Beatles In Sweden (2/DVD+2/CD) With Slipcase

Beatles In  Sweden (2/DVD+2/CD) With Slipcase
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Beatles In  Sweden (2/DVD+2/CD) With Slipcase
The recorded car plan performance in the long upgrade sound source than previously Hatsu-ban First appearance October 26, 1963 Stockholm concert sound source In recent years excavations have been July 28, 1964 Stockholm concert sound source not only the video also included The documentary footage from the arrival in Sweden to return home 3 times recorded drop-in With the booklet at the time that was abundantly use the photos of Sweden tour

Among the must-have mania M Claudel label, especially popular live Chronicle latest series of will stock. Also it includes the first appearance in the video overwhelming grade-up and first appearance sound source this time, it is a great content that does not live up to the same series of name. This time, as it was the culmination of the Sweden tour that was done over a two-time 1963 and 1964, when including the offstage not playing only the Beatles in fruitful Sweden along the series, all of the material that remains recording is doing.

The Beatles in 1963, after finishing the recording of “WITH THE BEATLES”, will head for the first time the Swedish tour. So radio appearances, TV appearances, concerts and, to energetically activity in a short period of time, the legendary Budokan concert Similarly in Japan, has been handed down in Sweden today. That short-term stay in 1963 was one full of welcome, and that performance was also be one that can be fully satisfactory (it is what you can convince even listening to this work) from reasons such as, the next 1964 Swedish tour also was bear. In Sweden tour over two years, sound and video remaining is not so much more, that none has a higher quality of performance, also sound and video quality also excellent, taking a lot of time to be placed in the anthology It is as had been recorded.

Disk 1 of the CD, we have recorded around the live sound source in Sweden of Beatles. First is the car plan performances October 24, 1963. In the 1980s it has been known for a long time as a high-quality live sound source, such as if the rumor that was scheduled to be official release is true, it has been featured in even exceptional handling in that “bootlegs Dictionary” below. Moreover, this concert is not only a high-quality sound, also famous as overflowing name performance in the fierce just hot air, although in terms of content is incomplete, barely seeing the light of day in the 1995 anthology project It is the live sound source. It is what is recorded in this work, exactly the full version. In addition the same full version, but only played the part of the Beatles in its outstanding panel had been recorded, this work, slightly introduction and out Roda transfection of co-star Nosumen has been recorded in first appearance, and longer recording now it has. As can be seen from the fact that there is a first appearance part, further improve the sound quality younger generation than the main part of the Beatles part also its outstanding panel. And in this Meien it is has become a name sound source Ketteiban of.

Then, as the first appearance sound source, from Stockholm performances October 26, 1963, two songs as “I Saw Her Standing There,” “She Loves You” has been recorded. Both Unfortunately both the song is a short recording, but it is a valuable live recordings of the first appearance in this work. Continued DROP IN is, in the familiar sound in the video, the Beatles shows off the four songs. Here and I think if you could enjoy in conjunction with the video.

July 28, 1964 Stockholm performances, in recent years is broadcast first “All My Loving” in Swedish radio program, was what was surprised to its distinct sound. Only microphone of Paul a bad thing John microphones balanced that off on, from such deficiencies, is unlikely valuable live recordings that probably is officially released. Then, what kind of circumstances, the overall length version was leaked. This work, of course, not only in “All My Loving”, has recorded this July 28, 1964 the full-length version of the Stockholm concert. On the day of the set list if not all, the fact that the sound source that is settled in this way was leaked to the 21st century could be very shock to mania. Moreover, those very interesting both in terms of content, the Beatles to afford plenty, you are playing to full playfully us, you can enjoy a little live evil glue feeling.

Disc 2 of the CD is fully recorded Swedish radio program that one song, “All My Loving” in the Stockholm concert July 28, 1964 described above has become a hot topic is broadcast. Stockholm performance “All My Loving” is what was broadcast at the end as the centerpiece of this program, but the interesting contents of radio programs other than it. Not only shed the songs of The Beatles, it’s sprinkled with interviews and live recordings of officials, it said that the Swedish local, well it is the contents of surprise that Na has allowed the broadcasting of such sound source. In Magic to Pete Best and Shijiminikoru et al., For the first time Beatles record the legend of a man named was purchased in NEMS, it is a place especially interesting that until Raymond Jones is the answer to the interview.

