Paul McCartney / Searching For Him Everywhere 2001-2014 / 4CD

Paul McCartney / Searching For Him Everywhere 2001-2014 / 4CD
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Paul McCartney / Searching For Him Everywhere 2001-2014 / 4CD
Paul McCartney that performed the large-scale world tour in 1993, there is also for Linda to focus on treatment, then, etc. if one-shot is of appearances, did not have to do the tour. Stage in the one-shot also, significantly decline such as Montserrat Island concert, was thought to longer or until this is also the pole. But in 2002, announced that it will conduct a tour with a new band in about 9 years. Degreased from Residual of Linda died, also dating starts with Heather that becomes the next wife in those days, and I again came to the limelight. Moreover, decline in the late 1990s is not even feel the speck, fans were surprised to rather power-up stage. Superhuman first time that do a year before last stage of 3 hours strong even in Japan tour is still fresh in memory.

Began World Tour from 2002, is currently still ongoing, will also be done again Japan tour in April 2015. By early ones, Paul live activities of which was revived in 2002 Auckland also, trying to course the speed ’13. DRIVING TOUR is, when it is said that what was that of another ’13 before, it is incredibly it seemed like the most recent thing. To Paul’s appearance remains still youthful, and that it is reached the concert has been prolonged with each passing year, the pole that is retrograde like the old, it is just amazing nothing but.

This work are from 2001 that initiated the activity along with the now of the band, from tour sound source over the 14 years up to the most recent in 2014, a rare song of anthology format that has been compiled at the center live sound source collection. Songs such as “Heijudo” and “Let It Be”, “Yesterday” in this work are not included. “The die’s guys” also are not also included “jet”. They are as McCartney Classics, is a staple song being played in all of the tour. The concept of this work, rather than the familiar songs like playing such every night, the time, the only such as not playing at the tour, such as not to play with poppy By now, the rare number are recorded in chronological, in Paul’s tour is said to be poor to change, indeed only this new attempt, I would like to reaffirm the fact that he had a change of set list, it is that.


The trial run stage in 2001 before leaving to World Tour. This work from the “I’m Down” in the charity concert for the American terrorist attacks will begin. This song is a live performance for the first time since The Beatles, was later incorporated into the set list in 2009 American tour. “From Lover To A Friend” is a song at the time of new album, not to be played in a later tour, this was the only live take as a result. Sang that of Heather “Your Loving Flame”, the now that was divorced in dispute, is the song would not be used to sing poppy future.

You finally tour will begin in 2002. When I listen quite preliminary knowledge without, it can ask the thing was really surprise selection of music. Opening one song is “Hello Goodbye”. “Getting Better” is also a song to be played for the first time after the Beatles disbanded. “Mother Nature’s acid” There was that it was played only once in 1993, was built in the regular tour when this is the first time. And, rare number that will not be played in the subsequent tour. “Vanilla Sky” was only played in song in the 2002 tour of the same name for the movie. “Something” is, Concert for George after, but the second half in the first half ukulele is now played in a band arrangement, it has been played only in the ukulele through the still full-length in 2002. “C Moon” is that it was played as part of the medley in 1975, although at the sound check was classic songs, when this is the first time that was played in neatly full. “Her Majesty” is playing at the Queens Jubilee, so far only live take. “You Never Give Me Your Money” and “Carry That Weight” is Paul single performance by piano, become parody called “~ you have forgotten the lyrics” in the middle, the medley of only in 2002 tour. “She’s Leaving Home” also Beatles number that was played only in 2002 and 2003. Beautifully extend treble of pole you can enjoy. Be tough song to sing to become now? ! Course has also been playing a few songs from the new album “Driving Rain” was released along with this tour. This also I will say that rare song selection that has not been completely played since 2002. In particular, this time, was singing frequently even in single-shot events and television appearances “Freedom” is perhaps the music that symbolizes the 2002.

2003, the World Tour continued from the previous year Oyobi in Europe, the dates that marks the final in his hometown Liverpool. Rome performances ancient ruins Coliseum becomes venue, because usually it became a tour with different acoustic live, valuable live version was left in large numbers. Beatles era apple was singing “Honey Do not” is also here for the first time Paul live performance by the stage was held. “Volare” includes, but is at that time in 2003 had shed frequently even in Japan CM of low-malt beer, might most famous of parody of Imoarai-zaka chief and has become the now. That it is Paul version. Instead of your play, and has been playing well, it is a special song of Rome unique. “Maggie Mae” in the history of the only live take, ultra-rare number of alone with it has been played once in Liverpool this year. Unlike the Beatles playing, and intended to be played in full, originally will be surprised with what was this song. “I Lost My Little Girl” is what has been hurriedly played in response to the audience of the voice.

