George Harrison Cd - Songs For Patti

George Harrison Cd - Songs For Patti
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George Harrison Cd - Songs For Patti
The center of the songs of the album included in the Beatles era was always Lennon – McCartney, but George and Ringo were also assigned one or two vocal songs. Whether it was a reasonable allocation in light of the ability of songwriting at the time, George gradually made its talent blossom every time he followed the year. George is the youngest of the members, and even in 1970 it is still a little past mid 20’s and it can be said that it was the Beatles that was just lagging behind. Perhaps it was George who felt the dissolution of the Beatles the most opportunity. My own songs that only one song or two songs were recorded in the album until then can be questioned to the world as a solo album for my song altogether. Although there was an experimental album such as “the world of electronic music”, it also comes from the fact that the first rock album “ALL THINGS MUST PASS” as a solo was suddenly a triple set, because of the small number of assignments in the Beatles era It was as if I could clear up my anger. Furthermore, there was also a hit called “MY SWEET LORD” and “beautiful life” that was single-cut from the album, and George’s solo activity became a good start.

At this time, George is married to Patty · Boyd, it is inspirational for her that the famous songs such as “SOMETHING” were born, but married life between young George and Patty was around the 1970s It gradually goes to bankruptcy. Eric Clapton who was a close friend more than anything was beside himself with Patty. Clapton was dating with Patty’s sister Paula at first, but Dominos’ “LAYLA” is a song that obviously makes Patti feel love, so Paula realizes that he is a sister’s substitute, and it comes to a catastrophe. Clapton’s favorite was Patty to the last, but at this time it would have been impossible to be married later. These series of events came to the triangle of George, Clapton, Patty around 1970. This work was done just in the middle of such a period. Knowing the background, you can see that the deep meaning is put in “the song for Patty” which became the title of this work. Although it is famous that Clapton is anonymously participating in the white album “WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS”, recordings of “ALL THINGS MUST PASS” include members of Clapton and Dominos in full participation, In addition to apples and Billy Preston, producers are finished with Phil Spector and an album that creates an atmosphere with the scent of the rest of the get back session. This work is the title which recorded the acetate sound source of this “ALL THINGS MUST PASS”. Although it is an acetate sound source, the needle sound is cleanly removed, and it is finished in the quality that it is established as it is as an alternate album

01. Wah Wah (take 3) 02. My Sweet Lord 03. Art Of Dying (take 9) 04. If Not For You 05. Behind That Locked Door 06. Let It Down 07. All Things Must Pass (false start) 08. All Things Must Pass 09. Down To The River 10. Wah Wah (overdubs on take 3) 11. The Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) 12. Awaiting On You All 13. Art Of Dying (take 36) 14. What Is Life 15. Is not It A Pity ( take 30) 16. Behind That Locked Door 17. I Live For You 18. I’ll Still Love You 19. Plug Me In (excerpt)