Paul McCartney (3/Cd) Lyceum Theatre Dress Rehearsal

Paul McCartney (3/Cd) Lyceum Theatre Dress Rehearsal
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Paul McCartney (3/Cd) Lyceum Theatre Dress Rehearsal
Paul, who announced the tour in 1989, had been rehearsing carefully because it was the first tour in 10 years. This work is a complete recording of the so-called Genepro, a rehearsal that was held just before the performance. Although it is only for the people concerned and the media, it is a stage just like the actual performance in front of the audience. The set list is not the final one, but it seems that the reaction was confirmed through the rehearsal in this way and the set list was solidified. At that time, “CHOBA B CCCP” was released only in Russia, and it should be noted that “SUMMER TIME”, which was removed as a result, is being played.

In addition to the press conference of the tour announcement, the live performance performed for the press at the press conference and its rehearsal are also recorded. Some of you may remember playing “MATCH BOX” at a Japanese press conference when you first arrived in 1990. It was customary to play several songs as a promotion everywhere I went.

This work is completely recorded with the first appearance sound source of high sound quality that has never appeared in the world. It is wonderful to hear the public dress rehearsal at the Lyceum Theater, where only bad sounds existed until now, with such high sound quality. I want you to enjoy a concert with a different atmosphere from the later tour.

LYCEUM THEATRE, NYC NEW YORK U.S.A. August 24, 1989 evening show DISC ONE 01. Figure Of Eight 02. Jet 03. Rough Ride 04. Got To Get You Into My Life 05. Band On The Run 06. We Got Married 07. Put It There 08. Things We Said Today 09. Summertime 10. Can’t Buy Me Love 11. I Saw Her Standing There 12. This One 13. My Brave Face 14. Twenty Flight Rock

DISC TWO 01. The Long And Winding Road 02. Ain’t That A Shame 03. Let It Be 04. Coming Up

PRESS CONFERENCE 05. Program Introduction 06. Conference Introduction 07. Complete Press Conference

DISC THREE SOUNDCHECK AIR-CHECK SOURCE 01. Introduction 02. Blue Suede Shoes 03. Matchbox

FM SOURCE 04. Introduction 05. Blue Suede Shoes 06. Matchbox 07. Testing instruments 08. Break Talk

PRESS REHEARSAL AIR-CHECK SOURCE 09. Figure of Eight 10. This One 11. Coming Up

FM SOURCE 12. Introduction 13. Figure of Eight 14. This One 15. Coming Up 16. Scott Muni narration

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