Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) For Frenzied Crowd

 Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) For Frenzied Crowd
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 Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) For Frenzied Crowd
May 26, 1973 in Salt Lake City show the complete recording. Complemented by the same day audience sound source the missing part of the sound board sound source to the main. There happening to play the “Georgia of my heart” in ad lib.

Title was recorded in Salt Lake City performances May 26, 1973 by the sound board than WENDY label is in stock. Speaking of the 1973 US tour movie “eternal poem” has been recorded, a large-scale tour, which is positioned as a watershed of Zeppelin. That the following tour had to wait until 1975, given the process that became difficult to expand the improvisation only in that was stylized in circumstances such as the stage production, giant was Zeppelin is, free the bulk It seems to be or was not the end of the tour that it was able to manipulate in. In fact, 1973 is as shown decline of Robert from the overuse of many years of the throat is scattered everywhere, is also a tour difference of poor workmanship is large can by performances. Just be made to feel the end of the adolescence of Zeppelin and creed to be represented in the entire body as well as musical instruments only, it can be said that the 1973 was such a tour.

But from the European tour in early 1973, the summer of the US tour is there are a number of the day, called the great performance, also is well-known performances was blessed with sound quality not only in performance, such as Ke-user Stadium and Bonn Reborn jostling. Also sound board sound source is also full, regardless of the incomplete, it has been left a number. But although the number of sound board sound source is large, almost no one of the surprising and full inclusion, what is often one of the performances everywhere are Kind regards missing. Rather than the full inclusion in this Salt Lake City concerts Unfortunately sound board, “Rock And Roll” at the beginning of, and “Whole Lotta Love,” the second half and the encore last “Communication Breakdown” of the missing in all of its outstanding title until now doing.

Based on a source that has become of this work is to use the sound board sound source digital transfer from those who lost the original master to DAT in the main. And the missing part of the features of this work was complemented by the audience sound source, lies in the fact that complete recording of the concert. Although indeed sound board sound source audience sound source compared with some sound quality difference, that the pitch is complete recording of the concert through without also skillfully uncomfortable feeling normal and editing will deserve special mention.

Although it would be preaching to the choir to those who mania, in this film Salt Lake City performances, for Batsunagi of Jimmy of tuning, the “Georgia On My Mind” in ad-lib before playing “Misty Mountain Hop” it is a rare place that are playing. Robert would be deprived mind to “Georgia of my heart” to sing with all your soul in emotion plenty.

And, finally very surprised to Chotsuru began over “Misty Mountain Hop”. Something Khan in the song, it’s that contains the sound of Khan. This is I thought the something, the main sound was Jimmy. Despite making a time of Chotsuru for Jimmy Robert other members are up to playing the “Georgia of my heart” in improvisation, what was compelling a hurry, it seems was still remain tuning crazy. Jimmy is what is are you adjust it during a performance. Khan, the identity of the sound that Khan is was a sound that Jimmy is the chord tone. It means exactly the dexterity, the great idea itself to match the tuning during the song. By all means I want you to try to listen with care to break part of the song “Misty Mountain Hop”.

Latest work WENDY label, title to the Salt Lake City performances May 26, 1973, were recorded in the high-quality sound board. It complements the missing part in the same day of the audience sound source has become a complete recording of the title

SALT PALACE, SALT LAKE CITY OT U.S.A. May 26, 1973 DISC ONE 01. opening 02. Rock & Roll 03. Celebration Day 04. Black Dog 05. Over The Hills And Far Away 06. Georgia On My Mind 07. Misty Mountain Hop 08. Since I’ve Been Loving You 09. No Quarter 10. The Song Remains The Same 11. The Rain Song

DISC TWO 01. Dazed And Confused 02. Stairway To Heaven 03. Heartbreaker 04. Whole Lotta Love 05. Communication Breakdown

Wendy Label .WECD-255/256