Monkees Cd - Unsurpassed Masters Volume 9

Monkees Cd - Unsurpassed Masters Volume 9
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Monkees Cd - Unsurpassed Masters Volume 9
The Monkees - Unsurpassed Masters Volume 9 CD

Yellow Dog Records LP5-70 - - outtakes and alternates from the last sessions and 1986 reunion. Excellent quality!

See artwork for song line up - information. 31 tracks.

1. Oh My My (Stereo Remix)

2. Ticket On A Ferry Ride (Stereo Remix)

3. Youíre So Good To Me (Stereo Remix)

4. Itís Got To Be Love (Stereo Remix)

5. Acapulco Sun (Stereo Remix)

6. 99 Pounds (Stereo Remix)

7. Tell Me Love (Stereo Remix)

8. Do You Feel It Too? (Stereo Remix)

9. I Love You Better (Stereo Remix)

10. All Alone In The Dark (Stereo Remix)

11. Midnight Train (Stereo Remix)

12. I Never Thought It Peculiar (Stereo Remix)

13. Acapulco Sun (Vocals Down Mono Remix, Edit)

14. Love To Love (Stereo Remix)

15. Midnight Train (Micky Dolenz Demo, Stereo Remix)*

16. You Canít Tie A Mustang Down (Mono Remix)

17. Ticket On A Ferry Ride (Vocals Down Mono Remix, Edit)

18. Time And Time Again (Alternate Stereo Mix, Stereo Remix, Edit)

19. Do It In The Name Of Love (Stereo Remix)

20. Lady Jane (Stereo Remix)

21. Christmas Is My Time Of Year (Stereo Remix)

22. White Christmas (Stereo Remix)

23. Me And My Arrow (Stereo Remix)

24. Heís Leaving Here This Morning (Stereo Remix)

25. Blanket For A Sail (Stereo Remix)

26. Itís A Jungle Out The (Stereo Remix)

27. Life Line (Stereo Remix)

28. Gotta Get Up (Stereo Remix)

29. That Was Then, This Is Now (Stereo Remix)

30. Kicks (Stereo Remix)

31. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere (Stereo Remix)