Beatles Cd - With The Beatles 2022 Stereo Remix

Beatles Cd - With The Beatles 2022 Stereo Remix
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Beatles Cd - With The Beatles 2022 Stereo Remix
WITH THE BEATLES” is the second album, so it includes more overdubbing than the previous album, and it can be said that it is worth further demixing even with the same 2-track stereo recording. Regarding the demix of this album, there was a feeling that “WITH THE BEATLES STEREO REMIX REVISED EDITION” based on Lord Reith’s final try, but the new stereo image finish by “Prof. Stoned” this time Another wonderful word. For those who want a 4-track recording-like stereo image in which the vocal is placed in the center and the performance is distributed to the left and right, or a flashy stereo separation feeling, “WITH THE BEATLES STEREO REMIX REVISED EDITION” (hereinafter “existing (referred to as “board”) may be better. On the other hand, “Prof. Stoned” summarizes the power of the sound of this album, which has been thickened with overdubs, with a sophisticated finish of 2022. Therefore, the stereo image is different from the Lord Reith version more than the demix of “PLEASE PLEASE ME”.

However, looking back now, the already-released album has a fast tempo on the B side of the album, and the drums and handclaps are mixed together, such as “Roll Over Beethoven”, where the AI ​​is not fully attacked, and the drums and handclaps It interfered halfway and left me with a crisp feeling, but this time, each one is beautifully separated, and the clapping is lightly ringing from the left channel. The same applies to “Till There Was You”, and the conga, which was separated but had a hollow balance on the existing board, is ringing exactly from the left side this time. This area is the result of the evolution of demix technology. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the separation of the performances carefully with headphones, it will be an already released board, but if you want to enjoy the power of the sound that has increased the thickness that can be said to be unique to this album while separating the details of each instrument beautifully, this time It can be said that it is a version of Although it is a finish that conveys the power of the performance, it is unique to this remix that the backing chorus of John and Paul pops out from the left when it comes to songs like “I Wanna Be Your Man”. It is said that it has been reborn as an album with a powerful sound even if it is heard by current listeners in 2022, without being too particular about separating the performances. What’s more, the listening comfort that has been reborn with natural and plump sound quality by mastering unique to “Prof. Stoned” is outstanding. And in the bonus track, she has an outstanding demix of “She Loves You”. As evidenced by the monaural sound source part in the middle of the album “PLEASE PLEASE ME 2022 STEREO REMIX”, which will be released at the same time, “Prof. Stoned” has outstanding sense and technology to separate sound sources that exist only in monaural. As you know, there is no doubt that this song, which only exists as a mono master for singles, has finally been made into a wonderful stereo so far. Even Lord Reith seemed to be struggling with this song, so the goodness of this finish stands out even more. The stereo version of “She Loves You” is so wonderful that it can be said that this track is one of the highlights even though it is no longer a bonus. In 1966, when I had to make the stereo of this song for the first time for the best album “A COLLECTION OF BEATLES OLDIES”, I felt like I was literally in another world when I thought that a pseudo-stereo was made. The evolution of Demix is ​​really amazing!

01. It Won’t Be Long 02. All I’ve Got To Do 03. All My Loving 04. Don’t Bother Me 05. Little Child 06. Till There Was You 07. Please Mister Postman 08. Roll Over Beethoven 09. Hold Me Tight 10. You Really Got A Hold On Me 11. I Wanna Be Your Man 12. Devil In Her Heart 13. Not A Second Time 14. Money

Bonus Tracks 15. She Loves You 16. I’ll Get You 17. I Want To Hold Your Hand 18. This Boy