Paul McCartney (2/Cd) The Essential Rarities

 Paul McCartney (2/Cd) The Essential Rarities
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 Paul McCartney (2/Cd) The Essential Rarities
Paul McCartney-Essential Rarities” is now available as the best compilation “After the Beatles Anthology” in the solo era after the Beatles disbanded! This is the best compilation album with songs not included in the official album after the dissolution of the Beatles, single version, remix, unedited version, studio outtakes, and rare sound sources including live performances and rehearsals. After the break-up of the Beatles, he has been active for decades through Wings, but in this Paul edition, the selection focuses on the 70’s solo and the Wings era. From remixes of “Maybe I’m Amazed” and “Another Day” to live performances and rehearsals of the early Wings, singles “My Love”, “Jet”, “Junior’s Farm”, etc. are recorded as separate mix sound sources. In the latter half, extended versions and unedited sound sources are summarized, and it is recorded with rare sound sources while selecting the best album in almost time series until the final live of 1979 Wings including the new song “Cumming Up” which was before the release at that time. It is a discerning track list that is. The latest collector’s item that is also attracting attention as the latest rare sound source compilation of the Wings era with upgraded sound quality and editing, including sound sources that have become difficult to obtain individually, including many known studio outtakes and sound sources excavated in recent years. is.

CD 1 1. MAYBE I’M AMAZED (Multitrack Remix) 2. ANOTHER DAY (Stereo Remix) 3. UNCLE ALBERT / ADMIRAL HALSEY (Extended Version) 4. UNCLE ALBERT JAM (Studio Outtake) 5. EAT AT HOME (Live Version 1972) 6. SMILE AWAY (Live Version 1972) 7. GIVE IRELAND BACK TO THE IRISH (ICA Rehearsal) 8. MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB (Early Take) 9. HI, HI, HI (Stereo Remix) 10. SEASIDE WOMAN (Rough Mix) 11. THE MESS (Studio Outtake) 12. MY LOVE (Basic Tracks) 13. LIVE AND LET DIE (Quadraphonic Mix) 14. HELEN WHEELS (Extended Version) 15. JET (Rough Mix) 16. BAND ON THE RUN (Single Edit Version) 17. JUNIOR’S FARM (Ernie Winfrey Mix) 18. SALLY G (Ernie Winfrey Mix) 19. SEND ME THE HEART (Ernie Winfrey Mix) 20. VENUS AND MARS (Studio Outtake)

CD 2 1. ROCK SHOW (New Version) 2. LETTING GO (Extended Version) 3. LISTEN TO WHAT THE MAN SAID (Extended Remix) 4. SILLY LOVE SONGS (Extended Remix) 5. LET’EM IN (Extended Remix) 6. MULL OF KINTYRE (Unedited Full Version) 7. GIRL SCHOOL (Studio Outtake) 8. WATERSPOUT (Rough Mix) 9. WITH A LITTLE LUCK (Edited Version) 10. I’VE HAD ENOUGH (Early Take) 11. LONDON TOWN (Remix) 12. GOODNIGHT TONIGHT (Extended Version) 13. NO WORDS (Live In Glasgow 1979) 14. BAND ON THE RUN (Live In Glasgow 1979) 15. COMING UP (Live In Glasgow 1979)