Followed by the introduction of DVD. DVD disc 1 has recorded a video of 1963. From the first time of the Beatles at London Airport towards the Swedish tour, we arrived at Stockholm airport, in which a large number of fans greet, such as the state toward the hotel to ride in the car, recorded valuable documentary footage from the time of the news video It is doing. Especially Stockholm concert video October 26, 1963, the short while ultra-valuable things. Playing a scene of “honey taste” among them is the image that has been left only you are playing the same song live. This is the Beatles are playing “honey taste” at a stage! ! Video of next October 27, 1963 from the undercard of the performance, the Beatles appeared, and to play a scene, I have been recorded in what beautiful color image. It is a valuable color live video of Beatles dressed in youthful collar without a suit.

The second half I have recorded “Drop In” recording television program on October 30, 1963 with two sources. Although the first “ALTERNATE VERSION” is the only Beatles scene, the time code is not entered, the image quality also anthology recording the same high quality of things. And “COMPLETE VERSION” to enter the time code, image quality, although somewhat inferior to the former, we have complete recording of the day of the broadcast.

Disc 2 of the DVD has been recorded video of 1964. Continue to Swedish tour for the second time in the previous year. Here also, a lot of fans, and until the brass band starts from how to welcome the Beatles in the Stockholm airport. While at a press conference smoking a cigarette in plain clothes wearing a Frank, and threw a leg, we answer to the very question in a relaxed state. And attention, live sound source is the video of the Stockholm concert July 28, 1964 that has flowed out in recent years. Here while also short recording, and the fact that the image of the day “that live sound source” has been recorded, you can see very Kangaibukaku.

Then called “PA Ne Sverigeturne”, was produced in Sweden, have been recorded documentary program that specializes in Swedish tour. And using plenty at the time of the video, the positioning of the Beatles in Sweden, it is a great documentary that recalls the excitement of the time. Precious video, studded film looked like a fan is provided, photos, and memorabilia, etc., is a documentary of truly local unique. For example, if the image of the Japan tour, the Japanese side and the film and at the time of the officials of the testimony taken, so that there is no material only in Japan, the fact that the documentary of the Swedish production that featured the Swedish tour exists, very It has become what is meaningful in that it leaves the history of the Beatles in.

The second half of the disk 2, existing is “Drop In” that have been identified, December 1, 1963 minute broadcast, I fully recorded double dose of January 13 minute broadcast, 1965. Beatles does not have appeared, but have appeared the same period of the artist many, it has become a first-class materials to know the time of the music scene. “Drop In” The Beatles and the minute broadcast October 30, 1963, which appeared, here two times of recording, a total of three doses only, you will remain in full. Attention will point pacemaker figure has appeared in minute broadcast December 1, 1963. But from this time of the video “How Do You Do It” it has been used to partially video edition anthology, not the full version only in this work, and the other one song “A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues” is also recording are we. The anthology CD Beatles play “How Do You Do It?” But have been recorded, good can be far better performance of this pacemaker’s, members of The Beatles is not a glue mind, eventually become a dead issue The reason was, but I can ask from the performance of the pacemaker’s of this day.

Lastly, a booklet that was featured appearance at the time of the tour in this work is included in the full set. It had been introduced solemnly in the above-mentioned documentary as rare items at the time of the vintage, only those precious that had been launched in Sweden, does not have that number of remaining was also seen as less Most. Contents Beatles stage photos in Sweden, off photos of, such as a fan photo of, and one that was fulfilling me to tell the very best the frenzy of the time, has become a precious souvenir of Sweden performances.

