Beatles CD 24/BIT - Studio Master John Barrett Tapes

Beatles CD 24/BIT - Studio Master John Barrett Tapes
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Beatles CD 24/BIT - Studio Master John Barrett Tapes
The Beatles classic collector’s item “John Barrett Tapes” Is new from the latest remastered reprint series “Retrospective Collection” Appearance! Abbey Road Studios engineer John Barrett A survey record of the huge Beatles session tapes sleeping in the EMI warehouse Started in the 80’s. In the process, unpublished sound sources were tape-copied and leaked Known as “John Barrett Tapes”. Later part of it was called “Ultra Rare Tracks” and “Answerpast Masters”, and finally in 1995 will be officially released as an “Anthology”, but the source “Ji The John Barrett Tapes” contains unreleased material that has yet to officially see the light of day. Contains many sources. There have been many similar projects in the past. is present in this “Studio Masters: John Barrett Tapes 1” Recorded from the best master sound source. Sound quality compared to previous related sound sources of the same name further advanced as “revised edition” (revised edition) It is the latest version in 2022. RETROSPECTIVE COLLECTION // REVISED EDITION

In this latest remastered reprint series, once released in the 70’s and 80’s Based on the original board that was released, all the sound source sources are traced back to the original sound. Reproduced with the highest quality master sound source. As a result, sound quality improvement is more As for the recorded content, the front and back of the song were recorded longer, and the sound source that was monaural was also recorded as a stereo. “Revised Ede” which has undergone a major renewal such as being converted to Leo version” (revised edition). is revived with the latest update, which will be a new production with different quality and editing content This is a reprint collector’s item series. 24bit HQ REMASTERED AUDIOPHILE CD In this CD mastering, 24-bit high-spec editing equivalent to high-resolution sound source Recorded with “HQ remaster” by. Listening to records/CDs with the same title in the past The difference is obvious! Recording with the highest sound quality at the moment I’m here. [Content Details] In past releases, set based on cassette tapes copied by John Barrett. The sound source was recorded separately. Among them are previously unreleased “Get Back” by Glynn Johns and “Abbey Road Show” “U” sound source and even a solo sound source were included, but this “Studio Ma Stars: John Barrett Tapes 1” has sound sources by such concept Excluded and recorded purely Beatles studio session sound source. 66 years “SHE LOVES”, which was produced for the best album “Oldies” From the pseudo-stereo mix of YOU” to “ALL THINGS MUST PASS” of unreleased takes and mixes that have not been officially released in “Anthology” Different studio sound sources are put together, and the sound quality is all the same compared to past releases. It is recorded with upgrade quality by the latest remaster of the song. JOHN BARRETT TAPES I 1. SHE LOVES YOU (RS1) 2. SHE LOVES YOU (RS2) 3. THIS BOY (RS Take 15) 4. THAT MEANS A LOT (Takes 20/22) 5. THAT MEANS A LOT (Takes 23/24) 6. THAT MEANS A LOT (Test Take) 7. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (RM3 Take 7) 8. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (RM9) 9. PENNY LANE (RM8) 10. PENNY LANE (RM9) 11. PENNY LANE (RM10) 12. MR. MOONLIGHT (Original Stereo Mix) 13. MR. MOONLIGHT (Take 4) 14. OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA (Take 5) 15. WHAT YOU’RE DOING (Take 11) 16. FROM ME TO YOU (Master Edit) 17. FROM ME TO YOU (Take 8 Edit / Master Edit) 18. THANK YOU GIRL (Take 14 / Take 30 Edit End) 19. THANK YOU GIRL (Take 30) 20. YES IT IS (RS1) 21. DOWN IN HAVANA 22. STEP INSIDE LOVE / LOS PARANOIAS 23. THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT 24. JAMMING 25. CAN YOU TAKE ME BACK

26. OLD BROWN SHOE (Take 2) 27. ALL THINGS MUST PASS (Take 2) All Tracks are New Stereo Remix and Remasters 2022