Led Zeppelin ((2/Cd) At The Boston Garden

Led Zeppelin ((2/Cd)  At The Boston Garden
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Led Zeppelin ((2/Cd)  At The Boston Garden
Latest work of Wendy label will be the Boston show September 9, 1970. Since the originally plan of appearances in festivals, which had been scheduled for August was canceled, Boston performances of the day it has been organized as an alternative performance. From negotiations the day of Toko of guarantee by the recording until the atmosphere of the venue, seems to have become the beginning of turbulent from the start. Police officers and security guards of heavy equipment is placed in the venue by increasing than usual, but the concert itself is a wonderful thing, it became that the very is felt tingling and tense atmosphere or have guessed such a atmosphere.

Set list is a set of golden 1970. Connected to the spark was not put Kanpatsu “heart breaker” in the “song of immigration”, and also “be dazzled by” as early as the third song is played, we had most of the audience in Tatamikake and unexpected crowned also the breath. The way to incorporate acoustic set, bluesy guitar of Jimmy explodes, “continues to love you”, and is Izanawa in long organ solo “Thank You”. Highlight of Bonzo in “Moby Dick”, all members becomes the revelry “a chest full of love.” And finally it will be concluded in such wipe the fire “communication breakdown”. Very typical golden set in this period. Mindless, such as prior trouble, it is a great stage.

Recording is also nice and has been recorded in a stable high-quality sound through the whole volume. Also is its outstanding panel pitch exactly correction that has been mad at, it has become a worthy title to the decision board of this Meien. Just history strongest live. The world is the Meien as if magically of Zeppelin.

Boston Garden, Boston, MA U.S.A. September 9 1970 DISC ONE 01. Intro by JJ Jackson 02. Immigrant Song 03. Heartbreaker 04. Dazed And Confused 05. Bring It on Home 06. That’s The Way 07. Bron-yr-Aur Stomp 08. Since I’ve Been Loving You

DISC TWO 01. Organ Solo 02. Thank You 03. What Is And What Should Never Be 04. Moby Dick 05. Whole Lotta Love 06. Communication Breakdown Wendy. WECD-244/245