George Harrison (2/Cd) All Things Must Pass Sessions

 George Harrison (2/Cd) All Things Must Pass Sessions
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 George Harrison (2/Cd) All Things Must Pass Sessions
The second solo album “All Things Must Pass” 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition released by George Harrison after the Beatles disbanded, “Sessions” is now available! This [Sessions-Demo and Outtakes Remasters] is a compilation of outtakes, overdubs, and editing stages that have not been recorded on the album, from the early stage demo sound source that captured the production process of this historic masterpiece. I am. In addition, it is the latest editorial collector’s edition that has been featured for the first time, including the “new excavation session tape sound source” that has been a hot topic on the Internet since last year and has not been released until now. The first piece is an acoustic pre-production demo that includes many songs not included in the May 1970 album from the demo of “Isn’t It A Pity” at the Beatles in 1969 as [Demo and Outtakes]. Sound source Also recorded outtakes from May to October 1970, also known as John Barrett sound source. The second [Multitrack Overdubbing Sessions] contains overdubbing sessions such as guitar, piano, and horn section. There is also a remix that first appeared, so you can’t miss the sound source that shows the production process. And [Unreleased Cassette Tape Sampler] contains the first appearance leak sound source of collector’s attention from “New Excavation Session Tape”! Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun,” “Come and Get It,” “Long,” with sampler sound from a rough session on acoustic guitar recorded when George returned home in May 1970 due to his mother’s illness.・ It is a must-listen sound source that you can listen to interesting performances such as “Long Long”, Bob Dylan’s “Ray Lady Ray” and “Mr. Tambourine Man”. This is the latest editorial collector’s edition highly recommended, including the first appearance sound source of the famous album “All Things Must Pass”, which was touted as “the immortal monument of the rock world”! !!

DISC 1 DEMO AND OUTTAKES 1. ISN’T IT A PITY (Apple Studio Demo) Get Back Sessions at Apple Studio, London January 26th 1969 2. RUN OF THE MILL 3. ART OF DYING 4. EVERYBODY NOBODY 5. WAH-WAH 6. WINDOW WINDOW 7. BEAUTIFUL GIRL 8. BEWARE OF DARKNESS 9. LET IT DOWN 10. TELL ME WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU 11. HEAR ME LORD 12. NOWHERE TO GO 13. COSMIC EMPIRE 14. MOTHER DIVINE 15. I DON’T WANT TO DO IT 16. IF NOT FOR YOU Pre-Production Session at Abbey Road Studios, London May 27th 1970 17. DEHRA DUN 18. I LIVE FOR YOU 19. GOING DOWN TO GOLDERS GREEN 20. GOPALA KRISHNA 21. GET BACK 22. PETE DRAKE’S TALKING STEEL GUITAR Sessions at Abbey Road Studios / Trident Studios, London May-October 1970

DISC 2 MULTI-TRACK OVERDUB SESSIONS 1. WHAT IS LIFE (Guitar And Piano Overdub) 2. BEWARE OF DARKNESS (Basic Track) 3. LET IT DOWN (Vocal Overdub) 4. HERE ME LORD (Piano Overdub) 5. AWAITING ON YOU ALL (Guitar And Piano/Organ Overdub) 6. RUN OF THE MILL (Vocal And Piano/Organ Overdub) 7. ART OF DYING (Percussion And Piano Overdub) 8. BEWARE OF DARKNESS (Guitar Mix Overdub) 9. LET IT DOWN (Guitar And Piano/Organ Overdub) 10. WHAT IS LIFE (Horn Section Overdub) 11. BEWARE OF DARKNESS (Orchestra Overdub) 12. AWAITING ON YOU ALL (Horn Section Overdub) 13. RUN OF THE MILL (Horn Section Overdub) 14. ART OF DYING (Horn Section Overdub) 15. APPLE SCRUFFS (Take 18 More Vocal Overdub) Sessions at Abbey Road Studios / Trident Studios, London May-October 1970 UNRELEASED CASSETTE TAPE SAMPLER 16. DEHRA DUN – SEE YOURSELF – GOING TO GOLDERS GREEN – EVERYBODY NOBODY – HERE COMES THE SUN – BEHIND THAT LOCKED DOOR – ALL THINGS MUST PASS – LET IT DOWN – COME AND GET IT – FIVE YEAR SLOG (SON OF TAXMAN) – WINDOW WINDOW – LAY LADY LAY – MOTHER DIVINE – GET OUTTA BED YOU LAZY BUGGER – WE’RE GONNA MOVE – MR.TAMBOURINE MAN – LONG, LONG, LONG Sessions at Clatterbridge Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral UK May 1970

Digital remastered and compiled by GOLDIES 2021

Goldies. GS-2008CD1/2