Paul McCartney & Wings Cd - Live In Oxford 1973

 Paul McCartney & Wings Cd -  Live In Oxford 1973
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 Paul McCartney & Wings Cd -  Live In Oxford 1973
Freshly formed wings are doing the first tour as a band in 1972. However, even if it is said to be a tour, it was not a schedule prepared in advance, it was surprise like everyone to get on the bus, go around the universities around the UK, negotiate on the spot and perform a concert. It is not a commercial one, but rather has a strong personality to familiarize the new generation with the audience. At this point the album is released only “WINGS WILD LIFE”, and the same songs are played twice from the small repertoire, so rather than a full-scale show, it is rather a journey of a traveling performer of a journeyman It was such a taste.

Then again again in the summer of 1972, Wings will be on a full-scale tour. This will be the first official tour. This tour was around European countries and was held in two courses in July and August. It should be noted here that the home country Britain is not included. Before and after the dissolution of the Beatles, I disliked Paul as a bitter British media, and dare to choose European lax criticism. It would have been thought that the band would lose confidence and atrophy if it gets criticized on the first tour. Because the strength of the band was probably the pro who Paul himself knew best. As far as I listen to the sound source of the 1972 European tour which is currently left, the direction of the band is not fixed, as well as the original song is weak, as well as there are no hit songs other than “My Love”, more than anything the band’s performance including Linda The skill probably has not reached the level that Paul had sought. It might be a trial in Europe before concert in the UK.

Originally the purpose of Wings is to do live activities abandoned in the Beatles era and Paul must grow this band in a short time. Recording was performed vigorously in parallel with the tour. Paul has not known whether the former companion actively released the album, especially when George was releasing a large episode such as three sets, but at this time, Paul won two pairs as the next album of Wings I was thinking. In actual live songs that are scheduled to be recorded are also played even on live performances. Although there are historically unpublished songs, as MC introduces “Next album songs”, Paul of this time was passionate about new challenges. However, since the previous work “WINGS WILD LIFE” was sailing miserably and it did not become a sort of sailing, Paul will be forced to compromise. First of all, it is to name your name to the band name. This changed “WINGS” to “PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS”. And what was originally scheduled for 2 set was forced to condense into a single album. The record company also did not take risks. The result was “RED ROSE SPEEDWAY”. This album is still cited as one of Paul’s best masterpieces, “My Love” recorded the number one hit in the United States, was honored as a masterpiece since “Yesterday”, and the second half medley reminiscent of Abbey Road As well as sales, it greatly exceeded the previous work. And Wings, formally Paul McCartney & Wings, will be on tour again as soon as this album is released.

After the debut of Wings, for some time the mass media challenged the dry UK, but in order to raise the band to another level the success in the UK which is big in the entertainment market size is inevitable. Just like the Beatles stepped up step by step, like Liverpool, London and the United States, the success in the UK, it was not local as well and it was necessary to succeed in London, not local. At this point there are only two albums, but many original songs are complete. There are also hit songs. For the band, the success in the UK is a path that must pass through. Meanwhile, from May 1973 it was the first UK tour to accompany the album “RED ROSE SPEEDWAY”. It is a small scale because it is a domestic tour only 15 performances only. The set list was short and one hour shorter. Even so, in addition to the album, various themes such as the theme song of the movie “They are the one who dies”, various groups of songs, and others “We are the hero of the village” Paul can be seen on the stage for the first time in a while since the Beatles era, It seems to have been a success. The tour is basically a performance in one city, except exceptionally in Manchester for two days. Let’s check the tour dates now.

May 11, 1973 Bristol Hippodrome May 12, 1973 Oxford New Theatre May 13, 1973 Cardiff Capitol May 15, 1973 Bournemouth Winter Gardens May 16, 1973 Manchester Hard Rock May 17, 1973 Manchester Hard Rock May 18, 1973 Liverpool The Empire Theatre May 19, 1973 Leeds Leeds University May 21, 1973 Preston Guild Hall May 22, 1973 Newcastle Odeon May 23, 1973 Edinburgh Odeon May 24, 1973 Glasgow Green’s Playhouse May 25, 1973 Hammersmith Odeon May 26, 1973 Hammersmith Odeon May 27, 1973 Hammersmith Odeon

NEW THEATRE OXFORD, ENGLAND May 12, 1973 01. Soily 02. Big Barn Bed 03. When The Night 04. Wild Life 05. Seaside Woman 06. Little Woman Love – C Moon 07. Live And Let Die 08. My Love 09. Go Now 10. Say You Don’t Mind 11. The Mess 12. Hi Hi Hi 13. Long Tall Sally