The 2004 is only a short tour has been carried out in Europe, you will that it lays the rather few rare number. “Flaming Pie” is to is so also the first time that it has been played, live premiere of “You Will not See Me”, even “She’s a Woman” is there a that it has been played at Unplugged in 1991, this It is a performance in neatly band in the year of live. “I’ll Follow The Sun” is fun atmosphere of arrangements last to repeat the refrain. And beautiful “For No One” is a song that had exposed the fact that not about live orientation. Last is recorded “All Things Must Pass” of George. Although the memorial corner of George was much “Something”, this song was being played for a period of time.

2005 is now a very fruitful year. Large-scale American tour is organized, I have mobilized a lot of audience in various locations. Rare number many, set list is renewed, listening far from full. Particularly surprising was it is that it was playing “Please Please Me” in the Beatles. Those that John’s voice singing an impressive this music in Paul the main, very unusual number of only 2005. And for another surprise was from the album “Ram”, “Too Meni – People” it is that has been taken up. Release of “WINGSPAN” as Paul says at the beginning is you will has become an opportunity to take up this song. Furthermore surprise I have become medley with “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window”. Of course, are also included plenty of new songs from the new album this year, “Chaos and Creation”. It is a prestigious album of name board, but the opportunity to play in live is a little lonely status quo that only this year. Therefore, live of this year has also become a factor that shines.

2006 divorce uproar broke out, did not have to go on tour. Only among such, I have performed live on stage at the Grammy awards ceremony. From this work is the only stage, and at the time of the new song “Fine Line”, has recorded a “to Luther Skelter” which was incorporated into the set list as a standard since 2004.

Also in 2007, has dragged the divorce problem that lasts from the previous year, but was not actively be out on tour, and that the one-off secret gig, and I was performed live only a few performances in a small venue. That none is at a premium, especially number included with your new album “Memory Almost Full”, except this year, no longer that most are played. It surrounds the misfortune in that era of the album live number is limited, therefore live take is very valuable. Especially amoeba music live is officially recorded, Paul also would be that was satisfied with the workmanship. “Coming Up” is playing at the iTunes festival, It thinks and s no a rare song selection, it is very finished in hard in the Arrange of Gorigori, recorded in the fact that “Coming Up” and also different rare arrangements of any age are we. Beatles era songs that apple was singing has been adopted here, in the sound check has been unveiled as one song of the familiar “Match Box” also neatly set list. “Calico Skies” is a song premiere was performed at 2002 Japan tour, at that time it was a style of bands playing in Paul’s acoustic guitar, grand arrangements that sing in the back the orchestra’s has been recorded here of it is rare version. And “Here Today” in amoeba-music, singing the way to the pole is the Kankiwamari excitement of take was recorded happening to become a tearful voice. This amoeba-in audience of music is also realistic apple, “I Saw Her Standing There” will begin with the introduction of the apple. But in order to avoid confusion, the apple before the song begins would be exit, Paul says the jokes as “Elvis Has Left The Building! So was RINGO!”.

Also 2008 tour is not performed, concert only four performances only. As the period that was lost for three years from 2006, sin of Heather that caused the divorce uproar that caused is heavy. However, unlike in the previous year, it features is that 2008 was held at the stadium of tens of thousands either. “Hippy Hippy Shake” is exactly the Beatles, just since the early live performances. “In Liverpool” is also valuable to live take of this time only. And was premiered in Ukraine, is reminiscent of the Russian folk song “Mrs Vanderbilt” is, and later, there are still long as classic set list. Speaking of the most surprise songs of this year it would be a medley of “A Day In The Life” and “peace to us.” Yoko and Olivia has been premiered in who is in the audience in Liverpool.

Also in 2009, the beginning of the year the tour is not performed, but was only stand in one-off stage, such as Coachella festivals and Las Vegas, and I get to tour around the United States and Europe over the winter from summer. “Honey Hush” was played for the first time in a long time in the Coachella festival. And was it song has been recorded in any moment? Also was played for the first time songs from Fire Man of “Sing The Changes” and “Highway” you’ve thought it was this year. In addition, “Day Tripper” has been adopted as a new Beatles number of eyeballs. “I Want To Come Home” is that the movie theme song, as promotion, it is a valuable live take that was played only in the winter tour of this year.

