Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Gemeente Amsterdam 1972

 Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Gemeente Amsterdam 1972
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 Paul McCartney (2/Cd) Gemeente Amsterdam 1972
Paul also continues his aggressive activities as if he had entered the aggregate age of his career. In addition to the tour that I do every year, in parallel, I re-release it by adding unreleased sound source and video to my past album. Regarding the Wings age in particular, the world tour period of 76 years tends to attract attention due to abundance of materials, but for previous Wings, it tended to be neglected until now due to the small number of materials and materials.

In the 1970s, Floyd and Zeppelin of the same period carried out avant – garde stage using the stage visual effect and Impro, and lock is also a turning point into the new domain. It would have been a very big change for Paul, who had performed ten songs in the Beatles era, and more than 30 minutes on the stage. Certainly a band made up with anonymous musicians, and the keyboard is an amateur with no music experience until then. With the announcement of the moderator, the stage where the curtain goes up with a thrill, it is felt the part which is not overcome by the trend of the times even though it is pole how much. Even though the blues that influenced the rock world since the end of the 60 ‘s were the root of their musicality, the taste of the audience shifted to hard rock in a short period of time. It was probably because Wingus caught up with the era since the guitarist switched from Henry to Jimmy, because there was such a change in trend. The stage of Wings of 1972 was a strong blues color as if it was left behind by the change of such age.

A female idol group fans such as AKB are still enjoying being able to participate and contribute themselves to the process of identifying unknown idols and idle growing and getting bigger and bigger. Indeed, the charm of the early wings is also such a feeling. Paul himself applied lessons from scratch to Linda who had no musical training. “If it comes to that, I can ask Billy Preston!” He said he reprimanded Linda. If there was a name like Paul, it would have been possible to form a band with famous musicians. But Paul did not dare choose such an easy way. I went around the university around the surprise and performed live, walking the way to grow an amateur band over time. In the early stages of the growth process, Paul’s new band, which took off from the 1970s as a summit, can be said to be the fascination of wings by the launch members.

In 1972 Wings comes to the European tour under the official announcement. At this point the album is still “WINGS WILD LIFE” only. Therefore, I had a full stage for about an hour and a half, although I had a hard time filling up the set list with solo album songs, cover songs, and unreleased next album songs and less songs. It was a measure to make the band confident about the fact that the new band started just now and avoiding the strict UK criticism of press was dared. The tour took place in two phases, July and August of 1972. Meanwhile, although the set list was almost fixed, the first half of the tour changed to “Bip Bop” the opening number, the second half “Eat At Home”. Moreover, “Cotton Fields” etc can be confirmed with the sound source which is running out, and its whole picture is many unknown part due to the small record. This is also due to the small number of sources left unattended, as well as records and articles at the time of the tour, but still a few guesses are possible from a few sources left. This work has recorded Amsterdam performances from August 20, 1972, from such a few sources of European tour of 1972. I am able to listen to rare arrangements that I can not see in other performances, such as refraining with “I Am Your Singer”. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.

CONCERTGEBOUW AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS August 20, 1972 DISC ONE 01. Introduction 02. Eat At Home 03. Smile Away 04. Bip Bop 05. Mumbo 06. 1882 07. I Would Only Smile 08. Give Ireland Back To The Irish 09. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 10. The Mess 11. Best Friend 12. Soily 13. I Am Your Singer 14. Henry’s Blues 15. Say You Don’t Mind 16. Seaside Woman 17. Wild Life 18. My Love 19. Mary Had A Little Lamb

DISC TWO 01. Maybe I’m Amazed 02. Hi, Hi, Hi 03. Long Tall Sally

THE BRUCE McMOUSE SHOW SOUNDTRACK SOUNDBOARD RECORDING 04. Big Barn Bed 05. Eat At Home 06. Bip Bop 07. The Mess 08. Wild Life 09. Mary Had A Little Lamb 10. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 11. I Am Your Singer 12. Seaside Woman 13. My Love 14. Maybe I’m Amazed 15. Hi Hi Hi 16. Long Tall Sally