Beatles (8/Cd) Get Back Journals With Slipcase

Beatles (8/Cd) Get Back Journals With Slipcase
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Beatles (8/Cd) Get Back Journals With Slipcase
Called the Beatlesí sessions that took place over the course of January 1969 as ďGet Back SessionĒ. Since the White Album, Paul was the most concerned about whether the relationship between the members is jerking and will proceed in the direction of criminal just as it is. So Paul took the lead and a new project was planned. Paul who thought that live activity was canceled after 1966 but thought that it is necessary to solidify their unity suggested to go back to the concert tour again. But to go on tour again John and George had a difficulty and I had to abandon. Next, there was a proposal to perform live with only new songs once, shoot it and release it. In fact, at that timeís monthly (fan club magazine), a lottery for that one-time live has been performed. As you know, however, it will end up frustrating at the planning stage. After all, as the landing point, the Beatles completed recording the new album in the studio, taking a picture of the new album, playing the newly recorded song lastly in live form without putting audiences. It is an overview that leads to a session later called ďGet Back SessionĒ. It was a project after the original concept was changed twice.

When recording, recording did not start over dubbing with a feeling of returning to the origin, so that recording started from January 2, 1969 by saying that it is a simple rock. Because it was recording on the assumption of taking anything, it was not a familiar Abbey Road Studios, but rather recording with the recording equipment carried over to Twickenham Film Studio in London, giving priority to the shooting environment. However, in winter London, it was surrounded by a handy photography studio and a photographer taking pictures of every stroke, and recording was not done in a good atmosphere. There was no destruction in the members, playing was also lazy, it was a lousy thing to strike the guitar thoughtfully. Ironically, a project that began with the purpose of promoting unity among members has exposed the tension between the members and the appearance that the heart is not one like the one in the front of the camera. The symbol is Paul and Georgeís argument on January 10th. This scene was a famous scene used also for movies, it seemed painful that George was rebellious against Paul who says to other members. Shooting and recording at Twickenham Studio was continued until January 16, but it was hard to say that it was a fruitful record, and as a result, it was used at all by the Phil Spector produced album ďLet It BeĒ Absent.

Subsequently, the Beatles members will change their location to Apple Studio under the Apple headquarters building on January 20, four days later, and will resume recording. George thought that the eyes of others were necessary to alleviate the tension between the members, invited Billy Preston to the session as a keyboard. The honor to be officially credited as a co-star of the Beatles is that Tony Sheridan followed Billy Preston a second. As the sessions at Apple studio were cushioned by Billy Preston, the atmosphere changed with the session at Twickenham Studios, and the Beatlesí magic was reappearing. And unlike slow playing so far, it is also noteworthy as a high degree of perfection that you feel the enthusiasm to record new songs again. The second half of the get back session started like this.

In this way, the get back session started with the purpose of making the recording landscape itself work, so a huge sound source and image are left. Many of them are distracting, or they are very interesting to maniacs, such as discussion, but it can not be denied that there is a boring part to appreciate as music. So from the analog era, a lot of titles were created by editing the listening place, but also the editorís sense was also questioned there. Under such circumstances, ďGET BACK JOURNALSĒ has been popular for a long time as a monumental tower.

ďGET BACK JOURNALS IIĒ line up with ďGET BACK JOUNALSĒ, and indeed has over 8 discs, has the best board character of this session. As a matter of fact it boasts the optimum volume and content, so it can be enjoyed enough for people who are not good at get back session. Also, as a feature not found in the original, this work credits how many days each is. At the time of the release, it was an era when data-like things were still unrearranged, but as the subsequent research has progressed and it is clarified which performance is the recording of what day,

DISC ONE JANUARY 3, 1969 01. Sun King 02. Improvisation 03. All Things Must Pass 04. All Things Must Pass 05. All Things Must Pass 06. All Things Must Pass 07. All Things Must Pass 08. Improvisation 09. All Things Must Pass 10. All Things Must Pass 11. All Things Must Pass 12. All Things Must Pass 13. All Things Must Pass 14. Back In The USSR 15. Every Little Thing 16. (Take Another) Piece Of My Heart 17. Sabre Dance 18. (Take Another) Piece Of My Heart 19. Over And Over Again 20. Iíve Been Good To You 21. Maxwellís Silver Hammer 22. I Want You 23. Iím Gonna Pay for His Ride 24. Donít Let Me Down

