Paul McCartney Back To Budokan 2015 (April 28th ,2015 Budokan , Tokyo , Japan ) ( 5 CD Set w/Slipcase )

Paul McCartney Back To Budokan 2015 (April 28th ,2015 Budokan , Tokyo , Japan ) ( 5 CD Set w/Slipcase )
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Paul McCartney Back To Budokan 2015 (April 28th ,2015 Budokan , Tokyo , Japan ) ( 5 CD Set w/Slipcase )
■ April 28, 2015 Budokan performances are recorded in superb stereo sound board sound source. ■ complete recording in the day of pre-production sound check also stereo IEM sound board. ■ Sound board recorded DJ music that was flowing at the venue before the curtain in the bonus disc. ■ In addition to recording the state of the venue until the curtain at the audience sound source from the entrance. ■ 2014 Years of the recorded message of Paul himself towards the visit to Japan of both in 2015. ■ three-fold inner inclusion of the day of the photo-packed. ■ “ask for your cooperation” with replica that was distributed on the day of attendance. ■ with a slip case has been followed the design of the extra newspapers. [History of Japan Tour] Paul McCartney has played 8 degrees until now, a visit to Japan. 1966 The first of the Beatles era. And 1980 is the second time you’ve been arrested. Then, either the Legal Affairs Bureau in the fact that foreigners there is a criminal record is not not issued the entry permit, it was said or not not be another Paul steps on the land of Japan. After being further arrested in 1980 in Japan, Wings natural extinction. And allies John Lennon at the end of the same year it celebrated the shocking death that fall in Kyodan, Paul was rumored or conducted tour, much less than not to leave the front stage with. 80s etc. By what single live appearance, it was thought whether thing about concert tour will be unrelated to a Decade (’10). However, in 1989 about 10 years of the tour is announced, fans were ecstatic. Starting from the Oslo “GET BACK TOUR” is longitudinal the world, and was carried out over two years. And also that of 1990’s first visit to Japan performance was organized as part of its world tour. This was the third time in Japan. Already it is the quarter-century ago. Then, in “THE NEW WORLD TOUR” in 1993, and played a fourth time visit to Japan, Japan tour of Paul that long-awaited only there is a thing that has been made even twice in a short period of time, it seems nostalgic to become now .

But the next 1994 or later, Paul will enter the era of re-long silence. As it were from the fan, but can not dispel think that if carried out more aggressively tour in this era, this era is poor Linda’s condition, we’ll wanted to focus on nursing Even in Paul . Is large achievement of Linda Among such, moist and calm album was the name record called “framing pie” to things, it was very large as a tour of the price. Then, from the fact there are many songs to play in live from this album, you will of Paul himself was the album that felt the response. And Linda is Linda in 1998 and died.

Although Linda was Paul who was suspended the activities back and forth to death, that was the impetus of the field return was the album “Driving Rain.” And we resumed the tour from 2002 the United States along with this album release. Already passed nine years since the last tour, also from the fact that artists were few that have carried out a large-scale tour in active service at the same age, no longer able to carry out the tour, the road of this remains quietly recording artist I tour became announced just when it had appeared to be whether the walk. And recording member of the “Driving Rain” is, as it becomes a band to accompany Paul of the tour, this team is the longest in the pole of career, it will be followed by that band until now. And from 2002, it conducted a tour as almost every year, that in continuing the tour in 2015 now, and you will move the axis foot for a long time to concert activities.

In the meantime, we will play for the fifth time Japan tour in 2002. This time, the ones that Tokyo three times Osaka twice, there is also the fact that nine years, was promotion is carried out quite a big way. However, as described above, since 2002, there was the tour is carried out as almost every year, is why Japan tour did not have that since 2002, it is bear. Then, after the visit to Japan of nine years, it was OUT THERE TOUR of recent memory in 2013 is even more was done 11 years. While concerts in countries around the world has become a hot topic, but only there was a feeling that was left behind Japan, it is a long-awaited visit to Japan performance, and that performance of Paul and the band has a great can of skilled , it was what stole the topic of this year.

