complete recording, recorded all four versions with different flow path, first appearance high-quality online sound source in particular is valuable as Beatles oldest full concert sound source. The video, in addition to much of the upgrade, first appearance version of high-quality and TCR does not turn on. News video such as also related video and Heiroku has become a perfect content. The TV program was recorded in the same period also recorded in first appearance and upgrade the video. In particular, “LATE SCENE EXTRA” will not be Yes without surprise viewers with high image quality that surpasses larger conventional ones. Also, it recorded “JUKE BOX JURY” From has been variety shows on the same day as the Liverpool Empire performances while sound source only. It is a voice of a program that could not be seen only in photos until now. Live Chronicle series of mania must-M Claudel label is a quality overwhelm the other label, it will also be larger Uwamawariru the expectations of mania this time. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.

IT’S THE BEATLES LIVE AT THE EMPIRE THEATRE LIVERPOOL U.K. December 7, 1963 CD DISC ONE ON LINE TAPE VERSION 1 01. From Me to You 02. I Saw Her Standing There 03. All My Loving 04. Roll Over Beethoven 05. Boys 06. Till There Was You 07. She Loves You 08. This Boy 09. I Want to Hold Your Hand 10. Money 11. Twist and Shout 12. From Me to You (instrumental)

ON LINE TAPE VERSION 2 13. From Me to You 14. I Saw Her Standing There 15. All My Loving 16. Roll Over Beethoven 17. Boys 18. Till There Was You 19. She Loves You 20. This Boy 21. I Want to Hold Your Hand 22. Money 23. Twist and Shout 24. From Me to You (instrumental)

CD DISC TWO OFF LINE TAPE 01. From Me to You 02. I Saw Her Standing There 03. All My Loving 04. Roll Over Beethoven 05. Boys 06. Till There Was You 07. She Loves You 08. This Boy 09. I Want to Hold Your Hand 10. Money 11. Twist and Shout 12. From Me to You (instrumental)

BBC ARCHIVE VIDEO SOUNDTRACK Version 1 13. From Me To You – I Saw Her Stainding There – All My Loving – Roll Over Beethoven – Till There Was You – She Loves You – I Want To Hold Your Hand – Money – Twist And Shout

Version 2 14. I Want To Hold Your Hand 15. Money 16. Twist And Shout 17. From Me to You (instrumental)

JUKE BOX JURY 1963-1964 18. December 7, 1963 19. June 22, 1963 20. June 29, 1963 21. July 25, 1964 22. August 1, 1964

DVD DISC IT’S THE BEATLES December 7, 1963 DVD DISC “IT’S THE BEATLES” Upgrade and No TCR, No logo 01. From Me To You – I Saw Her Stainding There – All My Loving – Roll Over Beethoven – Till There Was You – She Loves You – I Want To Hold Your Hand – Money – Twist And Shout 02. I Want To Hold Your Hand 03. Money 04. Twist And Shout 05. From Me to You (instrumental)

NEWS REEL 01. audience – This Boy – I Want To Hold Your Hand – Money – Twist And Shout

NEWS REEL WIDE 01. – This Boy – I Want To Hold Your Hand – Money – Twist And Shout

NEWS REEL AUDIO SYNC 01. This Boy 02. I Want To Hold Your Hand 03. Money 04. Twist And Shout

MULTI ANGLE 01. I Want To Hold Your Hand

MOVE OVER DAD November 13, 1963 01. Interview at Westward TV Studios Plymouth

LATE SCENE EXTRA November 25, 1963 BROADCAST 01. I Want To Hold Your Hand 02. Interview 03. This Boy

OUTTAKES 01. Interview

IN TOWN November 7, 1963 01. 1963 News Clip

DRESS ROOM INTERVIEW 1963 01. Interview Location Unknown