Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) Take My Breath Away

Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) Take My Breath Away
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Led Zeppelin (2/Cd) Take My Breath Away
Latest work of Wendy label is the San Diego performance September 3 1970. The day after the Auckland performances played blueberry Hill also, in other words, this day is a performance that is sandwiched between the two Blueberry Hill also, Upon the day before the famous Los Angeles performance as “LIVE ON BLUEBERRY HILL”. Playing the thing definitely great of course, you can listen to the enthusiastic performance not to be defeated on the day of blueberry Hill. The concert file, there is described as “the WHOLE LOTTA LOVE, number of little-known have been included, has become a rare thing among this tour” and the section of this San Diego performance. When I actually listened, while track unknown, such deployments that have not heard has unfolded one after another in the performance of other, really fresh. Even until now, such a pattern can see well where it is not heard of after this, it is felt Tadotadoshi is little, is that is playing with improvisation to think on the spot ad lib exactly. And concert to close the curtain speedy in “Communication Breakdown”.Corrects exactly the pitch that were fast pitch, As go to especially in the second half I was crazy in its outstanding board to win, is a wonderful thing in record in 1970 also sound quality, it has become a suitable title to the decision board of this good acting You.  Wendy label latest work is recorded in high-quality audience, a San Diego performance September 3 1970. It is the missing piece that is sandwiched Blueberry Hill high honor of good acting.

Disc One

01. Introductions 02. Immigrant Song 03. heartbreaker 04. dazed and confused 05. Bring it on home 06. That’s the way 07. since I’ve Been loving you

Disc Two

01. Organ solo 02. Thank you 03. what is and what SHOULD be Never 04. Moby Dick 05. whole Lotta love 06. Communication Breakdown