Immediately after the Japan tour of the 2013, but rumors of re-visit to Japan had been flowing vaguely, it it became announcement coming to Japan again a whopping six months later. That in ’11 the first time of the visit to Japan of the next six months the first time in Japan, was the Japan tour announced in anything strange span. Actually Paul on the occasion of visit to Japan in 2013, but is that had hoped strongly an outdoor venue, conventional dome stadium became the venue due to various circumstances. But would not mean that the Revenge, Japan tour of 2014, not the dome stadium that has been a venue for every visit to Japan until now, that Nagai Stadium and the National Stadium that demolition had been decided, huge outdoor Stadium has been chosen. And it surprisingly since 1966 Budokan performances became published in added. But, unfortunately, by the sudden illness of the pole as you know, all the performances has become canceled.

And it was in 2015 had been bear Japan tour again awaited. That said was the previous year stop, that Paul will visit Japan for the third consecutive year, like a dream for fans, I can not believe event has occurred for fans from the 80s. It is a much younger look age that already also 73-year-old Paul said, just now what is said to be the last visit to Japan, it is a place fresh in memory of a lot of fans were welcome. Not already the National Stadium, but the venue was selected is conventional dome stadium in Tokyo and Osaka, in the last day, it was also announced that it that perform a concert whopping Budokan. From 2015 Japan tour, which became a full 5 performances, this work is the last day Budokan performances April 28, will be the title that was recorded in the sound board. [Budokan] For Nippon Budokan … Japanese, this much would not be a special fondness venue. Built as Tokyo Olympic venues to the model Yumedono of Horyuji Temple, called the rich connected to the Imperial Palace, at the venerable venue carve the history as a Hall of Fame of the martial arts, the place is also said Holy Land especially for Beatles fans. As a pioneering figure that it has become the venue of the Beatles Japan tour of 1966, Cheap Trick, Clapton, Dylan, etc., performed live a number of international artists, also a number of Meien was released as “Live at Budokan” Runado, the famous venue in the world. In its place, Paul McCartney since the Beatles, we stand on the same stage for the first time in about half a century. This fan not excited about the fact would not. Actually Osaka and Tokyo Dome concerts much hazy, the topic has focused on the Budokan this time. And if the ticket is an unprecedented price of 100,000 yen, the seat is unprecedented that the full lottery, can ask the how this Budokan performances was something special. You later, set list be of Budokan unique, or this would not be above all of the evidence that had to understand the implications with the venue that Paul himself Budokan.

[Concert] In front of the Budokan concert, 1 concert in Osaka, it had been finished three performances already in Tokyo, and only in the Son, and the Budokan and has been with the set list is different from the normal, is among fans now have high expectations It was. The first track what is, or become a set list that was conscious of the Budokan concert of the Beatles, Budokan performances various speculation it was greeted in disarray. Opening was a whopping “Can not Buy Me Love”. It appeared at the same time I slowly began to sing into the microphone, great opening from the beginning, such as full throttle. And, set list was the opening that was convinced that it’s special set of very Budokan unique. The set list is almost fixed dome performances, but then was a concert or you are spoilers to play the what, when it comes to the Son and the Budokan, then it is not possible to predict or to play any song, and special that just can be pounding in real time It was a concert. 4 become Japan’s first showcase to track pop out “One After 909”, such as the encore to play “Birthday”, just Budokan unique set list. In this way usually set a different concert as it does not look at the kind until now, that itself is unusual that performing such special concert as part of the tour. Paul also, I will again Omowasa and whether this Budokan has a special fondness in. And what as it also became a topic to say this time, is “Another Girl” the Budokan has become the world’s first public. Only the presence the fan in this place is was able to listen to the first in the world, a new pick Beatles number. Of course there is no possibility that live performance in the Beatles era, it is a special song that was played in the first stage through a half-century from the announcement. Do not accustomed still playing, the Paul had frequently played bass while watching the hand it was impressive. By the way, in the song that was played at that time as the Beatles, also it was played again this time only two songs of “pay-per-back-writer” and “Yesterday”. Moreover, the former in recent years of arrangements guitar solo has been added to the second half, the latter the only keyboard that acoustic and Wicks has played, was played in a different form from the approximately Beatles era.

