PAUL & RINGO DVD - Cosmically Conscious Live 2009

PAUL & RINGO DVD - Cosmically Conscious Live 2009
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PAUL & RINGO DVD - Cosmically Conscious Live 2009
PAUL & RINGO: Cosmically Conscious Live 2009

Almost every video clips has been remastered in sound and video - some clips are a combination of different angles too - thus this is the best you are gonna see unlesss.....also thank to HQ and a software upgrades, the youtube clips look ALOT better and you will see the difference - some look just like regular TV braodcast quality!!!!!

Press conferences and interviews are all pro shot.

1. Press Conference with Paul and Ringo

2. Ringo Interview (from backsage report)

3. Paul Interview (from backstage report)

4. Beatles in India 1968 (from back stage report)

The Concert:


1. It Don't Come Easy

2. Boys

3. Yellow Submarine


4. Drive My Car

5. Jet

6. Got to Get You Into my Life

7. Let it Be

8. Lady Madonna

9. Blackbird

10. Here Today

11. Band on the Run

12. Can't Buy Me Love


13. With a Little Help From Friends

14. Cosmically Conscious

15. David Lynch poem with Donovan and Paul McCartney

16. I Saw Her Standing There