George Harrison (2/Cd) The Essential Rarities

George Harrison (2/Cd) The Essential Rarities
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George Harrison (2/Cd) The Essential Rarities
“George Harrison-Essential Rarities” is now available as the best compilation “After the Beatles Anthology” in the solo era after the Beatles disbanded! This is the best compilation album with songs not included in the official album after the dissolution of the Beatles, single version, remix, unedited version, studio outtakes, and rare sound sources including live performances and rehearsals. George Harrison’s first solo No. 1 single “My Sweet Lord” early mix, outtakes from the album “All Things Must Pass”, Ringo’s “Wish for Tomorrow” original song , Live rehearsal with Bob Dylan, studio live with Paul Simon, selection of the best album by time series from the 70’s to 2001, but unrecorded rare songs such as unrecorded songs and single version It is a discerning track list that is recorded with the sound source. It is the latest collector’s item that is attracting attention as the latest rare sound source compilation with upgraded sound quality and editing, including sound sources that have become difficult to obtain individually, including many known studio outtakes, and sound sources that have been discovered in recent years.

CD1 1. MY SWEET LORD (Early Mix) 2. WHAT IS LIFE (Stereo Remix) 3. LET IT ROLL (BALLAD OF SIR FRANKIE CRISP) (Studio Outtake) 4. APPLE SCRUFFS (Acoustic Demo) 5. AWAITING ON YOU ALL (Studio Outtake) 6. THE ART OF DYING (Studio Outtake) 7. IT DON’T COME EASY (Studio Outtake) 8. NOWHERE TO GO (Studio Outtake) 9. GET BACK (Studio Outtake) 10. YOU (Studio Outtake) 11. IF NOT FOR YOU (Live Rehearsal) 12. COME ON IN MY KITCHEN (Live Rehearsal) 13. BANGLADESH (Single Version) 14. DEEP BLUE (Single Version) 15. MISS O’DELL (Alternate Version) 16. GIVE ME LOVE (Alternate Version) 17. DARK HORSE (Single Edit Version) 18. I DON’T CARE ANYMORE (Single Version) 19. DING DONG, DING DONG (Single Edit Version) 20. HARI’S ON TOUR (Live Version) 21. FOR YOU BLUE (Live Version) 22. THIS GUITAR (CAN’T KEEP FROM CRYING) (Single Edit Version)

CD2 1. THIS SONG (Single Edit Version) 2. LEARING HOW TO LOVE YOU (Early Remix) 3. HERE COMES THE SUN (Live with Paul Simon) 4. HOMEWARD BOUND (Live with Paul Simon) 5. BLOW AWAY (Demo Version) 6. LOVE COMES TO EVERYONE (Single Edit Version) 7. HERE COMES THE MOON (Early Fade Version) 8. TEARDROPS (Single Version) 9. SAVE THE WORLD (Remix) 10. THAT’S THE WAY IT GOES (Remix) 11. I DON’T WANT TO DO IT (Single Version) 12. GOT MY MIND SET ON YOU (Extended Version) 13. WHEN WE WAS FAB (Reverse End Version) 14. RIDE RAJBUN (Full Version) 15. CHEER DOWN (Single Version) 16. POOR LITTLE GIRL (Single Edit Version) 17. ANY ROAD (Acoustic Version) 18. BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA (Original Mix) 19. HORSE TO THE WATER (Remix) 20. ALL THIGS MUST PASS (2020 Remix)