The disk 1 and 2 of this work, I have recorded this Budokan concert with ultra-high-quality stereo sound board. Paul appeared venue SE of “The End” of the introduction, and begins a concert … of the day excitement for us to reproduce intact. Of course newly performs 24bit digital remastering When this time of recording, so we carried out a downsizing from there to the CD standard, there is no deterioration of any of the sound, and not in the sound source from the mere picture, great sound is more mellow to it features that have been upgraded. Originally the video accompanying raw sound, in which mastering is focused on video, was not really good reputation initially than flat. Therefore, the present work is to shine anew sound in the studio over a period of time, without impairing the U~omi and natural original air, it has been carefully re-mastering is applied in order to re-build on a sound image in a more direct. The Ya serving its effect, as viewed in the waveform of the sound is also the difference is obvious, from treble to bass sounds a thunk, maximize the sound component, which has been included in the original sound source, and a great finish like a different thing now it has. Perhaps you think the title of the same system is a number release, but apart from them and, you have just become a worthy workmanship To Watch with sound alone. This wonderful sound quality, the difference in tone, we would like to come hear compared.

Also at the end of the disk 2, as a bonus track, “New” by the audience sound source has been 2 take recording. The first take would be a pole mistake on the way, although what Drying, which is to broadcast as it is Will 憚 obtained, I was back playing for the “cover piece” from the middle song again . It is Take 2. In the day of the Budokan, but these two songs was played continuously, by editing these two take the sound board sound source, you have become a thing that was played through without mistakes. With an emphasis on document properties in this work, high by the quality audience recording, editing The only broadcasting has been recorded to leave 2 take unedited the “New” here was done. [Sound Check] In the Japan Tour, and it is the venue of the only arena class, it is possible that the location where you want to play for the first time in this band in the past, the day has been made elaborate sound check. For sound check intended for the normal VIP ticket buyers of such much less than the approximately 1 hour, Budokan is little over an hour before Paul visitors, Paul is a little over an hour to participate, each over a two-and-a-half hours finely check the instrument. The concert will be met with shooting is done, it sounds check seriously itself in the only band and officials to not put the customer was done.

In the portion corresponding to the disk 3, still Paul is not the venue filled, adjustment and sound out of the instrument by two people and the staff of Wicks and Abe. We recorded how the sound check has been made in mainly focused on keyboard. You can not play repeatedly the new song that has not been played “Hope For The Future” is a concert, you’re playing repeatedly, such as “Penny Lane”, which eventually did not play in the Japan Tour. Rusty and Brian arrived from the middle, it will participate in the sound check. This is a sound check with the band four members other than Paul.

And you have the pole in the disk 4 is recorded sound check after arrival. Enough band warms the adjustment of the instrument also lump almost, Paul appeared in only the state take the confirmation of the boss, I will say hello to people in the venue. This day at sound check that does not open to the public in general Unlike Kyocera Dome and Tokyo Dome, to eliminate the minute entertainment, to be playing or repeating the same songs over and over again, the sound check, which also serves as a rehearsal has been done carefully You. “Matchbox” and “Honey Do not” such as to start at the Oldies number is similar to the normal public sound check, but that has been especially carefully done “Got-to Get You Into My Life “It is three songs of” Penny Lane, “” Another Girl “. “~ Into My Life” will for sure careful that it is called to play for the first time in a long time at the Budokan concert story has been made. And similarly “Another Girl” This Budokan concert mean that the main part of the eye and it is live premiere, which also carefully repeated many times final confirmation has been made.

