Beatles (2/Cd) Magical Mystery Tour 3 Recording Sessions Chronology

 Beatles (2/Cd) Magical Mystery Tour 3 Recording Sessions Chronology
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 Beatles (2/Cd) Magical Mystery Tour 3 Recording Sessions Chronology
Beatles / Magical Mystery Tour Recording Sessions Chronology / 6CD

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Beatles / Magical Mystery Tour Recording Sessions Chronology / 6CD / DAP

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Recording Session Chronology.

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Recording process of groundbreaking “love is everything” broadcasted satellite live all over the world

At the time it was recorded in Abbey Road Studios with the interview of Music Life magazine

Unusual rehearsal pattern of “Fool on the hill” known as “Rumi tape”

It is recorded with the latest remaster sound source.

Message to Japan It is a valuable record that should be called a historical excavation sound source.

In addition to the TV program ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ planned and produced by the Beatles himself

From “I Am the Warlus” etc. to be a soundtrack and a single “Hello Goodbye”

“Lady Madonna” of “Hay Bulldog” and “Across the Universe” that was unpublished at that time

Recording session recording of the time up to the initial takes is recorded almost in time series.

Including upgraded excavators newly excavated in recent years and remastered sound sources first appearing

All relevant 162 tracks are covered for the best quality with the relevant sound source for about 8 hours.

The contents summarized up to here are the first to appear in the remarkable studio session culmination!

It is the ultimate collector’s item indispensable to Beatles sound source research! ! Google Translate for Business:

CD 5

ABBEY ROAD STUDIO february 4th 1968


1. take 2 2. take 2 monitor mix 3. RM take 7 4. RS3

ABBEY ROAD STUDIO february 6th 1968


5. unknown take 6. RS take 4 7. take 4


8. take 2 monitor mix


9. take 4 monitor mix 1 10. take 4 monitor mix 2 11. take 4 monitor mix 3 12. take 5 13. RS take 3/4/5

14. overdub monitor playback

ABBEY ROAD STUDIO february 11th 1968


15. unknown take 1 version 1 16. unknown take 1 version 2 17. unknown take 1 version 3 18. take 10

19. take 10 with overdub backing track 20. take 10 vocal overdub 21. RM2 take 10

EMI STUDIO BOMBAY INDIA january 12th – february 8th 1968


22. take 3 false start 23. take 5 partial 24. take 8 25. take 2/3 false start 26. take 2/3 + 5/8 partial

27. almost shankara 28. take 5 instrumental


ABBEY ROAD STUDIO february 1st 1967


29. unknown take

ABBEY ROAD STUDIO may 19th 1967


30. take 1 mono

ABBEY ROAD STUDIO october 13th 1967


31. RS unknown take I HAVE TRAVELLED 32. unkown composition


33. movie soundtrack

CD 6


1. MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR (takes 8/9 video mix)

2. BLUE JAY WAY (takes 1/3 video mix)

3. YOUR MOTHER SHOULD KNOW (take 52 video mix)

4. I AM THE WARLUS (takes 16/17/20/25 video mix)

5. MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR (takes 7/8/9 no fx anthology mix)

6. THE FOOL ON THE HILL (takes 5/7 anthology mix)

7. I AM THE WARLUS (anthology mix)

8. HELLO GOODBYE (takes 14/16/17/22 anthology mix)

9. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (take 59 anthology mix)

10. LADY MADONNA (takes 4/5 anthology mix)

11. MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR (blu-ray remix)

12. THE FOOL ON THE HILL (blu-ray remix)

13. FLYING (blu-ray remix)

14. BLUE JAY WAY (blu-ray remix)

15. YOUR MOTHER SHOULD KNOW (blu-ray remix)

16. I AM THE WARLUS (blu-ray remix)

17. HELLO GOODBYE (blu-ray remix)

18. LADY MADONNA / HEY BULLDOG (multitrack playback)

19. HEY BULLDOG (rockband remix)

20. HELLO GOODBYE (rockband remix)

21. I AM THE WARLUS (rockband remix)

22. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (rockband remix)

23. CHRISTMAS TIME (IS HERE AGAIN) (take 1 flexidisc mix)

24. CHRISTMAS TIME (IS HERE AGAIN) (take 1 edit stereo)