JANUARY 6, 1969 25. Oh! Darling 26. CíMon Marianne 27. discussion 28. Iíve Got A Feeling 29. High School Confidential 30. Iíve Got A Feeling 31. Hear Me Lord 32. Hear Me Lord 33. Improvisation 34. Improvisation / Tracks Of My Tears 35. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 36. Money (Thatís What I Want) 37. Fools Like Me 38. Sure To Fall (In Love With You) 39. The Right String But The Wrong Yo-Yo 40. Talkiní About You

【DISC TWO】 JANUARY 6, 1969 01. Live Show Dialogue 02. Donít Let Me Down 03. Donít Let Me Down 04. Donít Let Me Down 05. Donít Let Me Down 06. Donít Let Me Down 07. Donít Let Me Down 08. Donít Let Me Down 09. Donít Let Me Down 10. Donít Let Me Down 11. Donít Let Me Down 12. Donít Let Me Down 13. Donít Let Me Down 14. Donít Let Me Down 15. Donít Let Me Down 16. Two Of Us 17. Two Of Us 18. Two Of Us 19. Two Of Us 20. Two Of Us 21. Two Of Us

【DISC THREE】 JANUARY 6, 1969 01. Frere Jacques 02. It Ainít Me Babe 03. Two Of Us 04. Hear Me Lord 05. Hear Me Lord 06. Letís Dance / At The Hop 07. All Things Must Pass 08. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 09. Carry That Weight

JANUARY 7, 1969 10. The Long And Winding Road 11. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight 12. The Long And Winding Road 13. Instrumental 14. Instrumental 15. Lady Madonna 16. Instrumental 17. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 18. Improvisation 19. Instrumental 20. White Gold 21. Low Down Blues Machine 22. Whatíd I Say / Carry That Weight / Shout 23. Get Back 24. Iíve Got Rings On My Fingers (Bells On My Toes) 25. For You Blue 26. For You Blue 27. My Back Pages 28. Iíve Got A Feeling 29. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 30. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again 31. Improvisation

【DISC FOUR】 JANUARY 7, 1969 01. I Shall Be Released 02. To Kingdom Come 03. For You Blue 04. For You Blue 05. Improvisation 06. Bo Diddley 07. What The World Needs Now Is Love 08. Instrumental 09. First Call 10. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 11. Iíve Got A Feeling 12. Oh! Darling 13. The Long And Winding Road 14. Maxwellís Silver Hammer 15. Maxwellís Silver Hammer 16. Maxwellís Silver Hammer 17. Maxwellís Silver Hammer 18. Maxwellís Silver Hammer 19. Maxwellís Silver Hammer 20. Rule Brittania 21. Improvisation 22. Improvisation 23. Speak To Me 24. Oh! Darling 25. Maxwellís Silver Hammer 26. Maxwellís Silver Hammer

【DISC FIVE】 JANUARY 7, 1969 01. Improvisation 02. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues 03. Youíre So Square (Baby I Donít Care) 04. Across The Universe 05. Across The Universe 06. Across The Universe 07. Give Me Some Truth 08. Improvisation 09. Across The Universe 10. Across The Universe 11. Improvisation 12. Across The Universe 13. A Case Of The Blues 14. Cuddle Up / Give Me Some Truth 15. Across The Universe / Give Me Some Truth 16. From Me To You 17. Across The Universe 18. Across The Universe 19. Rock And Roll Music 20. Lucille 21. Lotta Loviní / Across The Universe 22. Gone, Gone, Gone 23. Dig A Pony 24. The One After 909 25. The One After 909 26. The One After 909 27. The One After 909 28. Whatíd I Say 29. The One After 909 30. Improvisation 31. Donít Let Me Down 32. Donít Let Me Down 33. Donít Let Me Down 34. Donít Let Me Down 35. (Thereís A) Devil In Her Heart 36. Donít Let Me Down 37. Donít Let Me Down 38. School Days (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) Ė She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 39. FBI 40. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