Sound check I basically was private, but here’s has been recorded is what is referred to as the IEM recording, chat between the pole of the song, of course, conversations with each member, such as instructions to the staff in a clear, it’s a sound board sound source heard in vivid ear. Noise without such a course poor reception, and I are completely recording over about two hours and a half. Moreover, instead of the IEM recording specific poor slender mechanical sound, even to have been recorded in the sound of boned with depth and thickness, where you hide other similar titles and clear distinction.

Furthermore Piccadilly of its outstanding panel “JUST ONE NIGHT AT JUDO ARENA” differs, is that this work has been recorded in stereo sound source. Such as the goodness of the spread and separation of sound, rather than its outstanding mono, that it has been recorded in stereo IEM sound board, I think that if you could not miss listening compared. [EXTRA DISC] Next it is about the extra disk that corresponds to the disk 5. What was impressive in concert, it is that the BGM sampled songs of Paul’s solo and Wings era at the venue had been washed away along with the screen image before curtain. And “The End” is sign of concerts start with cover songs. Customer electricity fell, raged at the same time and venue are dim cheers. And non-real world that Paul was illuminated in blue spots appeared, beginning with the lightly greeting. “DJ Sampling Music” of track 1, it has recorded the BGM that was used in this opening in the sound board. Of course configuration is different from the 2013, new DJ sampling that has been made for 2015 tour. Of particular impression strong, loop death “Kamidazu, Kamidazu, Kamidazu …” begin to suffer to the rhythm of the “heart of love song” called “Temporary Secretary”, further again “Kamidazu, Kamidazu, Kamidazu …” and, It is followed by “The End” leading part. Only by listening to this, you’ll be coming back to me is pounding sense of fuss chest of the day of the concert. Of course to the sound board sound source, cheer is the clean version that does not suffer until the end.

Then, this is I have been recorded as a document, at the audience recording, have been recorded appearance of venue from the Budokan admission to the concert start. The clerk of the state to encourage the admission, bustle of the venue from the seated. Announcement telling the notes of an introduction and the venue of the organizers. And the audience of the wave that begins spontaneously. BGM in a venue that is flowing much the meantime. The musical and does not noteworthy, but, as the day of the document has become the best recorded. That day, that person that was realistic to the venue of course be enjoyed as memories, even those who could not go unfortunately, is the atmosphere perfect score of the sound source can feel the pounding before the concert started as a simulated experience.

In addition the second half, the message is by Paul toward the Japan tour has been recorded. Initially recording a message towards 2014 Japan became an eventually discontinued. Along with the Japanese called “Mataaimashou”, the message is that I do the Japan Tour Part 2. Furthermore Budokan message two recording towards performance. In addition to the acknowledgments that Tokyo and Osaka stadium concert became sold out, that the Budokan concert has been added, the person that like Paul himself is very excited upon Budokan performances he says in his mouth. However, by you know as poor physical condition of, has become to stop all Japan tour of 2014. Overseas media reports stating that the 2014 Japan tour has been canceled also has recorded three.

And it has recorded two newly recording messages towards the Japan tour of 2015. The first message is due to the whole band, message that’m going to see from now after finishing the rehearsal to Japanese fans. In Paul single message, that Japan tour of 2013 was the best of things, and that Japan tour of 2014 it is thought very sorry that was canceled, to go to Japan again in 2015 The contents that are looking forward to it. And finally in the form of answering questions from the fans, Japanese fans climate also great, why go to Japan says the fact that there are many. [Inner] This work mean that Budokan performances by the historical Paul McCartney for the first time in about half a century, and is put feelings that Leave as much as possible the memories of the day, it is not only a sound source, the entire set as a visual material 6 of the surface spread inner have been filled. And using plenty day unpublished photos of, seating chart of the Budokan, Budokan tickets, flyers that tell the Budokan concert, T-shirts and key chains were sold on the day, also goods photo, such as towels are listed. I think that if you as an auxiliary viewing to tell us the day of the atmosphere.