2010 or reaction that has taken up a new just music of the Beatles, it was a year tend to adopt many songs of Wings era. The whopping said also became reproduction and topic of “Wings Over America”, “Venus And Mars,” “Rock Show” and is still fresh in memory was started in surprise that resurrection is medley of “Jet”. No more nice opening is I was suddenly revived in 2010. It “wine color of girl”, “1985” Wings number etc. Other than has been many performances. “Bluebird” in the song of the same Wings is rare number that became a showcase of just two performances only. “Paperback Writer” is played also in 1993, the song became adopted again in 2009. Arrangements vary widely, the second half has been hard improvisation vocal is added in addition to the jam. It is a popular song on stage, it has been played in regular today. “Shine A Light In Mexico” is the song that was played only two shows in Mexico. The first time that “I’m Looking Through You” is played in addition to and live. “Two Of Us” is Rusty has served as John of understudy. And Speaking of ukulele is this song “Ram On”. It has been played several times in this year several times sideshow.

Winter of 2010, unlike the summer you have revolved around a large venue, short tours around the small club have been made. From songs of the early Beatles, such as “One After 909”, band arrangements version of “And I Love Her”, and cover number “Hitch Hike”, etc., song selection of Kurabugigu unique has been made. Among such, may decide that time basis the end of the year, “Wonderful Christmastime” is a place interesting for being played.

2011, we around the United States with a set list that you followed the previous year’s set list. And again in winter, European tour, including Russia was held. Relatively a short tour, what test run for the next year tour, there very unusual number is two songs. One is the “Come And Get It”. Very rare number that was played only in this short tour. This song you have ever heard quietly in such Sessions, No way Paul is featured in the tour, and to listen day come in live it is that it was unthinkable 30 years ago. And it was believed that the Na would be cool After playing in always live “The Word” is finally live debut. John Part also I’m singing through Paul. Service in excess “You Need Is Love All” making it the medley that leads to.

2012, the last year to become the tour title change “Up And Coming Tour” from “On The Run Tour”, it was the year it comes in a big way World Tour as ON THE RUN tour. This is the time in the time of Nancy and ardent love that becomes the next partner, enter the new song “My Valentine” is set list that is dedicated to Nancy, as the “past new song,” “Junior’s Farm”, even last year debuted I have recorded “The Night Before”, which became a. Was a surprise, it would be “Hope Of Deliverance” suddenly of the played in 1993. It thinks whether relatively new song, ’20 from the other release has elapsed, fully McCartney Classics. This song remember Paul is still, it is a place to be interesting that to play it in live.

Also in 2013 also, it was very fruitful year. New large stadium-class tour is carried out in the United States, set list is renewed. Begins with “Eight Days A Week”, and “All Together Now”, “meddling in that girl” in the Wings “Your Mother Should Know”, etc., each age until now, one song through about two songs, “past of the new song” as centerpiece The reason why the was only been added found mass introduced to come here. Moreover, “Lovely Rita” and added to “Mr. Kite”, it is songs domination likely momentum album “Sgt. Pepper’s”. In addition, this year is the new album “NEW” is release, the long-awaited Japan tour was held. Noteworthy is that is the first tour after the release Japan tour of 2013 is the new album. As expected, the song of the new album in Japan performances, has been many playing for the first time in the world.

The 2014 will stop Japan performances due to illness, the first half was nearly rest state. But in the summer to resume the American tour. And showed me a healthy appearance. New album release after is also that only it was not doing the tour in Japan, the US tour of the set list was one that was followed basically the previous year’s Japan tour. Although experimental new song in the first day Albani performance “On My Way To Work” has been played, it was deviates from the set list in just once. Or highlights of the National tour of this year would not be famous Candlestick Park performance as the place where the Beatles last concert was performed. Paul has also been conscious to fully be the, I was enthusiastically the same number “Sally of tall” and at that time the encore.


This work is to resume from 2001, is currently also the current progress of the pole of live, the evolution of the tour, it was followed by music selection of each tour unique. Japan tour of Paul is now published in 2015 spring. What set or a list to be but I look forward to, “Hey Jude” and “Let It Be”, a classic that has been played in regular such as “Black Bird”, as well as rare number, such as has been recorded in this work It is expected that is many played. Before that, once in this work, and try to bird’s-eye view here in ’14 or so of Paul of live and why not.

