George Harrison (3/Dvd) Complete Promo Clip Collection

 George Harrison (3/Dvd) Complete Promo Clip Collection
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 George Harrison (3/Dvd) Complete Promo Clip Collection
■ George’s promotional clip complete collection. ■ It covers another version, another take, making etc. ■ Also includes related images such as album, promotion, spot. ■ Promo of other artist’s participation songs also included.

It covers the promotion collection of George which is elaborate because there are a few but few elaborate, with this one title. Some of them feel the times, but George ‘s humor and hobby tastes are highly reflected. It is a decision board that systematically recorded George’s promotional clip which had only the halfway contents of halfway picture quality using the best material that can be considered at present. Besides George ‘s promo made before life, this work is the title that summarizes the images related to promotion, such as the one produced after death, another version, another take, making, and the CM spot of the album.

【Disk 1】 First is the promotion of “My Sweet Lord” which was produced from the live image of the Bangladesh Concert decorating the opening of the 70’s. Bee George, who sings Akogi in white upper and lower suits, is still in this late 20’s. “Dark Horse” is a video capturing the appearance of singing in the studio. For George, it is a simple and pure promotion using pure performance scenes. “Ding Dong Ding Dong” suddenly will hurt your feet Make a mushie George can laugh. It is a promotion of the preference that George wears various costumes and plays. If you think that there is a scene to sing with a collarless suit wearing a mushroom cut in the Beatles era, images such as wearing Sargent’s costume or playing half-naked are also used, and in the back are ALL THINGS MUST The cute dolls that also appeared on the PASS jacket are also lively. At this point George’s confidence that you can already parody the Beatles era can be heard.

“Crackerbox Palace” is a feeling that the jacket of “LIVING IN THE MATRIAL WORLD” moves, the vast garden of George’s home is beautiful, and a really painting picture is abundantly used. In the second half George’s house is also used for photography, mysterious characters appear one after another, making it as if it reproduced the UK fairy tale world. “True Love” basically followed the taste that various characters appear in the garden of the house as the stage. I wonder not to fall out of the boat, but George ‘s awkward move is pleasant. “This Song” begins with a scene in which George, who was handcuffed suddenly, is brought to the court with a derangement of the plagiarism of “My Sweet Lord”. In addition to the court scene, scenes singing back notation music are made as if George is explaining. I feel a little excuse, but I bet he probably could not have left excuses like this in this way. And it is probably “Blow Away” that is outrageous among George’s promotions. Cloud flow The blue sky with the profile of George starts with a very cool picture, but when the song starts, it is very bad (song) In addition to George ‘s step, at the end of the funeral singing in Omar, George has become a third-person character that does not seem to be. “Faster”, George’s hobby comes out in the fore. It was the car race that George was fascinating at this time, and George’s appearance watching at various venues at that time was witnessed. The main thing of the image is the race car rather than George, and as a George fan of the appearance of the race, I can not deny the feeling of indigestion every single time.

“All Those Years Ago” was originally created as a song in the album, but it was rebuilt as a memorial moment suddenly in response to the news of John’s death. It was a topic at the time that apples and poles were participating in the chorus at the time. As a result of that promotion, the images of George and John of the Beatles era have been collaged. Some of the images of the Japanese performance in 1966 are also used. “Save The World” is a promo with a message to protect the environment as song title, it is very unpleasant for Japanese people, such as critically reflecting whaling fishing boats. “Shanghai Surprise” has a structure in which the recording landscape is inserted in accordance with the scenes of the movie. Even the fact that Madonna appeared in this movie was also a topic of the time. “Here Comes The Sun” is a 1987 Prince Trust’s live is used as it is. It is a valuable stage image of the period when I did not do any live activity, but I can hear how it sings sacredly while feeling somewhat nervous. It is now a young apple striking the drum, Ray Cooper is in charge of percussion, Jeffelin is in charge of the guitar, George’s later performance in Japan, and a member of the anthology project.

At the end of Disk 1, “Set On You” is total and 10 versions are also recorded. It is known that there is only a song that was a big hit at the time, roughly there is a game center version and an indoor version, but there are various version differences in each. First of all it is a game center version. George’s performance scenes progress in parallel with the appearance that men and women of the 1980s make-up and fashion are playing crane games at the gestures in parallel, and it is a taste that both worlds are linked in the middle. Especially Raw edit B is a video before editing which can be seen fully with George ‘s scene without purely George’ s performance scene. And another one, this is the promotion of the same song sitting on the sofa and playing in the room. It is a George-like promo that makes it think that hobby preferences have not changed since the 1970s, such as wall clocks and bookshelves in the room, decorations of animals protruding from the wall move according to songs. There is a scene that rises from the sofa and makes a backflip, but stops the camera once and confirms that a completely different person is exchanged. It is designed to be compared in multi view, so please check the difference in fine editing.