DISC ONE Karlaplans Studio, Stockholm October 24, 1963 01. Introduction by Klas Burling 02. I Saw Her Standing There 03. From Me To You 04. Money 05. Re-introduction The Norsemen 06. Roll Over Beethoven 07. You Really Got A Hold On Me 08. She Loves You 09. Twist And Shout

Kungliga Hallen, Stockholm October 26, 1963 10. I Saw Her Standing There 11. She Loves You

DROP IN October 30, 1963 12. Drop In Signature Tune 13. introduction by Klas Burling 14. She Loves You 15. Twist And Shout 16. I Saw Her Standing There 17. Long Tall Sally 18. Drop In Signature Tune

The Johnneshovs Isstadion Stockholm July 28, 1964 19. introduction 20. I Saw Her Standing There 21. You Can’t Do That 22. She Loves You 23. All My Loving 24. Roll Over Beethoven 25. Can’t Buy Me Love 26. I Wanna Be Your Man

DISC TWO RADIO PROGRAM in SWEDEN 01. From Us To You 02. Introduction 03. Raunchy 04. That’ll Be The Day 05. Ain’t She Sweet 06. Raymond Jones Interview 07. My Bonie 08. Love Of The Loved 09. Ken Thompson Interview 10. Love Me Do 11. Pete Best Interview 12. How Do You Do It 13. George Harrison Interview 14. Love Me Do 15. Please Please Me 16. Ask Me Why 17. Beatles Introducing themself 18. Drop In Introduction – She Loves You 19. Paul McCartney Interview 20. Till There Was You 21. Rattle Your Jewerly 22. Komme Gimme Dine Hand 23. Twist And Shout 24. Fans Interview 25. Jimmy Nicol Interview 26. Beatles Interview 27. All My Loving 28. Beatles Interview

Klas Burling MEETS The Beatles 29. Interview #1 30. Interview #2 31. Interview #3 32. Interview #4

DVD DISC ONE 1963 DOCUMENTARY 01. London Airport 02. Stockholm Airport 03. Beatles’ Arrival #1 04. Beatles’ Arrival #2 05. Beatles’ Arrival #3

Kungliga Hallen, Stockholm October 26, 1963 01. A Taste Of Honey – She Loves You

Cirkus, Goteborg October 27, 1963 01. Opening Acts 02. Beatles Concert Footage

TV SHOW “DROP IN” October 30, 1963 ALTERNATE VERSION 01. Introduction 02. She Loves You 03. Twist And Shout 04. I Saw Her Standing There 05. Long Tall Sally 06. Drop In Theme

COMPLETE VERSION 01. Drop In Signature Tune 02. Leva Livet 03. Bossanova U.S.A. 04. Hully Gully Holiday 05. Save all Your Love For Me 06. She Loves You 07. Twist And Shout 08. I Saw Her Standing There 09. Long Tall Sally 10. Drop In Signature Tune 33. Interview #5 34. Interview #6

DVD DISC TWO 1964 DOCUMENTARY 01. Stockholm Airport #1 02. Stockholm Airport #2 03. Fans Waiting for The Beatles 04. Interview #1 05. Interview #2 06. Interview #3

The Johnneshovs Isstadion Stockholm July 28, 1964 01. Can’t Buy Me Love 02. Airport #1 03. Airport #2

Beatles P.A Ne Sverigeturne 01. Opening 02. Unknown Artist 03. London Palladium 04. Interview #1 05. Interview #2 06. Foto Martin Dyfverman 07. Foto Sture Karlsson 08. She Loves You 09. I Saw Her Standing There

TV SHOW “DROP IN” December 1, 1963 01. Drop In Signature Tune

Michael Cox 02. Stand Up 03. I’ve Been Thinking

The Telstars and Gals & Pals 04. Five Hundred Miles

Monika Lind 05. Jag Maste Ga I Skolan

Osten Warnerbring 06. Unknown Song #1 07. Unknown Song #2

GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS 08. A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues 09. How Do You Do It?

TV SHOW “DROP IN” January 13, 1965 01. Drop In Signature Tune

The Dee Jays 02. Farmer John 03. Long Tall Shorty

Git Hill 04. Downtown 05. Hundred Sixty

Bob Asklof 06. I Love You 07. I Who Have Nothing

The Honeycombs 08. Have I The Right 09. Is It Because 10. That’s The Way 11. She’s Too Way Out 12. Drop In Signature Tune