Led Zeppelin Cd - Destroyer 1969

Led Zeppelin Cd - Destroyer 1969
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Led Zeppelin Cd - Destroyer 1969
There aren’t so many early sound sources, so an approximate fan will call 1969 together as “early,” but the same 1969 summer American tour is already the third North American tour for Zeppelin. By this time Zeppelin’s overwhelming performance had already spread by mouth-to-mouth, and it was a time when he had received a habit of overcutting the headliner there. This third North American tour, of course, takes place as a regular tour, but it is also known that many festival appearances were organized within the same tour. The Texas Pop Festival on August 31 where the sound board sound source is left will be the representative. This work has recorded the Cleveland concert on July 20 from this North American Tour in the summer of 1969. The title “DESTROYER” originates from the city of Cleveland, as you know.

The concert of this period is not a big one seen in later years, and it is a show of about one hour and the set list is fixed to some extent. As irregular songs, “What Is And What Should Never Be” was recorded on July 11 and August 21, and “Your Time Is Gonna Come” was recorded on July 14. Unfortunately, the sound source has not seen the eyes of the sun. In that respect, the July 20 Cleveland performance of this work is a thing of a typical 1969 summer tour in terms of a set list. However, he rushes down “The Train Kept A Rollin ‘” and then suddenly cools down “I Can’t Quit You”, followed by chaos “Dazed And Confused” followed by Jimmy’s solo “White Summer”. If you think of it, Robert’s solo “You Shook Me”, Shime becomes a dense concert whose density of Zeppelin is condensed in only 6 songs with the long “How Many More Times”. There is. Even though it is a CD disc with a length that fits into a single disc, it feels as if it was full of listening to a full show for three hours.

July 20, 1969 Completely recorded Cleveland performance with high sound quality. It is a typical show of 1969 years. The venue was a circular stage used in the circus, a special place with a seating area surrounding it. A lot of photos are left, such as Jimmy, who wears a short sleeve and almost everyday clothes, and Robert, who is dressed in a rare white-white prince costume, in a hot short sleeve, so while listening to this work, the photo of the back jacket I hope you can imagine the situation of the day while watching. MUSICARNIVAL CLEVELAND OHIO U.S.A. July 20, 1969 01. The Train Kept A Rollin’ 02. I Can’t Quit You 03. Dazed And Confused 04. White Summer – Black Mountain Side 05. You Shook Me 06. How Many More Times

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