Beatles Cd - Please Please Me 2022 Stereo Remix

Beatles Cd -  Please Please Me 2022 Stereo Remix
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Beatles Cd -  Please Please Me 2022 Stereo Remix
Regarding the remix work of the Beatles’ first two albums, which were made with a stereo sound image in which the performance and vocals were divided into left and right, there was a feeling that Lord Reith, a maniac among maniacs, had mastered it. REMIX REVISED EDITION” and “WITH THE BEATLES STEREO REMIX REVISED EDITION”, which were released as limited press CDs in 2020, clearly state that “this is the last”, and the initial album remix work among enthusiasts has actually calmed down. I had a feeling. On the other hand, the technology of Demix using AI is evolving, and it was clear that now we could make an even better remix than the 2020 version.

At exactly such timing, a new fan remix version of the first two albums appeared! This time, the maniac named “Prof. Stoned” worked on it. The new remix that he suddenly released in 2022 is very wonderful, and the release on the limited press CD has shown a suitable finish, but first of all, the first album “PLEASE PLEASE ME”. After all, the evolution of software that enables demixing is remarkable, and even in just two years, it has made it possible to separate sounds more precisely and naturally than the Lord Reith board. The secret to realizing this high-quality remix is ​​the use of the latest software DeMix Pro, which is also used by professionals to separate from the mono sound source in the Beach Boys’ “Sounds of Summer (Expanded Edition)” released this year. I have done it. Also, the 2009 remastered sound source is used for the demix, so the power of the sound is not the same as the previous release!

A new mix by “Prof. Stoned” sounds really fresh from the opening “I Saw Her Standing There”. The image sense of distributing John and George’s guitars to the left and right, and placing vocals and hand clapping in the middle has already been tried in “PLEASE PLEASE ME STEREO REMIX REVISED EDITION” (hereinafter referred to as “existing board”). Although it is a thing, this time you can enjoy a more natural sense of separation. As if the same song was recorded on 4 tracks? It’s almost like I’m delusional.

The finish of the following “Misery” is also really splendid. It seems that how much the piano part of this song can be brought to the center was a proposition in the demix of this song, but with this version, the vividness of the piano sound running from left to right . Was it recorded as if such a production was possible? The finish that seems to be is also wonderful. Even on the already-launched board, it was somehow gathered on the right side, and in terms of the sense of separation, it was not good enough, so the finish of this time really makes me realize the evolution of demix technology.

Also, at the time of this press, the single version of “Please Please Me” was placed on track 7 of the album, and instead the original stereo version was transferred to bonus treatment. Due to the rearrangement, the demixed version of the monaural sound source continued in the middle of the album, but the finish is also exquisite. An amazing stereo feeling was already created on the already released board, but here we go further and have a wonderful degree of separation. I wondered if it was possible to separate this much even with a monaural sound source. Furthermore, speaking of monaural sound sources, the single version of “Love Me Do” included in the bonus. I couldn’t deny the feeling that Demix wasn’t able to attack even with Lord Reith as expected on the already released board, but this time I was surprised that the drums hit by Apple were beautifully separated. At the same time, I was keenly aware that the timbre is not sophisticated, and I think it was a new discovery (bitter smile) that it could not be helped that I was replaced by Andy White.

And the splendor of the whole sound quality after all. This is mastered independently by “Prof. Stoned”, but the very natural and plump finish is a big attraction that was not on the existing board. Not only can you enjoy the difference in the mix with headphones, but you can also enjoy the high-quality sound by blasting it through the speakers!

01. I Saw Her Standing There 02. Misery 03. Anna (Go to Him) 04. Chains 05. Boys 06. Ask Me Why 07. Please Please Me 08. Love Me Do 09. P.S. I Love You 10. Baby It’s You 11. Do You Want to Know a Secret 12. A Taste of Honey 13. There’s a Place 14. Twist and Shout

Bonus Tracks 15. How Do You Do It 16. Love Me Do (alt. take from single) 17. Please Please Me (alt. take from stereo LP) 18. From Me To You 19. Thank You Girl 20. One After 909