Beatles - The Beatles Black Album (2/Cd)

Beatles - The Beatles Black Album (2/Cd)
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Beatles - The Beatles Black Album (2/Cd)
Recorded From The Get Back Sessions in January 1969, Conjunction with Sweet Apple Trax.

From mania must-have M Claudel label, name record black album of the analog era will be reprinted release. Become a recording of tape from a source rather than a needle drop of course, the sound quality is up significantly from those of the conventional. Those who yearn for the arrangement of this song also I think in a lot.

In recorded from the Get Back sessions in January 1969, we have become the best of the session long, by an aggregation essence of the Get Back sessions in conjunction with SWEET APPLE TRAX, content is famous as an excellent board for a long time is an album.

And “House of the rising sun” John sing For more languid, Paul was later officially recorded “Honey Hush” has also been recorded in vocal versions of John here.

Peppy John takes the main vocal interesting is “Get Back” hard Arrange version. Tempo is also much faster compared to the release version, the way John will be Tsu mistakes playback will Tsukisusumi without interruption apples together well. And speaking of “Get Back”, the lyrics were controversial while unofficial source “No Pakistanis” are also included.

Session masterpieces of the century of “Let It Be” is also very interesting, how has issued instructions to each member Paul while playing the piano, such as the state in which to pull the play while saying the code has been recorded.

In performance that was spacious, very interesting that Paul is singing in low deliberately voice “Be Bop A Lula”. When you sing playfully John as burlesque, Paul continue or are influenced by it, starting with count and German Ain Tsuwai dry … “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” is playfully as well sings.

“I Me Mine” is a song you know George, but the manner in which Paul has been practicing over and over again seriously has been recorded. We sang by flowing a la la la ~ not the lyrics, but Paul this time, mind probably was sorry or from awareness myself that pulling the Beatles, he is not involved even songs of others. Because it is a scene of as George was satirized in the lyrics exactly, it will laugh involuntarily.

“Too Bad About Sorrow” would make you stop playing immediately rather than a version of Paul to hear well, … is the version that John is singing, or was tired.

Etc., with the contents of Best of Get Back sessions exactly, either because they are edited well, it does not get bored those who listen. From the tape that is left is a huge amount, worthy of the name of the name record exactly what was excellent the aggregate far from Kiki, is what a certain sense. Press record firmly permanent preservation.

DISC ONE 01. Tennessee 02. The House Of The Rising Sun 03. Commonwealth 04. White Power 05. Winston Richard and John 06. Honey Hush 07. For You Blue 08. Let It Be 09. Get Back 10. Don’t Let Me Down 11. Two Of Us 12. Baa Baa Black Sheep 13. Don’t Let Me Down 14. Suzy Parker 15. I’ve Got A Feeling 16. No Pakistanis 17. Let It Be 18. Be Bop A Lula 19. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 20. High Heel Sneekers 21. I Me Mine 22. I Me Mine 22. I’ve Got A Feeling 24. One After 909

DISC TWO 01. Norwegean Wood 02. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 03. Penia 04. Shakin’ In The Sixties 05. Move It 06. Good Rockin’ Tonight 07. Across The Universe 08. Two Of Us 09. Ramblin’ Woman 10. I Threw It All Away 11. Mama You‘ve Been On My Mind 12. Early In The Morning – Honey Hush 13. Stand By Me 14. Hare Krishna Mantra 15. Two Of Us 16. Don’t Let Me Down 17. I’ve Got A Feeling 18. One After 909 19. Too Bad About Sorrows 20. Just Fun 21. She Said She Said 22. Mean Mr. Mustard 23. Don’t Let Me Down 24. All Things Must Pass 25. Fool Like Me 26. You Win Again 27. Improvisation 28. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 29. Mean Mr. Mustard 30. Watching Rainbows 31. Jam #1 32. Jam #2 33. Jam #3

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