Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) Di Rigori Armato IL Seno

Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) Di Rigori Armato IL Seno
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Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) Di Rigori Armato IL Seno
Album “HOW I WON THE WEST” were a wonderful thing. Rather than the Japan tour is so much good can be in 1972, just before the later Robert is the style that surpass by changing the singing, was that charm is a Zeppelin Korezo be felt to the full extent. The album is known to have been made compiled from two shows in Los Angeles performances and June 27 Long Beach show June 25, 1972. Since Long Beach is the partially sound board sound source was flowing out, but its existence has been known, and there is a sound board sound source to the Los Angeles show that there is high-quality sound of the audience under the title “BURN LIKE A CANDLE” is, the mania is what was greeted astonishment.

Some time live album of Jimmy Led Zeppelin chronological format that you have supervised has been rumored, but not yet realized. According to one theory is that of Robert is reluctant. There is a wave of the more musical instrument unlike singing of Robert is success or failure, and since 1973 has been changed to singing to follow the decline as described above, in any case if it in the live of Forrest Gump, to leave as work resistance would is. Live album that was also permitted Robert that there is committed to such his singing is said to be “HOW I WON THE WEST”. Zeppelin can be heard actually in this album is impeccable.

And this work is, from this series of tours, just three days before the performance, “HOW THE WEST WAS WON” has been recorded, and complete recording of the San Bernardino performances June 22, 1972. I there is a San Diego performances during the day and Ross performances, but in any audience / sound board undiscovered, our most recent live can be fans listen to is this work. And later also was the fact that the approximate dates of the performances that will be released as a live album, it is possible to see the wonderful performance of the pick of the litter was in 1972.

Opening was credited as “HOW THE WEST WAS WON” in “LA DRONE” is a venue that Bowaa-down SE. The hustle and bustle of the venue in the back with a sense of anticipation overflowing Ruru sound effects, probably during this time members would to appear on stage, take listen that has boiled is the venue in the middle. And it begins as if deafening is the first song, “Song of the immigrants”. Since the last in the opening number from the next Japan tour the tour will be “rock ‘n’ roll”, three years too familiar from the “Song of the immigrant” This is a golden opening medley that lead to “heart breaker” is the last tour to become. Even so, the difference between October of Japan performance is remarkable, the same band is much great performance of how the change about this in a few months.

4th album, but would have been confidence for Led Zeppelin, has just been released in the previous year in November, was probably determined that have not yet settled the evaluation to the reaction of the audience, the highlight of the concert after the “heaven of stairs “is playing through the middle and later becomes the opening number,” rock ‘n’ roll “is located at the end of the encore. In addition, “California” is incorporated in the acoustic set. Thus, looking at the set list, number that becomes the Zeppelin Classicus in posterity is already complete at this point, it can be said that exactly is the best thing.

This work has dropped the original master reel in the cassette, the cassette has become the original. Therefore it has become the longest conceivable at this stage. Especially wonderful that full inclusion in a single source. As also sample sound quality, rather than favorably compared with the high name board and honor “BURN LIKE A CANDLE”, exactly appropriate to enclose Long Beach, Los Angeles, and this work in San Bernardino and the trilogy and, of another Live it can be said that the album. This is also a sound source, such as a treasure for the mania. San a Bernardino performances June 22, 1972 complete recording in high-quality sound.

SWING AUDITORIUM, SAN BERNARDINO CALIFORNIA U.S.A. June 22, 1972 DISC ONE 01. The Drone 02. Immigrant Song 03. Heartbreaker 04. Black Dog 05. Since I’ve Been Loving You 06. Stairway To Heaven 07. Going To California 08. That’s The Way 09. Tangerine 10. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

DISC TWO 01. Dazed And Confused 02. What Is And What Should Never Be 03. Moby Dick 04. Whole Lotta Love 05. Rock and Roll