Beatles Cd - Help! 2023 Stereo Remix

Beatles Cd - Help! 2023 Stereo Remix
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Beatles Cd - Help! 2023 Stereo Remix
The reconstruction remix of the Beatles album by the new generation sound creator Prof. Stoned has completed the first four remixes, which are the most challenging, and released on a limited press CD “2022 REMIX” continues to be a very popular bestseller. I’m here. The secret of its popularity is the sophisticated finish that has no unnaturalness that maniacs have messed with. Many maniacs had created such attempts before him, but the finish that clearly distinguishes them is excellent. For that reason, the wishes of maniacs all over the world have come true, that it would be nice if his stunning construction not only worked on the initial four albums, but also on further early Beatles albums. In fact, the stereo mixes of the two albums “HELP!” As evidence of that, both of them said that a new mix was made by George Martin when it was made into a CD in 1987. However, the finish was also not evaluated as expected. Among them, despite the fact that the echo added in “HELP!”

From “BEAETLES FOR SALE”, George Martin seems to have liked to spread each instrument to the left and right to create a sense of stereo, but because of this, the separation of the performances was too conspicuous. Regarding “HELP!”, I think Prof. Stoned felt “old-fashioned” because the balance of each instrument stands out and the momentum and unity of the performance is not felt. Also, it seems that the pattern that the intro starts from the left was the same. Therefore, Prof. Stoned narrowed the separation of each instrument, but put it together with an outstanding sense of maintaining a solid stereo feeling. In addition, “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”, which was typical of the pattern “Intro starts from the left”, John’s acoustic guitar started to sound from the middle, not only that the position changed but also its thickness A certain texture also makes you enjoy the big difference from the original mix. Also, “HELP!” is an album where the pop vocal arrangements of the main vocals and backing choruses are at their peak, but for most of the songs the vocal parts were lumped together during the recording and mixing stages. It was not possible to enjoy the interaction in stereo. That’s exactly what Prof. Stoned noticed in this remix, and if you listen to the opening track “Help!” You should be able to enjoy the stereo feeling of hearing.

Of course, the finish that tried to make the vocal work unique to “HELP!” Rebuilding. The balance of the original with too good separation has been reborn into a balance that makes you feel the heavy tone of strings. This finish clearly surpasses the original and recent remixes made with “1”, and the highlight of this mix is the finish that is enchanting if you listen to it with headphones. And on the bonus tracks, songs not included in the album and outtakes have been reborn with the unique sense of Prof. Stoned, but among them, “That Means A Lot” skillfully combines the sound sources of the session stage, and the official You will be able to enjoy the stereo feeling of a different dimension from the familiar monaural version of “ANTHOLOGY 2”. Not only the songs played and sung by the band, but even “Yesterday” has a finish that can be called the best remix of this remix. An original version without strings of the same song composed by Leith. The version that attracted a lot of attention when he released “ABRACADABRA” as a finish with a sense of stereo without strings. This time, it’s an outstanding finish, so please enjoy it with headphones. In particular, the solidity of “Yesterday” is impressive. 01. Help! 02. The Night Before 03. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away 04. I Need You 05. Another Girl 06. You’re Going To Lose That Girl 07. Ticket To Ride 08. Act Naturally 09. It’s Only Love 10. You Like Me Too Much 11. Tell Me What You See 12. I’ve Just Seen A Face 13. Yesterday 14. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Bonus: 15. Bad Boy 16. Yes It Is 17. I’m Down 18. If You’ve Got Trouble 19. That Means A Lot 20. Yesterday (Take 2 No Strings)

Original credits:

John Lennon – lead, harmony and background vocals; rhythm and acoustic guitars; electric piano, organ on “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” & “I’m Down”; tambourine on “Tell Me What You See”; snare drum on “I Need You” Paul McCartney – lead, harmony and background vocals; bass, acoustic and lead guitars; piano, electric piano George Harrison – harmony and background vocals; lead, acoustic and rhythm guitars; lead vocals on “I Need You” and “You Like Me Too Much”; guiro on “Tell Me What You See” Ringo Starr – drums and miscellaneous percussion; claves on “Tell Me What You See”; lead vocals on “Act Naturally” & “If You’ve Got Trouble”

Additional personnel:

George Martin – producer, piano on “You Like Me Too Much”, String quartet on “Yesterday” arranged in association with McCartney John Scott – tenor and alto flutes on “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” Norman Smith – engineering and mixing Robert Freeman – cover photograph