Paul McCartney Cd "Oobu Joobu Part 7

Paul McCartney Cd "Oobu Joobu Part 7
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There's No Businesss Like Show Business (unknown)

(unidentified) (date unknown)

Paul McCartney Hollywood styled song by unknown female vocalist "Funny 'and know' vocals by Paul & Linda at the end" Oobu Joobu Jingle (McCartney)

(unidentified) (date unknown)

Paul McCartney introducing the show and crying for having no special guest today... 2. Twenty Flight Rock (Cochran/Fairchild) 02:57 Rehearsal (date unknown)

Paul McCartney Studio rehearsal (studio chat and introduction can be heard at the end of previous track) 3. The Girl Can't Help It (Troup) 01:11 (unidentified) (date unknown)

Paul McCartney Chat about the film, Eddy Cochran and meeting John at Woolton fete 4. Summertime Blues (Cochran) 01:57 Regular (date unknown)

Paul McCartney Eddie Cochran c.v. + soundcheck jingle 0:07 5. Summertime Blues (Cochran) 04:14 Soundcheck 1993

Paul McCartney soundcheck 1993 (complete) 6. Reggae Tunes And Higlights (MCartney) 02:24 (unidentified) (date unknown)

Paul McCartney rude studio corner (1977 ?) track appeared complete on Oobu Joobu Part 4 (track 20 as bonus) 7. Deacon Blue (Steely Dan ?) 06:19 Regular (date unknown)

Paul McCartney c.v. by Steely Dan 8. Drive My Car (Lennon/McCartney) 02:26 Soundcheck 1993

Paul McCartney 'Trough the mists of time jingle' soundcheck 1993 9. You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) (Lennon/McCartney) 06:04 (unidentified) (date unknown)

Paul McCartney O.J. jingle, chat about 'You Know My Name' , Brian Jones coming to the sessions, "one of my favorite Beatles tracks..." 10. Cook Of The House (McCartney) 01:50 (unidentified) (date unknown)

Paul McCartney Linda's Recipe (Garlic bread) 11. Wild Prairie (McCartney/McCartney) 04:32 (unidentified) (date unknown)

Paul McCartney Jun-Jul 1974 Nashville ?, Paris 1976 ? Paul and Linda unreleased song (booted as Wide Prairie before) 12. Doing It All Day Long (unknown) 01:16 (unidentified) (date unknown)

Paul McCartney unidentified old movie track 13. Oobu Joobu Jingle (McCartney) 01:14 (unidentified) (date unknown)

Paul McCartney jingle 30's styled , We'll be back in a moment 14. Oobu Joobu Jingle (McCartney) 01:26 (unidentified) (date unknown)

Paul McCartney country styled + introduction for Courtly Dancers 15. Courtly Dancers (Benjamin Britton) 01:25 (unidentified) (date unknown)

Paul McCartney by Julian Bream from Gloriana 16. Give Us A Chord Roy (McCartney) 00:54 Demo (date unknown)

Paul McCartney Rude studio demo (incomplete) 17. Oh Mama, Eh Papa (unknown) 04:35 Soundcheck 13 Oct 1993

Paul McCartney Soundcheck Paris, Palies Omnisports (13/10/93) Oobu Joobu Jingle (McCartney)

(unidentified) (date unknown)

Paul McCartney outro jingle Soon You're Singing With Me (Smith/Snyder/Wheeler) 01:57 (unidentified) (date unknown)

Paul McCartney some fooling around 'Sheik Of Araby' in the studio (1989 ?)) 19. Act 5: Payment (McCartney) 03:31 (unidentified) 18-24 Dec 1989

Paul McCartney From Daumier's Law Spring 1992 : Paul for "Daumier's Law" animation movie 20. Act 6: Release (McCartney) 00:44 (unidentified) 18-24 Dec 1989

Paul McCartney Spring 1992 : Paul for "Daumier's Law" animation movie