Paul McCartney (3/Cd/Dvd) Chaos And Creations In The Studio

Paul McCartney (3/Cd/Dvd)  Chaos And Creations In The Studio
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Paul McCartney (3/Cd/Dvd)  Chaos And Creations In The Studio
After resuming the tour for the first time in nine years in 2002, Paul has repeated tours almost like every year. Band members of the tour can be said to be the longest immobilized band in Paul’s career. Band members supporting the tour do both live recording as well as recording. Routing called album production and new tour is repeated. Meanwhile, the work of a different color is “CHAOS AND CREATIONS IN THE BACKYARD”. This is an album Paul recorded alone during the tour. In 1989, a press conference was held to start the tour for the first time in ten years. Among them, “We released” McCartney “in 1970 and” McCartney II “in 1980. Paul was smiling with a question as to if there is a schedule for” III “in 1990? Dare to say, “CHAOS AND CREATION IN THE BACKYARD” is equivalent to “McCARTNEY III”. However, “McCARTNEY” and “McCARTNEY II” were the ones with private atmosphere in front of the room in a closed-door atmosphere, whereas “CHAOS AND CREATION”, thanks to the progress of the equipment, · Sounds very similar to the sound, very rich variations are recorded. In recent years Paul’s best album since “FLAMING PIE” is not a lot of people cite.

Originally this album was scheduled to produce by George Martin, but due to the aging reason, Nigel · Godrich, who was introduced instead, decided to be in charge. Paul and McCartney are the only artists who received a request for work for Paul McCartney for Nigel, who is the first work of Paul. It seems that there was a “fearless” part that does not pass even if saying king, Nagashima, Kaneda to the young player now. Paul as an impression of the first meeting recollects that “I thought that I will hit this stubborn criticizing my demonstration sound source from the studio.” Actually Nigel’s attitude towards the job opponent sometimes caused conflict, and there were cases where the recording was torn down. However, there was a need to set up the face of the introducer George Martin, and recording was carried out by Paul and Nigel in collaboration under the judgment that it should be done well even for work. Originally Paul was supposed to be an album in the band, but switching to a single recording also followed the idea of ​​Nigel.

Such album “chaos and creation of the backyard” was released in September 2005. And the national tour started just after the release, and it is remembered that many songs of this new album were shown. Apart from that, the tour itself was a promotion of the album but apart from that, Paul’s fondness for this album is felt, such as performing at the local radio station of each land visited and performing live performances We did promotional activities. It is this work that summarizes them. I think that it is only recently, the album of 2005 which already has become part of history, and the studio live accompanying it, is compiled into this work in 2005. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board.

DISC ONE SOLD ON SONG BBC RADIO 2 01. Introduction 02. About Recording At Abbey Road 03. Friends To Go 04. In Spite Of All The Danger 05. Twenty Flight Rock 06. Things We Said Today 07. Too Much Rain 08. How Kind Of You 09. Band On The Run 10. Fine Line 11. Lady Madonna 12. English Tea 13. Heartbreak Hotel 14. Jenny Wren 15. Follow Me 16. Blackbird 17. Using The Mellotron 18. Strawberry Fields Forever 19. Anyway 20. Finale

DISC TWO ALBUM OUTTAKES 01. Comfort Of Love 02. Growing Up Falling Down 03. She Is So Beautiful 04. Summer Of ’59 05. I Want You To Fly 06. This Loving Game

VIRGIN BREAKFAST SHOW 07. Friends To Go 08. Follow Me 09. Too Much Rain 10. Paul Helps Annabel Part Finish A Song 11. Yellow Submarine

FRONT ROW, BBC RADIO 4 12. How Kind Of You 13. Jenny Wren #1 14. Jenny Wren #2 15. Lady Madonna 16. Anyway

ZANE LOWE, BBC RADIO1 17. Friends To Go 18. Anyway 19. I’ve Got A Feeling


PROMOTIONAL RADIO EDIT 21. Jenny Wren (promo radio edit)

INSTRUMENTAL VERSIONS 22. Riding To Vanity Fair 23. At The Mercy 24. Anyway

ADOPT-A-MINEFIELD BENEFIT, L.A 25. Comfort Of Love (rehearsal)

EARLY MIX 26. Too Much Rain

LONDON XFM STUDIOS 27. Jenny Wren 28. How Kind Of You 29. Riding To Vanity Fair


DISC THREE UNKNOWN RADIO SOURCE 01. Jenny Wren vs. Blackbird

BBC RADIO, LONDON 02. How Kind Of You 03. Jenny Wren 04. Friends To Go 05. Riding To Vanity Fair 06. Follow Me

PIANO INSTRUMENTAL 07. I’ve Only Got Two Hands


SESSIONS AT AOL 09. Fine Line 10. English Tea 11. Let It Be 12. Friends To Go 13. Follow Me 14. The Long And Winding Road

BBC RADIO “LIVE 8” 15. Lady Madonna & interview

ALBUM BONUS DVD 16. Fine Line (‘oopsed’ version) 17. Fine Line (‘mixdown’ version) 18. Chaos Session Snippets 19. Jenny Wren (instrumental) 20. Fine Line (piano intro)

TOUR REHEARSALS, MIAMI 21. Fine Line 22. English Tea 23. Follow Me

‘ELLEN’ TV SHOW 24. How Kind Of You (‘duet’ with Ellen) 25. Fine Line 26. English Tea 27. Get Back

XM SATELLITE RADIO 28. How Kind Of You 29. Fine line 30. Follow me 31. Bouree – Blackbird

DVD DISC CHAOS AND CREATION AT ABBEY ROAD 01. Introduction 02. Friends To Go 03. How Kind Of You 04. Band On The Run 05. In Spite Of All Danger 06. Twenty Flight Rock 07. Lady Madonna 08. English Tea 09. Heartbreak Hotel 10. Improvisation Song 11. Strawberry Fields Forever 12. Jenny Wren 13. I’ve Got A Feeling 14. Blackbird 15. That’s All For Now 16. Blue Suade Shoes

SESSIONS @ AOL 17. Introduction 18. English Tea 19. Fine Line 20. Follow Me 21. Friends To Go 22. Let It Be 23. The Long And Winding Road

ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW 24. Introduction 25. Fine Line 26. English Tea 27. Get Back 28. Drive My Car

SUPER BOWL 2005HALF TIME SHOW 29. Drive My Car 30. Get Back 31. Live And Let Live 32. Hey Jude

48th GRAMMY AWARDS 33. Fine Line 34. Helter Skelter