DISC ONE 2001 01. I’m Down October 10, 2001 02. From Lover To A Friend October 10, 2001 03. Your Loving Flame December 11, 2001

2002 04. Hello Goodbye November 2, 2002 05. Getting Better November 2, 2002 06. Lonely Road November 2, 2002 07. Driving Rain November 3, 2002 08. Mother Nature’s Son May 13, 2002 09. Vanilla Sky May 13, 2002 10. Something November 3, 2002 11. C Moon May 13, 2002 12. Her Majesty June 3, 2002 13. You Never Give Me Your Money – Carry That Weight September 24, 2002 14. She’s Leaving Home September 24, 2002 15. Freedom September 24, 2002

2003 16. Midnight Special May 10, 2003 17. Things We Said Today May 10, 2003 18. Honey Don’t May 10, 2003 19. Volare May 10, 2003 20. Maggie Mae June 1, 2003 21. I Lost My Little Girl June 1, 2003

2004 22. Flaming Pie June 26, 2004 23. Penny Lane June 26, 2004 24. You Won’t See Me May 30, 2004 25. She’s A Woman May 30, 2004 26. I’ll Follow The Sun May 30, 2004 27. For No One May 30, 2004

DISC TWO 2004 01. All Things Must Pass May 13, 2004

2005 02. I’ll Get You November 1, 2005 03. Till There Was You November 1, 2005 04. In Spite Of All Danger November 1, 2005 05. I Will November 1, 2005 06. Jenny Wren November 1, 2005 07. Fixing A Hole November 1, 2005 08. English Tea November 1, 2005 09. Follow Me October 27, 2005 10. Too Many People – She Came In Through The Bathroom Window October 27, 2005 11. I’ve Got A Feeling October 27, 2005 12. Please Please Me October 27, 2005

2006 13. Fine Line February 8, 2006 14. Helter Skelter February 8, 2006

2007 15. Coming Up July 7, 2007 16. Only Mama Knows July 7, 2007 17. That Was Me July 7, 2007 18. Nod Your Head July 7, 2007 19. Match Box July 7, 2007 20. Dance Tonight October 25, 2007 21. Calico Skies October 25, 2007 22. Here Today June 28, 2007 23. House Of Wax June 28, 2007 24. I Saw Her Standing There June 28, 2007

DISC THREE 2008 01. Hippy Hippy Shake June 1, 2008 02. In Liverpool June 1, 2008 03. Mrs.Vanderbilt July 14, 2008 04. Birthday July 20, 2008 05. A Day In The Life – Give Peace A Chance July 20, 2008

2009 06. Honey Hush April 17, 2009 07. Highway April 17, 2009 08. Sing The Changes July 11, 2009 09. Day Tripper July 11, 2009 10. Mull Of Kintyre July 11, 2009 11. I Want To Come Home December 20, 2009

2010 12. Venus And Mars – Rock Show – Jet May 28, 2010 13. Shine A Light In Mexico May 28, 2010 14. Ob La Di Ob La Da November 21, 2010 15. Letting Go November 11, 2010 16. 1985 November 11, 2010 17. Bluebird November 11, 2010 18. Paperback Writer November 10, 2010 19. I’m Looking Through You November 10, 2010 20. Two Of Us November 10, 2010 21. Ram On June 27, 2010

DISC FOUR 2010 01. One After 909 December 13, 2010 02. And I Love Her December 13, 2010 03. Petrushka December 13, 2010 04. Hitch Hike December 13, 2010 05. Wonderful Christmas Time December 13, 2010

2011 06. Come And Get It December 14, 2011 07. The Word – All You Need Is Love December 14, 2011

2012 08. Junior’s Farm May 8, 2012 09. The Night Before May 8, 2012 10. My Valentine May 8, 2012 11. Hope Of Deliverance May 8, 2012

2013 12. San Francisco Bay Blues August 9, 2013 13. Your Mother Should Know August 9, 2013 14. Save Us October 16, 2013 15. Everybody Out There October 16, 2013 16. New October 16, 2013 17. Quenee Eye October 16, 2013 18. Eight Days A Week November 21, 2013 19. Listen To What The Man Said November 21, 2013 20. All Together Now November 21, 2013 21. Lovely Rita November 21, 2013 22. Being For The Benefit Of Mr.Kite! November 21, 2013

2014 23. On My Way To Work July 5, 2014 24. Long Tall Sally August 14, 2014 Piccadilly Circus. PCCD 207/208/209/210