Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) The Performance Of Kells

Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) The Performance Of Kells
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Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) The Performance Of Kells
It was in 1968 that Led Zeppelin made a brilliant debut with an expensive contract. It already had a sales success from the first album and its reputation was firm in the second album. Third album is occupied by many acoustic songs, it is said that Zeppelin fans of those days, including Shibuya Yoichi, were discouraged, but in 1971 released Force album, it can be said that Led Zeppelin’s evaluation has been decided Is not it? Force album of Zeppelin which is still listed as one of the masterpieces in rock history even now. While the band name is not printed on the front despite the official title, the band name is the most sold album among all the Zeppelin albums.

Certainly this Force album is the one that Zeppelin ‘s appeal has been condensed and was built in as little as possible. “Rock’n Roll”, “Black Dog”, “Misty Mountain Hop” and “California”, including a number of songs occupying an important position after this stage. It can be said that the fusion of hard rock and acoustic is a masterpiece fruitfully fruited. And this Force album recorded high sales, there was “a stairway to heaven” in the background.

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant co-made “Stairway to Heaven” was unusual for a period of eight minutes when it was composed with the aim of being on air on the radio. And unexpectedly it is not even a single cut. Nonetheless, only this song walked alone, fans bought an album for this song, as if buying a single. There is no doubt that this song is the most famous song of Zeppelin. In the stage, not only will it always be played every time, but it was always to be shown at the highlight position of the concert.

In this way, it is a Force album released on November 8, 1971, but the recorded song has already been played on the stage a while ago. Its premiere is Belfast performance on March 5, 1971. On this day, “Black Dog” “Stairway To Heaven” “Going To California” “Rock And Roll” was displayed in front of the audience for the first time. According to Jimmy, the response of the audience who witnessed these songs for the first time is that “it seems that they did not get much pins”, but each one is a song that should be a highlight of the concert until later. And this work, the next day after the premiere, March 6 Ireland recorded Dublin performance.

Set list follows the traditional composition that begins with the medley of “Immigration Song” and “Heart Breaker” while inserting songs of the Force album, sandwiching “California” with an acoustic piece in between, It is interesting that it is making a stance to the stage composition of later years. Unlike the songs up to the third album that had been sung up to now, the beginningness of the songs of the Force album has become fresh one that can not be tasted in other eras or later in the same year’s Japan performance etc. There. “Black Dog” and so on are supposed to be conventional, the lyrics are so different that they learn to be incompatible when listening, probably Robert is still familiar. However, there is a force that it will be pushing with momentum whether it is correct lyrics or not.

March 6, 1971 Ireland was a concert at Dublin’s boxing venue. All music of the Force album to be shown here are all premiered as the premiere next day. Also, unlike the United States and Japan, British performances where good quality audience sound sources are hard to come out are recorded with wonderful high sound quality.

NATIONAL BOXING STADIUM DUBLIN, IRELAND March 6, 1971 DISC ONE 01. Introduction 02. Immigrant Song 03. Heartbreaker 04. Since I’ve Been Loving You 05. Black Dog 06. Stairway To Heaven 07. Dazed And Confused 08. Going To California

DISC TWO 01. What Is And What Should Never Be 02. Moby Dick 03. Whole Lotta Love – Boogie Chillen – Suzie Q – Hey Baby, Don’t Go That Way – Some Other Guy – Honey Bee – Needle Blues – The Lemon Song – That’s Alright Mama 04. Communication Breakdown 05. C’mon Everybody 06. Rock And Roll Wendy. WECD-297/298