In addition, it Separately, the day lights change color by remote control to the seat was put. This light effectively been used in, such as “Let It Be” and “hey jude”, would be many people who look at the pictures that the audience has fluorescence in large Japanese flag and the Union Jack. In that light “to the Japanese fans of everyone. Is to Paul McCartney’s your identity is the director of the secret” had notice is served to begin with. By reprint the note, which also has been sealed. Just the day, the person who was immersive and is the same as those in hand. The back has become “the first time in half a century, stand! In Nippon Budokan” to the design of impressive newspaper advertisement that. [BACK TO BUDOKAN 2015] This work, the last day is a highlight of the Japan tour of 2015, the Budokan performances that would become legend, recorded in a sound board. Sound check, also recorded such as the opening DJ music in the sound board. Message to the Japanese fans by further documents and Paul himself to enjoy the atmosphere of the day of the venue, further including an inner is sealed, which was published the day of photos and memorabilia, and important memorial to the essence of the 2015 Japan tour has been condensed and finished to become title. Permanent Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disc specification. With a slip case.

CONCERT – STEREO SOUNDBOARD – DISC ONE 01. Before The Show Music 02. Can’t Buy Me Love 03. Save Us 04. All My Loving 05. One After 909 06. Let Me Roll It 07. Paperback Writer 08. My Valentine 09. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five 10. Maybe I’m Amazed 11. I’ve Just Seen A Face 12. Another Day 13. Dance Tonight 14. We Can Work It Out 15. And I Love Her 16. Blackbird 17. New 18. Lady Madonna

DISC TWO 01. Another Girl 02. Got To Get You Into My Life 03. Being For The Benefit Of Mr.Kite! 04. Ob La Di Ob La Da 05. Back In The U.S.S.R. 06. Let It Be 07. Live And Let Die 08. Hey Jude 09. Yesterday 10. Birthday 11. Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight – The End

CONCERT – AUDIENCE RECORDING – 12. New 13. New reprise

SOUNDCHECK – STEREO IEM RECORDING – DISC THREE 01. Soundcheck Starts 02. Hope For The Future #1 03. Hope For The Future #2 04. Listen To What The Man Said #1 05. Listen To What The Man Said #2 06. Lady Madonna 07. Testing Keyboards 08. Listen To What The Man Said #3 09. Testing Drums 10. Testing Keyboards and Drums 11. Penny Lane #1 12. Penny Lane #2 13. Penny Lane #3 14. Lady Madonna #1 15. Hope For The Future 16. Rusty and Brian joins 17. Got To Get You Into My Life #1 18. Got To Get You Into My Life #2 19. Temporary Secretary 20. Jam #1 21. Jam #2 22. Testing Piano 23. Jam #3 24. Hope For The Future #3 25. Jam #4 26. Jam #5 27. Band On The Run – Jam#6 28. The Long And Winding Road 29. Jam #7 30. Jam #8 31. Testing Piano

DISC FOUR 01. Paul joins and Greetings 02. Match Box 03. Honey Don’t 04. Flaming Pie 05. Penny Lane #1 06. Got To Get You Into My Life 07. Another Girl 08. Another Girl 09. Penny Lane #2-#4 10. Penny Lane #5 11. Martha My Dear 12. C Moon 13. Celebration 14. It’s So Easy 15. San Francisco Bay Blues 16. Midnight Special 17. Dance Tonight 18. Bluebird 19. Time For Massage 20. Lady Madonna


DOCUMENT INSIDE BUDOKAN BEFORE THE SHOW – AUDIENCE RECORDING – 04. Entering Budokan 05. In The Budokan 06. Announcement 07. Before The Music #1 08. Audience Wave 09. Before The Music #2

MESSEGES 2014 10. Japan Tour 2014 11. Budokan Concert 2014 #1 12. Budokan Concert 2014 #2 13. Cancelled Due To Illness #1 14. Cancelled Due To Illness #2 15. Cancelled Due To Illness #3

MESSEGES 2015 16. Japan Tour 2015 #1 17. Japan Tour 2015 #2 18. Question and Answer about Japan