Beatles Cd - Rubber Soul 2023 Stereo Remix

Beatles Cd -  Rubber Soul 2023 Stereo Remix
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Beatles Cd -  Rubber Soul 2023 Stereo Remix
“RUBBER SOUL”, which will be released as a limited press CD at the same time, is one of Prof. Stoned’s favorites, so it seems that he has put even more effort into rebuilding the mix. In fact, this album also has a sense of being put together with a stereo balance that seems to be 1965, and when it was remixed on CD in 1987, George Martin himself said, “It’s much better than the original. It was so strong that he insisted. Maybe that’s why this mix is now standard. However, the balance of this album’s unique lead vocal tending to lean to the right didn’t change much in the 87 mix, and there were quite a few maniacs who felt unsatisfactory there. In addition, this album was the culmination of Martin’s unique mix balance of “the intro starts on one side of the channel”, and it must have felt strange to Prof. Stoned. For example, there are lucky songs that were remixed significantly later in “YELLOW SUBMARINE SONGTRACK” like “Nowhere Man”, but most of the songs are still remixed in 1987.

Therefore, Prof. Stoned began to rebuild this album, returning to the original mix in 1965, just like “HELP!”. It seems that what he aimed for in this remix was “vintage sophistication”. Or the big-boned power that he has shown in his previous albums. That’s why just listening to the opening “Drive My Car” you can understand how much power Prof. Stoned has put into this remix. Just by listening to that intro, “There’s a match.” The intro, which everyone has been familiar with for a long time and had a sense of separation between good and bad, has been reborn as a solid and resounding finish is exquisite, and this is a masterpiece not only with headphones but also with speakers. The following “Norwegian Wood” was also a typical example of the “intro starting from one side of the stereo” of this album, but here it is a magnificent opening from the center. Also, “The Word”, which was a typical finish with a sense of separation, for better or worse, was released from extreme separation by Prof. Stoned’s superb skill, but the performance was even more powerful. It will sound fresh, “It was a rock song so far …”. Still, the stereo feeling is firmly maintained, so I have to say that this is already brilliant.

The two major standards “Michelle” and “In My Life” born from this album have a wonderfully moist finish, and you can’t help but fall in love with headphones. In particular, the former was reborn literally because the stereo balance that was too rustic in the original mix made it feel old-fashioned. On the other hand, it is also a song that showed quite a finish in the 1987 version stereo, so if you listen to it and compare it, you can understand the difference in taste and it will be interesting. As can be said for these songs and “Drive My Car”, in the case of Prof. Stoned, he not only changes the balance of the stereo and instruments, but also his remix where his sense of changing each tone is outstanding. Isn’t there a splendor of “I’m Looking Through You” and George’s “If I Needed Someone”, which had a strong impression of a busy mix regardless of the original or the 1987 version, have been reborn with a fairly calm balance and texture, and this time’s heavy listening response. I think there are not many enthusiasts who prefer mixes that make you feel. Also, “The Word” from Lord Leith’s “ABRACADABRA” is specially added for the limited press CD release. It is a version that has been talked about by finishing the American version where John’s part becomes a double track as a center mix. In addition, the bonus includes two singles that have not been recorded in the album yet, but both are finished with Prof. Stoned’s skill greatly demonstrated from the intro, so listening with headphones is finally good. fun. This is the work of Prof. Stoned’s soul!

43:37) 01. Drive My Car 02. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 03. You Won’t See Me 04. Nowhere Man 05. Think For Yourself 06. The Word 07. Michelle 08. What Goes On 09. Girl 10. I’m Looking Through You 11. In My Life 12. Wait 13. If I Needed Someone 14. Run For Your Life

Bonus: 15. Day Tripper 16. We Can Work It Out 17. The Word (US Version)

Original credits:

John Lennon – lead, harmony and backing vocals; rhythm, acoustic and lead guitars; organ on “Think for Yourself”; tambourine Paul McCartney – lead, harmony and backing vocals; bass, acoustic and lead guitars; piano; maracas George Harrison – lead, harmony and backing vocals; lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars; sitar on “Norwegian Wood”; maracas, tambourine Ringo Starr – drums, tambourine, maracas, cowbell, bells, cymbals; Hammond organ on “I’m Looking Through You”; lead vocals on “What Goes On”

Additional personnel:

George Martin – production, mixing; piano on “In My Life”, harmonium on “The Word” and “If I Needed Someone” Mal Evans – Hammond organ on “You Won’t See Me” Norman Smith – engineering, mixing Robert Freeman – photography Charles Front – illustration