【Disk 2】 “Cloud 9” announced in 1987 is not only a single hit “Set On You” but also a masterpiece with famous pieces. “Set On You” decorating the album’s end is a cover song, but when speaking of a masterpiece by George’s pen is “When We Was Fab”. Not only the title but also the melody which is clearly conscious of the Beatles, it is a song with atmosphere like John and George co-made. What covers the whole is the “I Am The Warlus” like atmosphere, and it is a song made from the smell of burning incense or Indian style. And this promo picture is very fancy and popular among fans. Like Hitchcock’s movie “rope”, various people pass through George before singing in front of the street corner fence with one camera. You can see apple and Jefflin. And it seems stiff that appears to the left-handed bassist. Finally it is the influence of Indian philosophy that George grows one after another from the body of George. In this work four kinds of promotions of this “When We Was Fab” are recorded. “This Is Love” can enjoy the refreshing image beauty like flowing as if it were tuned. George singing lightly at the seaside of a tropical country is a very healthy feeling.

From here George’s solo, not promotion of Traveling Will Belize. There are also bands formed across the record company, and although all members claiming a fake name, there is no reason for the pseudonym to be bald (lol). George is Tom Petty in Dylan and Rhee Orbison in Jeffelin. “Handle With Care” which all members take vocals with circling is released as the first single, this work is specified to be able to compare with the multi view by adding that promo to the 4 version. Also in outtake images, a peaceful ambience between photographs is transmitted. “End Of The Line” is an old rock and roll, which is a song that takes vocals with member circles as well. In addition to multiple take, it also contains multi view and further outtake images. “Nobody’s Child” is an omnibus song recorded by the album, which is composed of animation and documentary images.

Traveling Will Belize has naturally disappeared with the death of Roy Orbison leaving two albums but since the title of the second album is “Volume 3”, he will call out various speculations. The first single from that “Volume 3” is “She’s My Baby”. Gary Moore is in charge of hard guitar in recording. While “Handle With Care” was taking vocals centering around George, Tom Petty and Dylan are the main in this song. As much as this girlfriend is gathered, although it is difficult other than this, after all, as with “Handle With Care”, members are singing in a place like a warehouse “Pictorial” is made like the same There. “Inside Out” consists of footage that plays in places like the stage of the curriculum meeting where forest writing is set. This also includes multi view and outtake footage. “Wilbury Twist” is a light song that seems to suit dancing in an Oldies fashion dance hall. In addition to the performance scenes by members from a theatrical opening, various people dance.

【Disc 3】 “Any Road” is composed of collages from the young Liverpool era to the Beatles era and recent images. Some private images from private unpublished 1974 tours are included, and it is unbearable to maniacs. I am surprised that the movement of the mouth which should not match only various collage images is made so that it properly fits the lyrics. “Taxman” was made in accordance with “Dark Horse Years”, and the image of the Japanese performance in 1991 is used. Although it is a picture of the Japanese performance but no audience seats at all, it seems this is the image that was reflected on the screen on that day. Three songs “Living In The Material World” “Sue Me Sue You Blues” “Miss O’dell” is a promo produced in 2006. The promotion of “Living In The Material World” is the scenery of the record manufacturing factory at that time, and the flow which assembles the album literally can be seen as a picture. Apart from George’s songs, is not this a very valuable video? The following “What Is Life” is a promo produced in 2014. George does not appear at all, it is a mysterious picture that a beautiful girl will jump to the song. However, it is an attractive promotion that is inadvertently drawn into the fairy tale world that covers the girls’ pure cuteness and the whole.

【ORIGINAL TV SPOT】 Although it is a promotional video from here, TV commercials of those days when each album was released are recorded. It is surprising that there was a person who was recording such images at that time. Normally it is said that TV commercials that are destined to just disappear at that time are left behind like this.

【TV SHOWS】 From here it is a picture broadcasted on TV show. Two kinds of “My Sweet Lord” are recorded, but the first one was aired on the program called TOP POP in the Netherlands in 1970. There is no image played by George and it is a collage of various pictures and images. It was broadcasted in 1970 and consists of images and photographs of the Beatles era all. The next “My Sweet Lord” was broadcasted in 1971. Again there is no performance scene of George and female dancers dance to songs. “DING DONG DING DONG” was broadcasted in 1974, and here also female dancers dance to songs. It is a disappointing fact that George has not appeared because it is made fancy making full use of chroma key processing and also a vivid color image. “The Pirate Song” is now a famous performance. As a response to the plagiarism of “My Sweet Lord” I will sing a song called “Pirate” on the intro of the song. George’s singing songs such as playing it is a lively video. “This Song” is a miming performance when he appeared in a German program in 1977. It is a picture that George of Curly hair sings with guitar with flashy white shirt and red shirt in hand. It is a very rare thing to say that the motion picture played by George of this era. Two songs “Hottest Going In Town” and “Someplace Else” are images of the recording landscape.

【RELATED VIDEOS】 From here, although not promoted by George himself, George participated in recordings related to other recordings and promoted to other artists. George seems not to interact with other artists too much, but still it seems that many participate, although not as much as Paul, as recorded here.