JANUARY 8, 1969 41. Improvisation Ė Honey Hush 42. Honey Hush 43. Stand By Me 44. Hare Krishna Mantra 45. Well, If Youíre Ready 46. Hare Krishna Mantra

【DISC SIX】 JANUARY 8, 1969 01. Two Of Us 02. You Got Me Going 03. Twist And Shout 04. Donít Let Me Down 05. Iíve Got A Feeling 06. St Louis Blues 07. The One After 909 08. Too Bad About Sorrows 09. Just Fun 10. She Said She Said 11. All Things Must Pass 12. MacArthur Park 13. All Things Must Pass 14. All Things Must Pass 15. All Things Must Pass 16. All Things Must Pass 17. All Things Must Pass 18. All Along The Watchtower 19. Mean Mr Mustard 20. Donít Let Me Down 21. All Things Must Pass 22. Fools Like Me 23. You Win Again 24. Improvisation 25. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 26. I Me Mine 27. I Me Mine 28. How Do You Think I Feel 29. Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde 30. Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh 31. I Me Mine 32. I Me Mine 33. I Me Mine 34. I Me Mine 35. Almost Grown 36. What Am I Living For 37. Rock And Roll Music 38. I Me Mine 39. I Me Mine 40. I Me Mine 41. I Me Mine

JANUARY 9, 1969 42. Another Day 43. For You Blue 44. For You Blue

【DISC SEVEN】 JANUARY 9, 1969 01. For You Blue 02. Improvisation 03. Two Of Us 04. Two Of Us 05. Two Of Us 06. Two Of Us 07. Two Of Us 08. Unknown / Two Of Us 09. Iíve Got A Feeling 10. The One After 909 11. The One After 909 12. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 13. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 14. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 15. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 16. The Right String But The Wrong Yo-Yo 17. Boogie Woogie 18. Baa Baa Black Sheep 19. Mr Bass Man 20. Get Back 21. Instrumental 22. Penina 23. Instrumental 24. Across The Universe 25. Across The Universe 26. Across The Universe 27. Across The Universe / Teddy Boy 28. Junk 29. Junk / Across The Universe 30. Across The Universe 31. Shakiní In The Sixties 32. Move It 33. Good Rockiní Tonight 34. Let It Be 35. Let It Be 36. Let It Be 37. Thatíll Be The Day 38. Iíve Got A Feeling 39. Jenny Jenny / Slippiní And Slidiní 40. Let It Be 41. Let It Be 42. Let It Be

【DISC EIGHT】 JANUARY 10, 1969 01. Talkiní About You 02. A Quick One While Heís Away 03. A Quick One While Heís Away 04. A Quick One While Heís Away 05. A Quick One While Heís Away 06. Till There Was You 07. Maxwellís Silver Hammer Ė Mack The Knife 08. Maxwellís Silver Hammer 09. Maxwellís Silver Hammer 10. Donít Be Cruel (To A Heart Thatís True) 11. On A Sunny Island Ė The Animal And Famous Persons Jam Ė The Peanut Vendor Ė Grooviní Ė I Got Stung 12. The Peanut Vendor 13. Itís Only Make Believe 14. Through A London Window 15. The Long And Winding Road 16. Adagio For Strings Ė Martha My Dear 17. Martha My Dear

JANUARY 13, 1969 18. Get Back 19. Improvisation

JANUARY 14, 1969 20. Back Seat Of My Car 21. Improvisation 22. Song Of Love 23. Song Of Love 24. As Clear As A Bell (Says La Scala, Milan) 25. Hello Dolly 26. Madman 27. Mean Mr Mustard Ė Madman 28. Watching Rainbows 29. Improvisation 30. Improvisation

JANUARY 15, 1969 31. Oh! Darling 32. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da