Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) Historical Royal Albert Hall 1970

Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) Historical Royal Albert Hall 1970
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Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) Historical Royal Albert Hall 1970
Royal Albert Hall performance on January 9, 1970. This performance is also left in the video, but the sound quality and image quality are not good except for the “DVD”, and the content of the “DVD” is also half-baked, and it was a poor content to grasp the whole picture of the concert. . This work will be the title that recorded the longest ultra-high-quality sound board sound source of the existing Royal Albert Hall performance. The 1970 Royal Albert Hall has already become a staple in the collector market, but this work will be the definitive board that surpasses the existing board in terms of quality and content.

The sound quality is an ultra-high-quality sound board sound source, and unlike a series of outflows such as 1973, it is a super-high-quality sound that can be released as it is, separated into stereo neatly. As a collector’s item, it belongs to the highest class, and the clear and powerful sound quality peculiar to the sound board makes you feel the excitement of playing it at a high volume.

In terms of content, the existing editions have both advantages and disadvantages, and if they do not complement each other, they are all lacking, but this work is the longest version of this concert that can be heard today. “We’re Gonna Groove” that sparks at once from the opening announcement, “I Can’t Quit You Baby” without a medley, and the wonderful performance of early Zeppelin revives with the highest sound quality. “How Many More Times” is a song that has been infamously processed that many scissors are put in during the outflow process, but this work starts with Robert’s MC, introduces the members, and is 24 minutes and 18 seconds long. It is a complete recording. Even in the encore “Long Tall Sally”, it was edited with another source, and the same song, which had been edited to about half the length by cutting the middle medley part until now, is now about 7 and a half minutes complete. It is recorded.

As a bonus track, 4 outtakes are recorded for the first time from the recording session of “LED ZEPPELIN II”. Although each is a short recording as a sample, it is an outtake from a valuable recording session that could not be heard until now.

The Royal Albert Hall performance, which was held early in 1970 at the top of the early Zeppelin, was recorded for the longest time with an ultra-high-quality sound board. “How Many More Times” and “Long Tall Sally”, which were cut on the already released board, are also completely recorded in this work. Moreover, the set list is a special set that can not be seen elsewhere. The medley that seems to fold in the second half is exhausted in a word of masterpiece.

DISC ONE 01. We’re Gonna Groove 02. I Can’t Quit You Baby 03. Dazed And Confused 04. Heartbreaker 05. White Summer – Black Mountain Side 06. What Is And What Should Never Be 07. Moby Dick

DISC TWO 01. How Many More Times – Boogie Chillen’ – Bottle Up ‘n Go – Move On Down The Line – Leave My Woman Alone – Lemon Song 02. Whole Lotta Love 03. Communication Breakdown 04. C’mon Everybody 05. Somethin’ Else 06. Bring It On Home 07. Long Tall Sally – Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – Move On Down The Line

BONUS TRACKS “LED ZEPPELIN II” RECORDING SESSIONS 08. Whole Lotta Love 09. Heartbreaker #1 10. Heartbreaker #2 11. Ramble On