【COMPLETE PROMO CLIP COLLECTION】 Completely cover George’s promotional image. Including version differences and out takes, the recording of this work is all promotional images produced from the dissolution of the Beatles to the present after death. Not only the promotional image of George’s solo but also the TV spot at the time each album was announced and the promotional video in a broad sense such as the TV broadcast video and the promotional video of the songs that participated in other artists so far There was never anything recorded before.

DVD ONE 1971 01. My Sweet Lord (Bangladesh)

1974 02. Dark Horse 03. Ding Dong, Ding Dong #1 (original film) 04. Ding Dong, Ding Dong #2 (restored)

1976 05. Crackerbox Palace 06. True Love 07. This Song #1 (Variation A) 08. This Song #2 (Variation B)

1979 09. Blow Away 10. Faster

1981 11. All Those Years Ago

1985 12. Save The World (Greenpeace version)

1986 13. Shanghai Surprise #1 (Long Version) 14. Shanghai Surprise #2 (Short Version)

1987 15. Here Comes The Sun (Prince’s Trust)

ARCADE VERSION 16. Got My Mind Set on You #1 (Copyright version) 17. Got My Mind Set on You #2 (No copyright version) 18. Got My Mind Set on You #3 (Raw Edit A) 19. Got My Mind Set on You #4 (Raw Edit B) 20. Got My Mind Set on You (Arcade Multi View)

CHAIR VERSION 21. Got My Mind Set on You #1 (Edit A Copyright version) 22. Got My Mind Set on You #2 (Edit A No copyright) 23. Got My Mind Set on You #3 (Edit B) 24. Got My Mind Set on You (Chair Multi View) 25. Got My Mind Set on You (Outtakes)

DISC TWO 1988 01. When We Was Fab #1 (Edit A- Copyright Version) 02. When We Was Fab #2 (Edit B) 03. When We Was Fab #3 (Edit A-No Copyright) 04. When We Was Fab (Multi View) 05. This is Love #1 (Copyright version) 06. This is Love #2 (No Copyright version) 07. Handle with Care #1 (1988 Copyright) 08. Handle with Care #2 (1989 Copyright) 09. Handle with Care #3 (Australian version, different end) 10. Handle with Care #4 (Widescreen cropped version) 11. Handle with Care (Multi View) 12. Handle with Care (Outtakes)

1989 13. End of The Line #1 (Edit A -Copyright version) 14. End of The Line #2 (Edit A- No Copyright version) 15. End of The Line #3 (Edit B) 16. End of The Line (Multi view) 17. End of The Line (outtakes)

1990 18. Nobody’s Child 19. She’s My Baby Version #1 20. She’s My Baby Version #2 21. She’s My Baby (Multi View) 22. Inside Out Version #1 23. Inside Out Version #2 24. Inside Out (Multi View) 25. Inside Out (Rehearsal) 26. Inside Out (Outtakes)

1991 27. Wilbury Twist Version #1 28. Wilbury Twist Version #2 29. Wilbury Twist Version #3 30. Wilbury Twist (Outtake) 31. Wilbury Twist (Multi View)

DISC THREE 2003 01. Any Road

2004 02. Taxman (The Dark Horse Years)

2006 03. Living in the Material World 04. Sue Me Sue You Blues 05. Miss O’Dell

2014 06. What Is Life

ORIGINAL TV SPOT 07. Dark Horse 08. Extra Texture 09. Cloud Nine #1 10. Cloud Nine #2 11. Cloud Nine #3 12. Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 13. Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3 14. Live in Japan 15. All Things Must Pass 30th #1 16. All Things Must Pass 30th #2 17. All Things Must Pass 30th #3 18. Brainwashed #1 19. Brainwashed #2 20. Traveling Wilburys Collection #1 21. Traveling Wilburys Collection #2 22. Traveling Wilburys Collection #3 23. Let it Roll

TV FILM CLIP 1991 24. Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

TV SHOWS 25. My Sweet Lord (TopPop, Netherlands 1970) 26. My Sweet Lord (Pans People, Top of The Pops 1971) 27. Ding Dong, Ding Dong (Pans People, Top of The Pops 1974) 28. The Pirate Song (Rutland Weekend Television, 1975) 29. This Song (Disco, Germany 1977) 30. Recording Hottest Going in Town (1986) 31. Recording Someplace Else (1986)


THE SINGING REBEL’S BAND 1985 33. Freedom (Promo Version) 34. Freedom (Film Version #1) 35. Freedom (Film Version #2) 36. Freedom (Multi View)

TOPM PETTY 1989 37. I Won’t Back Down

BLINDA CARLISLE 1989 38. Leave A Light On

JEFF LYNNE 1990 39. Every Little Thing #1 40. Every Little Thing #2 41. Lift Me Up

GARY WRITE 1995 42. Don’t Try to Own Me 43. Don’t Try to Own Me Outtakes (recorded in 1992)

JIM CAPALDI 2001 44. Anna Julia